Updated: Oct 14, 2016

Lift Chairf Reviews:

As we age, getting into and out of a chair can become a big deal. The body just doesn't work as good as it used to and the process of raising and lowering our body into a chair is hard. Not only do we lose that upper body strength to "lift" ourselves, but our core muscles have often deteriorated over time and we just don't have the strength to do it. That is where a lift chair comes in handy and is well worth the money. The power lift chairs sold online and in stores are the perfect solution to elderly folks who need that extra bit of help to get up or down from a chair. There are also products called seat assists (seat lifts) that work to lift 80% of your body weight up from a chair. They work in place of the actual electric lift chairs that cost quite a bit more. Which product is right for you? How much do these cost? What about medicare covering some of the expenses? We give answers to all those questions down below.
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Choosing a lift chair - The two most common types of lift chairs are the 2 position and 3 position models. The basic 2 position lift chairs start at about $450 and offer a seated, reading, and standing/lifted position. They are very affordable and come in different styles and fabrics. Next up are the 3 position lift chairs which give you a sitting position, lifted position, reading position (slight recline), and a recline position. Often referred to as the "napping position", these chairs are quite popular and the perfect choice when searching for an electric recliner. If you want a full recline position, or Trendelenburg Position, go with the Infinite Position lift chairs. They are able to elevate your feet so that they are above your heart. The dual motors in these chairs let you have total control of the back and footrest making them very versatile. Prices for these tend to be higher than the 2 or 3 position chairs and start at less than $1000. Need a heavy duty lift chair, they make them. The basic lift chairs might hold up to 350 lbs, but the larger, more industrial lift chairs hold up to 700 lbs. Two of the biggest names in the industry are Pride and Golden Technologies. You can view Golden Technologies lift chairs here. The Golden PR-501 Extra Wide is top rated as well as the PR-505L MaxiComfort Large Lift Chair. The other heavy duty chair worth looking at is the Pride Heritage GL-358XXL. These chairs top out at $1000+, but reviews are very solid.

Lift Chair Reviews - We found in depth and informative reviews online at Spinlife.com, Liftchairreviews.com, and Quickcare.org. All have consumer opinions with many brands listed. Get expert advice on what to look for, what brands hold up better, and view the top rated models. Spinlife offered the most owner reviews of any site followed by Amazon.com - one of favorites when it comes to comparing prices and manufacturers. Other top brands include Berkline, Catnapper, Easy Comfort, Franklin and Lazy Boy. You can browse the best selling lift chairs online here.

Best Lift Chair:

RECOMMENDED - Golden Technologies is a well respected name in the industry and their PR-505L MaxiComfort Large Lift Chair has all the seat positions to keep you comfortable. Infinite reclining positions and a 375 pound weight capacity are what set this chair apart from the competition. When you recline into a zero gravity like position, muscle tension is relieved and lower back pain reduced. The ability to raise your feet and hips can reduce swelling and improve your overall circulation. We read one review of a person recovering from knee surgery and they called the chair "the perfect assistant". At over $1000, it will cost you, but comfort is hard to come by. Pride lift chairs are the other brand that experts recommend and we found several reseller websites that only carry Pride. Their mobility lift chairs are rated highly, reasonably priced, and come in a variety of colors and fabrics. Be sure to check with any reseller for medicare paying for some of or all of the chair. A few owners mentioned a partial payment ($300 roughly) towards the "lift" portion of the chair. If you already have had medicare help with a mobility scooter, then the lift chair will most likely not be covered. Check with medicare first.

2 Position Lift Chair:

BEST - The top selling Easy Comfort Lift Chairs 2-Position Lift and Recline Chair gets our vote. At around $500 most owners agree it's a "great value". Comes in blue, cocoa, green, mauve, tan, or vinyl chestnut colors. Features include a heavy duty steel lift mechanism, hardwood chair frame, 375 lbs weight capacity, and an emergency battery backup (just in case). The perfect lift chair for elderly, all reviews we found online rated it a 5 out 5 stars. Easy to get up and down. Anyone with a bad back or knees will instantly see the convenience and comfort the Easy Comfort offers. We saw quite a few comments from those who had recently had hip replacement surgery and this chair helped with their recovery. .