Updated: December 2017

Finding the Right Germ Guardian Air Sanitizers and Air Purifiers:

Best Germ Guardian Products - At the height of the H1N1 flu concern, the CDC had some rather ridiculous advice for parents with sick children. Suit up in what is essentially a haz-mat suit, put on a breathing mask, and do not touch your children any more than necessary to give them medicine, etc. Parents know that when a child is sick, they need comforting, and they do not need a scary masked-thing coming at them, breathing like Darth Vader. It is good to be cautious about germs and to minimize the spread of cold, flu, and other illness-causing germs, but you don't want to turn your home into a science lab or hospital. And you don't have to. What do you really need? Skip the haz-mat suit and try some of Germ Guardian's home sanitizing equipment. What you buy will depend on your particular needs, as well as your budget. Here are some of the top Germ Guardian Products that will help you feel more at ease in your home.
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Germ Guardian Air Sanitizers and Air Purifiers - What's the difference between air sanitizers and air purifiers, and which one should you get? These terms are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference. Air sanitizers kill germs and bacteria, while air purifiers filter out particles from the air, such as dust and dander, which may contain germs and bacteria. People with allergies tend to prefer purifiers, while sanitizers are great for killing germs on surfaces or in the air. So, either will be a great addition to your home. If you're looking to stop the spread of cold and flu germs, a sanitizer will work, and if you have allergies, asthma, or a dusty, dandery house, a purifier is a good bet. Germ Guardian has a variety of different UV sanitizers, which use UV light to kill bacteria and germs. Depending on your needs and your budget, you'll be able to find the right product. For smaller budgets, the EV9102TG UV-C Room Air Sanitizer is a great choice. This UV sanitizer kills over 99 percent of airborne bacteria using the same UV-C technology that hospitals use to sanitize. The EV9102 kills airborne mold spores, fights odors from mildew, pets, cooking, and smoke. The Germ Guardian UV-C room air sanitizer harnesses the power of naturally occurring UV-C light technology, making it a safe way to kill over 99 percent of airborne bacteria. UV-C light is the same technology hospitals use to sanitize. It helps fight odor from mildew, smoke, pets, cooking, and more, and can process 1380 cubic feet of air per hour, making it perfect for homes and offices. A common problem with UV sanitizers is that they produce harmful ozone. The Germ Guardian air sanitizer does not because it uses a specially-designed UV-C bulb with long burn life. Its efficiency is tested and authenticated by the Harvard School of Public Health, as well as independent third-party laboratories. This is important because when a product promises it kills 99 percent of germs and bacteria, you need to be able to trust it. The ET9102 is compact and will complement any decor so you needn't worry about it looking cold or clinical. It costs about $200, but you can find it for $125 at Amazon. Air-Purifier-Power.com gave this a score of 82 for its compact design and great value.

Sanitizing the air is great, but when your child is sick and hugging his buddies for comfort, those stuffed animals become germy messes. The Germ Guardian Mini Sanitizer Wand kills up to 99 percent of bacteria and viruses when you simply pass it over surfaces. You can use it for bedding, pillows, cell phones (don't you hate lending your cell phone to someone with a cold?!), computers, toilets, countertops, shoes, and those germy stuffed buddies and toys. It is great for traveling as well because you can just put it in your bag and go. You can find different Germ Guardian wand models here for about $60 to $112. If you want an air purifier, you can either choose a complete air cleansing system or a less expensive tabletop version. The Germ Guardian Tower Air Purifier is a system that offers different levels of cleaning, removes odor and smoke particles with an activated carbon filter, kills airborne mold and other allergens, and sanitizes and kills cold and flu germs with UV-C light. The HEPA filter captures 99.99 percent of airborne particles. This costs a little less than $200. The smaller tabletop version is under $60 and kills 99.97 percent of airborne particles, including dust, pet dander, mold spores, and plant pollens. It removes smoke and odors with a multi-stage charcoal filtration system and PCO filter. Again, it uses effective UV light to destroy germs and viruses. You can browse the best selling Germ Guardian products here.

Germ Guardian Humidifiers:

Humidifiers are great for times of year or areas that have low humidity. While no one likes to suffer through heat and humidity, we do need a certain amount of moisture in the air to keep our skin from becoming dehydrated and to minimize nasal problems, itchy eyes, and headaches. Humidity in the air also protects your wood floors, furniture, and instruments. Germ Guardian makes a variety of air humidifiers, so again, based on your needs and your budget, you should be able to find a good match. On the higher price side, we have the H1600 Digital Ultrasonic Midsize Humidifier. This ultrasonic humidifier has Silver Clean technology so mold and bacteria don't grow in the water container, a common problem with humidifiers. Fresh, clean, and properly humidified air is misted into your room, and a low water indicator tells you when to refill. You have your choice of warm or cool mist, and you don't have to worry about evaporating pads, filters, or wicks. The H1600 has a 1.2-gallon water capacity and can run for up to 55 hours. It is perfect for small or large rooms, and with a night light and silent operation, it is perfect for sleeping as well. It costs about $160. A smaller tabletop version costs $50 and features a compact design, Nano-Silver technology to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria in the water tank, and a run time of 8 hours, perfect for nights. There are no pads, filters, or wicks to replace, and you get a refreshing, cool mist. RECOMMENDED - Go with the Germ Guardian H-3010 Ultra- Sonic Humidifier - at around $150 it's a good mid-range model with options for warm or cold humidification, a low water indicator, humidity auto adjustment, and it runs fairly quiet.

Germ Guardian Nursery Sanitizer:

Babies are especially sensitive to germs and bacteria, and a minor cold can be a major problem for a little baby. The Germ Guardian Nursery Sanitizer is the perfect tool for parents who want to protect their babies from germs and keep them healthy and happy. With the Nursery Sanitizer, you can safely and effectively sanitize your baby's toys, bottles, breast pump components, pacifiers, and more. It is a small unit, though, so don't expect to fit the entire nursery in! You can kill 99.9 percent of germs in 30 minutes with no chemicals, so you can feel good about what your baby is eating from or playing with. It works with dry heat and won't melt or fade plastic or rubber. It costs about $50. Germ Guardian has an unbelievable array of products, ranging from handless soap dispensers and sanitary toothbrush holders to air sanitizing light bulbs and vacuums. These are great products to buy for your home, but remember, you don't need to turn it into a lab. This is the beauty of Germ Guardian. Their compact designs are sleek and do not look "sterile."