Updated: December 2017

Push Up Bars and Stand Reviews:

Doing push ups is a great way to work several major muscle groups in your upper body. The problem with traditional pushups on the floor is that they can hurt your wrists if not done properly. Several companies have come out with push up bars and pushup stands which make doing this type of exercise much easier on the users body. Sure, you still have to lower and lift your wait off the floor, but you'd be amazed at how much easier it is with push up bars. The Perfect Pushup is the top selling device on Amazon.com and it's no wonder. I have tried using the Harbinger push up bars but my brother bought a pair of the Perfect Pushup bars and I was quick to follow. You will pay a premium for the Perfect Pushup product ($30 compared to $15 for the competition), but being able to do set after set of pushups without having my wrists hurt is why I prefer it.
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When you go out to buy push up bars you need to consider just a few things. First, you want a stable set of bars and often they are referred to as push up stands. Most sporting goods stores sell them and certainly you can find them online on websites like Amazon.com. Second, you need the push up bars to be comfortable so that the motion of going up and down with your arms and wrists isn't going to cause undue stress. I can still do pushups with only having my hands on the floor, but I can do many more over a longer period of time with the push up bars. My brother has been doing P90X and if you haven't heard of that exercise workout you should definitely look into it. I have done sequences of it, but never followed the training regimen for the entire 90 days (like they suggest). In any event, there are particular workouts on fitness programs like P90X that require you work on push ups. Not just 10 or 20, but you are supposed to 100+ during one single workout after building up enough strength and stamina. When you look at reviews online for push up bars, you will find websites dedicated to body building and fitness loaded with owner comments and feedback on which push up bars are the "best". Time and again, those that workout more regularly say the push up bars like Perfect Pushup are superior to the basic products like GoFit Push-Up Bars which also sell on Amazon. We found the most extensive list of consumer reviews for push up bars on Amazon.com. Every product they sell has owner reviews which you can read and find out what the average customer thinks. My opinion on push up bars is that you should go with the high end models if you plan on engaging in daily workouts that require lots of push ups. Otherwise the less expensive push up stands and bars should be just fine. You can browse the most popular push up bars online here.

Perfect Pushup:

RECOMMENDED - The #1 seller on Amazon.com is the Perfect Pushup - Original which sells for roughly $30. A U.S. Navy Seal is the person responsible for helping to develop this strength training tool. I find that the rotating handles really do make all the difference compared to the other brands. It just feels more natural and I really like the fact that push ups work my back, shoulders, chest, and arms. The Perfect Pushup features comfortable rubberized grips and stable bases which work great on my hardwood floors and just as well on rooms with carpet. Owner comments include "definitely helps the wrists" and "help you build solid muscle and strength". With over 460 owner reviews posted on Amazon, you'll be able to read up on the pros and cons of the Perfect Pushup. For such a basic product, this certainly delivers. The only other pushup bars we could find that are similar to the Perfect Pushup are the Jack Zatorski's Push Up Pro - you can find out more about this product - here on Amazon.com.

Best Push Up Bars:

RECOMMENDED - If you aren't pushing out 100 pushups a day, then consider the less expensive product like the TKO Extreme Training Push -up Bars. TKO has been making fitness training products for over a decade and they are very reputable in the industry. The Extreme Training Push-up Bars are 50% cheaper than the Perfect Pushup (above) and still give you a great workout. Designed for those that like to do pushups, these bars will help you build strength in your arms, chest, back, and even your stomach. The foam covered handle grips make for easy work when you need to turn out sets of 10, 20, or 30 pushups. Owners say these push up bars are sturdy, comforable, and well worth the money. I would suggest this product for anyone just getting into a fitness program that plans on doing pushups. They alleviate the unwanted stress put on wrists while doing push ups which enables you to do more of them.

Push Up Exercise and Workouts:

Owning a push up bar doesn't necessarily get you in shape. Doing a regular fitness program that alternates between muscle groups and isolates certain parts of your body will really make a difference if you can keep it going for a few months. I've seen the results that something like P90X can do, although that is a hard core program that isn't meant for the average "Joe". Doing a push up is a basic workout exercise and I prefer to do a few sets of 20 before starting my exercise routine. You can build up over time if you stick with it. Amazon carries a nice selection of DVDs and workout videos that should help you get on track. Keep in mind that even if you only do a few pushups to start that the whole idea is progress, not how many. Don't get caught up in the #1 you are doing, but make sure your form is correct so that you get the most out of each one. That is why I suggest buying a push up DVD (or similar) to help you get started and before you know it you will be knocking out 20 or 30 at a time without even thinking about it.