Updated: December 2017

Maternity Belt Reviews:

maternity belt For mothers to be, the biggest cause of pain during most pregancies is the low back pain associated with the growing baby in your belly. Baby weight is different for every women, but the added stress on the abdomen leaves your lower back trying to compensate and often in discomfort. Many of us have seen the support pillows (wedge pillows) that pregnant moms can buy. They fit under your legs or behind your back while in bed. They provide great support when you are resting. What about those times you still need to get to the grocery store or take care of your daily life. As you reach the 3rd trimester and the babies weight starts increasing, so does the potential risk for low back pain in your body. Many obstetricians will recommend low back braces, often called maternity belts, for women. One of the medical terms I heard was something called 'pelvic girdle pain'. How much are maternity belts? - The vast majority sell between $20 and $50. You can find them in most stores like Target, Walmart, or in specialty maternity shops.

Choosing a Maternity Support Belt - The treatment of low back pain during pregnancy can be as simple as wearing a maternity belt. They don't do the trick for all women that are pregnant, but most said the pregnancy belt did improve their lower back pains. There are a few different styles to these belts that you will need to consider. The first types are those that resemble a basic back brace with a single strap around the lower back and supports the belly. Others maternity support belts have a 2nd strap that goes above the belly. The key is getting the support for your lumbar and abdominal regions. The big warning with all these products is that you should consult with your physician before purchasing anything. It's a good idea to get the opinion of your obstetrician since not all pains can be fixed with the belt. You want to make sure what you are feeling is perfectly normal and not some other sign of distress in the pregnancy. Top brands include Medela, Soft Form, Gabrialla, and MaternaBelt. REVIEWS - You can literally read 100's of comments and opinions that have been posted on Amazon.com for these pregnancy belts. Read up on sizing, as that seems to be the most important factor in getting the right fit. Eventhough these are all adjustable, some women had a harder time with certain brands. View the most popular maternity belts online here.

Best Maternity Belt:

RECOMMENDED - The most popular of the bunch is the Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt which comes in small, medium, large, XL, and XXL. Works as both a back and abdominal support for pregnant moms. It's comfortable to wear and will promote proper posture. Made with 80% polyester and 20% lycra, manufacturers tell you not to wear it directly on your skin. The reviews we read online note that the product runs a size too small, so if you wear a medium, order a large. Priced around $30 it's right in line with the other products in this category.

Pregnancy Belt:

RECOMMENDED - The Soft Form Maternity Support Belt is another top seller priced below $30. Sizing is considered a 'universal medium' which means dress size 6-14. The belt is fully adjustable so that during your pregnancy, as the belly grows, you can set the belt to fit. Owners say the customer service is not that great with the seller, but it does say right on the product description that once it is opened up you can't return it. Sizing, then, must be right on if you do choose to order. Otherwise, consumer feedback includes 'worth the money' and 'great for abdominal support'. Browse the best selling maternity support belts here. One other brand that gets attention in customer reviews was the MaternaBelt. Available in stretch, active, secure models. Comments on the Stretch product are near perfect for fit and comfort.