Updated: December 2017

Best Massage Chairs

Ever since the days of the Lazy-Boy recliner chairs, furniture manufacturers have been working on the ultimate relaxation chair. That chair may be here, in the form of the massage chair. What is a massage chair? Mixing complex mechanical components with traditional furniture making components, the massage chair is both a comfortable place to sit and a competent massage giver. And unlike human hands, the massage chair never gets tired! Looking for a cheap massage chair? To be honest, none of these chairs are cheap. Expect to pay $1000 - $4000 for any high-quality massage chair. Read the massage chair reviews below to learn more about these amazingly comfortable chairs..

Where to buy a massage chair

You can browse the up-to-date list of best-selling massage chairs here. SharperImage.com gives you a good place to sample and try out massage chair. You can find their retail outlets in most malls, with all their various models on display. As a middleman retailer (with all those expensive stores!), you are not going to find any low-cost bargains here, but as a testing spot, Sharper Image is a great place to start. Their leading models are the Stretching Human Touch Robotic Leather Massage Recliner with Calf & Foot Massage, with a built in 15 minute ultimate massage routine with quad rollers and three dimensional movements. Cost is $1995 plus $150 shipping. Their top of the line is the Get-a-Way Elite Massage Chair, at a whopping $4495. This is a high tech chair with optical sensors that detect accupressure points and replicate professional massage techniques with quad rollers. It looks like a cross between a first-class airline seat, a dentist chair, and a gynecologist chair - but having sat in one of these massage chairs, I can say it compares with a professional massage. Of course it is focused on a back massage and cannot handle the front of your body the same, but most of us like concentration on your necks, backs, and legs anyways. Human Touch also has a good reputation in the massage chair business. Their Human Touch iJoy 100 Massage Chair Recliner Lounger comes in at under $1000 and offers 4 massage styles, plus an ottoman foot and calf massage unit. They also make more luxurious models that cost up to $4000 -- browse the entire line of Human Touch chairs here.

Panasonic also makes a line of chairs which get good reviews. The EP1272 Swede-Atsu Massage Lounger sells for just under $2000. EliteMassageChairs.com carries shiatsu massage chairs with memory foam. The PHP-2026 retails for $2995 and offers a human-like deep-tissue massage. It has 6 intensity settings and features silent operation, a heating element in the back, and a full 30 inch stroke length. It also massages feet and legs. The Premier Health Products PHP-2022 is another popular model, with zero gravity features to ease back stress and pain. At just under $2000, this is another very effective and comfortable chair to consider. This design allows your heart to be below the level of your legs, reducing spine pressure and muscle tension. Also check out the Panasonic Massage Chair EP3222 Real Pro Elite, Interactive Health PM-320, and Sanyo Massage Chair.

Homedics Massage Chair - Massage Cushion

RECOMMENDED: If you are looking for a less expensive option, consider something like the Homedics SBM-500H Therapist Select Shiatsu Massaging Cushion with Heat. At a little less than $200, this cushion provides a surprisingly strong back and neck massage. It works basically as a chair overlay -- you place it on a chair and then sit on it. There is a padded bottom cushion and then a 2 segment back piece. The upper part has 2 shiatsu massage units for the shoulders and the lower portion has 2 more shiatsu units for the back. You can adjust the width for your body size. The massage units rotate and they move up and down, and depending on how firmly you press against them, they can give a VERY strong massage that really feels like fingers pushing into your back. You can work just one area of your back, focus on the upper or lower back, or let it move slowly up and down (my preference). There is also a heat control for both shoulders and back if you want a heated massage. I was really surprised that you could get a genuine feeling massage from a machine like this, but it works. View the most popular massage chairs here - your back will thank you in just a few days!

Massage Chair Reviews

Another leading site is ComfortChannel.com. They let you search for massage chairs by type: leather recliners, portable massage chairs, commercial vending massage chairs. They let you search by brand: Massagenius Recliner Massage Chairs, Omega Massage Chairs, and Panasonic Chairs. Finally, check out Goodchairs.com. They stock chairs from Fuji (like the Fuji AS-999 massage chair), Sanyo (like the SR-1000 massage chair), and the Fujikura 850. The Fuji AS-999 has captured more than 30% of the massage chair market in Japan, and for good reason. It even includes an air arm massage. This chair covers the neck to the toes, and will leave you feeling totally relaxed.