Updated: December 2017

Health O Meter Reviews:

Tracking Your Weight Loss with Health o Meter Scales - The scale can feel like your worst enemy, but research shows that it can actually be your best ally in the struggle to lose weight. Those who weigh themselves daily are proven to lose more weight and maintain that weight loss more effectively than those who do not. Why is this? If you can spot a weight gain or stagnation early enough, you can take steps to reverse it. Also, though, while many dread getting on the scale, when you start to lose weight, you begin to enjoy it. No matter what weight you start at, it is exhilarating and motivating to see it decreasing. Monitoring your weight is key, but monitoring body fat can be an even more telling indicator if you're actually "losing weight." Because your weight doesn't tell the whole story, you need a scale that can. Health O Meter is an ideal choice because you get a more complete picture of your weight loss progress. Let's look at some of Health O Meter's scales to see if they can be the key to weight loss for you.
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Is it Good to Weigh Yourself Daily? - No one answer is right for everyone: recent studies have shown that daily weigh-ins help people maintain weight loss. It is so effective because you can stop weight gain before it starts. Maybe you haven't really been paying attention to those sugary snacks you have with your coffee at work or you've skipped a few too many dates with the gym. You may be too busy to notice, but your scale and your jeans are certainly not. If you feel weight starting to creep back on, you can instantly and effectively take action. A pound or two is a whole lot easier to lose than 5 or 10. Daily weighing can be a tremendous reinforcer for those who are seeing results, encouraging them to keep up the good work. However, for those who push themselves and see no weight loss from day to day, it can be very discouraging. Experts suggest that for these people, weekly weighing will provide more accurate - and encouraging - results. But sometimes weight doesn't give a totally accurate account of our progress. If you've started running, for instance, you may have gained a few pounds of muscle weight, but you may actually have lost body fat. If this is the case, you've actually done yourself some good and are definitely on the right track. Getting on the scale, however, can be discouraging and even dissuade you from keeping up your efforts because you think it is not working. This is why a fat monitor scale is so convenient. You can really see how your body is changing. You can browse the best selling Health o Meter scales here.

How Health O Meter Can Help:

The most accurate scales are the upright ones you see at your doctor's office, and Health O Meter allows you to bring that accuracy into your home. The Health O meter Professional Upright Scale 402KL was named by ConsumerSearch and other health websites as the best professional scale on the market. The 402KL comes with a height rod and a free counterweight. With the counterweight, the scale's capacity is increased to 500 pounds. It has a heavy duty steel base and steel lever system, DURA-TOP non-slip platform cover for easy cleaning, easy to read measuring bar, and hardened steel pivots and bearings. Unlike many bathroom scales, this one works perfectly well on carpet and weighs in 1/4 increments. This professional quality scale is available on Amazon for only $145. While that is pricy for a bathroom scale, you're really purchasing a very durable, practical, and maybe even necessary medical tool to help you lose or control weight. For those who don't want to set up a doctor's office in their home, Health O Meter makes a great variety of other scales that can provide the accuracy you need. Fortunately, they also have several models that are inexpensive. Good Housekeeping named the Health O Meter Digital Scale and the Health O Meter Weight Tracking Scale as among the best in the business, with accurate and consistent results. The Digital Scale has a large 1.3-inch display and can measure weights up to 330 pounds in 0.2-pound increments. It is powered by replaceable lithium batteries and features a sleek, stylish design that will complement your decor. The Health O Meter Digital Scale costs $25. The Health O Meter Weight Tracking Scale is another very useful device. This scale measures weight up to 350 pounds in 0.2-pound increments, running on long-life lithium batteries. The 1.5-inch LED display is easy to read. The best part of this scale is that it displays and stores weight and changes in weight for two users. This can be very handy if you are working on a weight loss plan and want to see your progress. This can be motivating when we see how far we've come - or it might give us the kick we need to get our act together and exercise more and eat better. This Health O Meter digital scale is $30. Now on to body fat monitors. These have a reputation for being very inconsistent, and this can make them completely useless. They rely on an electric current (totally harmless and painless) that travels through the body to measure fat. Just when you thought they couldn't invent new and different ways to torture you, right? These currents, however, can be interfered with by excess water you've consumed, how full your bladder is, and other such factors. The Health O Meter Body Fat Monitoring Scale, however, is a cut above the rest and earns consistently positive reviews from consumers at Walmart and other retailers. With this scale, you can track your weight, BMI (body mass index), percentage of body fat, hydration levels, and bone mass statistics for you and up to three other people. It can handle up to 400 pounds in 0.2-pound increments, has an easy-to-read 2-inch display, and has a limited 5-year warranty. Is it accurate? It can be an accurate gauge of your progress. While it may not give you the exact readings you'll get at the doctor's office or at a gym, it will help you determine if you've been losing body fat. You can find this for under $45. If you want to track weight, though, your best bet is to go with one of the Health O Meter digital scales and leave the body fat monitoring to your doctor or trainer. For super accuracy, go with the pro scale. You can View Health O Meter's wide selection of digital weight scales here. Then, get to work and make your scale your new best ally in weight loss.