Updated: December 2017

Medical Walking Boot Reviews:

When you get foot or ankle problems the hardest thing is to get them to heal properly as our daily lifestyles tend to put pressure on feet via walking, standing, or even running. Years ago you might get a cast on your broken foot or wear an aircast for a few months to help recovery but today there are products like the medical walking boot which can dramatically help. The walking boot, often referred to as fracture boots or cast boots, are very common these days. I went to the podiastrist lately for plantar fasciitis and one option was to go with a medical boot for a few weeks to alleviate the tension on the plantar fascia. Heel pain is something that I've had over the past few years but luckily I was able to forego the walking boot and get other treatment that worked. Medical walking boots are used for plantar fasciitis, foot pain, stress fractures, a broken foot, sprained ankles, and tendonitis. Before buying any product, consult with your general practitioner or podiastrist to see which solution is best for your given injury.
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Choosing a Walking Boot - There are 2 kinds of cast boots - the regular (tall/short) and the pneumatic boot. The regular boots are less expensive and much more common. The pneumatic walking boots are priced at $100+ and offer 'air bladders' within the boot that can be pumped up (similar to the Reebok shoes from the 1980's). You fill the cavities with air so that your foot becomes more immobilized. Not all foot injuries require a pneumatic boot, but some will heal faster with this technology. Talking with your doctor can simplify your choices as they will know best which boot will speed up the healing process. Ultimately you want to be able to still walk in a comfortable manner but immobilize the problem area as much as possible. How long do you need to wear a walking boot? If you have tendonitis of the foot and ankle or plantar fasciitis you are looking at 2 weeks. Stress fractures, broken toes/foot, and ankle fractures may require a longer period of time for wearing the cast boot (3-8 weeks). BRANDS - Look for top rated products from ProCare, Ossur, Aircast, Swede-O, DonJoy, and Corflex. The regular walking boots cost about $50 while the medical pneumatic cast boots are priced between $100-$150. Where can you find them? Online websites like Betterbraces.com, Braceshop.com, and Amazon.com carry a decent variety of walking cast boots. You can browse the best selling walking boots here.

Best Medical Walking Boot:

RECOMMENDED - Go with a reputable name in the industry and buy the Ossur Walker - Equalizer Low Top which starts at $40. Whether you are healing at home or going to rehab, this boot will stabilize your foot with the pneumatic system. It's easy to adjust the fit of the boot by adding or releasing air into the chambers. The low profile boot is more comfortable than the Hi Top option - say many reviewers. It's less clumsy than the knee high boots which many therapists recommended. Check with your doctor or rehab therapist before purchasing one of these, but remember that your comfort is just as important as the healing process itself. Just like shoes that fit differently, the medical cast boots are very similar in that one brand may fit completely different than another. Check out the most popular walking cast boots here.

Cast Boot for Broken Foot:

RECOMMENDED - Have a fractured ankle or foot? Need a heavier duty walking boot? The Ossur Rebound Air Tall Walking Boot gets very positive feedback from owners who have injuries like sprained ankles and broken feet. The integrated air pump and release valve are easy to adjust and the owner can determine the compression level. The 'rocker' bottom is what experts say helps stabilize the foot while still allowing you to walk normally. Not all of these boots offer the same amount of breathability - just read some of the reviews online. There are complaints about microbial buildup from sweaty feet. The Ossur has the ability to wick up moisture and keep your foot dry. The Swede-O line of walking boots also get rave comments from owners for their comfort and price.