Updated: December 2017

Foot Warmer Reviews:

Defeat Cold Feet: Review of the Best Foot Warmers - Few things can ruin a good night's sleep or a long day's work more than cold feet. You can be toasty warm and start to feel the heat sinking and flowing out of your feet. Besides making your entire body uncomfortable, cold toes can be a forewarning of frost bite and they can be excrutiating for those with arthritis, muscle pain, or injuries. Foot warmers can be the key to enjoying wintry or chilly days instead of just wanting to stay huddled in bed - and they can make huddling in bed more comfortable, too! Do you need a great foot warmer mat or heating pad? Which will work best for your needs, and which will be the cure for your cold feet?

Best Foot Warmers:

For outdoor activities, like skiing or cold-weather hiking, you can find great foot-warming inserts to put into your boots. Like the hand warmers you insert into your gloves, these work to provide air-activated warmth for about five hours, which can make the difference between a great day on the slopes or heading inside early. Arthritis.About recommends the Grabber Foot Warmers for those who need extra warmth during outdoor activities, or even inside for chillier days. These thin, air-activated warmers fit into your boots or shoes for over five hours of comfort. The Grabbers use non-toxic ingredients and are non-combustible. While great for those who suffer from arthritis, they are also ideal for making a day out much easier on the feet. You can find a box containing 30 pairs for about $68. Other top brands include Thermoskin, Coghlan's, and HeatMax. If you need an extra boost of warmth to make a day outside more enjoyable, foot warmer inserts are ideal. But if you require some heavier duty protection against cold at work or soothing heat relief at home, you may find a foot warmer mat or electric foot warmer to be better-suited to your needs. Browse best selling foot warmers here.

Electric Foot Warmer Booties:

Products like the Hydas 4576 Electric Foot Warmer are designed to both warm and massage your feet. These are perfect after long days at work or a day full of outdoor fun. The Hydas Foot Warmer provides two speeds that will give you a heated massage anytime you need one. Besides comfort, these can help improve your blood flow. The electric foot warmer is controlled by a cable and powered by a 12V AC wall adapter so you don't have to worry about your battery life when all you need is a boost of warmth and comfort. The soft liner is removable for easy cleaning, and the texture is sure to be a pleasure at work or at home. The Hydas Foot Warmers are $40. The Hydas foot warmers are perfect when you're sitting at your desk or in your favorite chair at home, but you can find relief for your cold feet with booties you wear to bed. The Carex Bed Buddy Warming Footies are popular with reviewers. These 100 percent polyester fleece fabric booties are non-pilling and fragranced with cinnamon, eucalyptus, and clove so you get a dose of aromatherapy at night as well. To use, place the Carex Bed Buddy Warming Footies in the microwave and heat for 30 seconds. Check the warmth, and heat in 30 second intervals (not to exceed 1.5 minutes) until the booties are the desired temperature. The booties can be worn around the house or in bed for long-lasting warmth and comfort. Carex advises that you check with your doctor if you have medical conditions, such as diabetes or neurological or circulatory problems, and that you avoid use if you have open wounds. These booties review very well, but a common complaint is that the one-size-fits-all size doesn't really fit all. Many consumers note that an elastic or drawstring closure would have vastly improved the Footies. If you're planning to wear them in bed, this could be an issue to consider before purchasing. Other than the fit for some people, most reviewers find the Carex to be effective and comfortable. You can find them for just over $10. Never let cold feet stop you from doing the activities you enjoy or from being comfortable at work and home. Check out Amazon for a good selection of toasty products and say good-bye to icy toes.

Foot Warmers Mat

Choosing a Foot Warmer Mat - The Indus-Tool foot warmer mat receives positive reviews from Amazon consumers for its safety and efficiency. The insulated rubber mat provides heat designed to warm feet and legs at work or in the home. The 16 x 36 x 1/4-inch mat provides more safety than a space heater with its fully-sealed, waterproof rubber. Your feet will never be burned or uncomfortably hot. Heat that radiates outward gently provides comfort when you need it under your desk or at your work station. Other benefits include:

*Low power consumption. It uses only 90 to 120 watts of power - about the same as a light bulb
*Compact, portable design
*Safer design with no fans, blowers, or carbon monoxide risk
*Safe for pets and children

A reviewer said this was the perfect gift for those who live in colder climates. You'll find it a life-saver - and a foot-saver - if you have an un-insulated floor or if your work thermostat is set just a little low for your comfort. Many people find them very useful if they work on their feet all day on factory or warehouse floors, which seep heat from the body even when you wear thick boots and socks. The Indus-Tool is $75. The cost benefit is clearly seen when you compare the price and cost of operation to that of a space heater. The added safety makes it an even better choice. Indus-Tool also makes another popular choice, the Cozy Toes Foot Warmer. This foot warmer mat is especially loved by those who work on concrete floors, which never really warm up. One reviewer said it was like a heated rug. The Cozy Toes provides radiant heat that travels upward, soothing feet and legs. The electric heating element is thermostatically controlled so the temperature is always constant. Again, it is very safe and energy-efficient. This model is $80. Look for other foot warmer mats here.