Updated: December 2017

Lumbar Cushion Reviews:

What You Need to Know About Lumbar Cushions - There is one thing that unites people across race, age, gender, and socioeconomic lines: their backs. Everyone's got one, and most people experience pain in theirs at some point in their lives. About 80 percent of us will experience "significant" back pain at some point in our lives, and care for back pain accounts for 2.5 percent of the nation's health care costs - not even including the costs of things like workers' compensation. But the cost to our lives is more than monetary; back pain can keep us from doing the things we enjoy. It can keep us from doing the things we have to do, like driving, working, or even sitting down. For millions of people, the pain centers around their lumbar region, or their lower back. For these people - "these" people are you, your friends, your family, and your coworkers - lumbar cushions could mean the difference between being able to sit through a class or meeting, being able to drive, and being able to make it through a day of work or being prostrate with pain. What do you need to know about lumbar support cushions, and will they help you?
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Why Do You Need Lumbar Back Support? - It is no wonder that nearly all of us experience low back pain; this part of the back houses the strongest muscles in the back and helps us with rotation, strength, and flexibility. We ask the lumbar region to do a lot. It is involved every time we bend, twist, or lift, and this is where much of the pain starts. This area bears the brunt of the body's weight, which makes it so susceptible to injury, the risk of which only grows as we age. Lumbar cushions are a great solution to lower back pain because they can be taken with you virtually anywhere. They are excellent for long hours at the office or even sitting while you watch television or read, and they certainly cost less than another trip to the chiropractor. What should you look for when purchasing your lumbar pillow? It has a big job to do, so it important to choose the best you can. Some factors to consider:

*Filling. You may love fluffy down pillows for bed, but a lumbar pillow needs to be firm enough to support your back. Look for a good quality foam or memory foam pillow. It should be comfortable but firm, and some pillows offer adjustable firmness levels so you can get a custom fit.
*Material. Lumbar cushions are covered in any number of materials and fabrics, so this is really up to your preference. The filling is the important part, but the material adds to your comfort.
*Uses. A lumbar cushion for your car may be a bit different from one that you want for your office chair. Think about where you need the cushion the most. If portability and versatility are important - if you are going to be moving the cushion from one location to another - look for a flexible design that can accommodate you.
*Shape. There are traditional pillow-like lumbar cushions or wedge pillows. The right choice depends on your needs, but physical therapist Chantal Donnelly recommends wedges because of the way they position you, which you can see in this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2H9WiUGnro). But again, every back is different, and you should trust your own comfort. Try a variety of shapes before you choose your cushion.
*Price. The advantage of opting for a lumbar cushion instead of, say, an ergonomic office chair is the price. You could easily spend hundreds on an ergonomic, back supporting chair, but you will find a wide range of pillows for under $20. You can, of course, also find pricier models costing as much as $70, $80, or more. Choose the best - but stay within budget. Luckily, there is enough selection so this should be very possible.

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Best Lumbar Cushions:

LosetheBackPain is a trusted source for those suffering from neck and back pain. Through years of selling back pain relief, they have found that a wedge-like pillow works best for most people, specifically the Contour Products Freedom Seat. This pillow features coccyx relief cutout, which relieves pressure from the tailbone and reduces stress which builds up during prolonged sitting. The high density foam is resilient and helps cushion your pressure points and pelvic bone, and the Cradling Edge Design provides a graduate edge so your hips are aligned properly. Pressure on the lower thighs is reduced with the contoured surface, while the anatomic shape fits your body's curves. As physical therapists recommend, this pillow has a wedge shape to rotate your pelvis forward, encouraging healthy posture and comfort. Other features include the breathable cover and surface dimples for increased ventilation. The Contour works with virtually any chair, including car seats. The Contour measures 17 x 14 x 2.2 inches. You can find the Contour lumbar cushion for $30 on Amazon. The Contour cushion is great for the office or the car, but the Back Booster 1001 Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion adds the convenience of easy portability. It inflates and deflates so you can put it into your briefcase, bag, glove compartment, purse, or even your pocket to take with you anywhere. It is made of high quality, waterproof PVC with a nylon strap. You can inflate it with just a few breaths to set up in the car, at work, or for travel. It is particularly well-suited for airports because there are no metal parts to set off security detectors. The pillow is a bit smaller than the Contour at 13.5 x 14 x 3.1 inches, but can accommodate people of all sizes. The ergonomic lumbar support helps keep you comfortable and supported while you drive, ride, or work. Some consumers remark that this is a great pillow for people with occasional or mild back pain and can help prevent your back from hurting while you are seated. They say that it does not provide much relief if you have chronic or severe back pain. This could be just the thing, though, to keep you from getting chronic or severe back pain! It sells for $8.50 and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This is excellent for those who need a little "boost." Now let's take a look at the Back-Huggar, The Original Lumbar Cushion from Bodyline. This is tremendously popular with consumers, who love its thin profile and suitability for the car. It features a slim bucket seat style that helps provide support and encourage healthy posture while sitting. It has unique lateral and vertical shaping to provide support that is tailored to your body. Measuring 14 x 13 x 4 inches, this is perfect for the car and with chairs with curved backs. One aspect that drivers found particularly attractive is that it was thin enough to fit behind them without putting them too close to the steering wheel. You can find the Back-Huggar for $22.50. Back support is crucial for everyone; whether you have chronic back pain or want to prevent an occasional twinge from becoming a chronic nuisance, lumbar support can help. Look online for a wide selection of lumbar cushions. The right back pillow or cushion can make all the difference.