Updated: December 2017

Resistance Bands Reviews:

Resistance bands provide a great workout. Although they are small and lightweight, they are definitely worth incorporating into your regiment. Resistance bands can help you burn fat and they can also build muscles. One of the best things about resistance bands is that they are so easy to pack. If you are traveling and want to bring some workout equipment along, resistance bands are ideal. I travel a lot and never want to bother going to hotel gyms. However, I can easily toss a few resistance bands into my suitcase and I can exercise in front of the TV in my room. Incorporating resistance bands into your exercise routine provides a nice level of versatility and convenience. The good news is that they are relatively inexpensive as well - most exercise bands are $10 to $20 while the resistance band exercise routine sets are $50 and up.
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Resistance Band Exercises

When you use resistance bands, you get constant tension on your muscles. In some ways, this is superior to free weights, because with free weights you only get the resistance on one part of the exercise. You can also easily control how much resistance you want with resistance bands. You create the resistance for yourself in a variety of directions. So what kind of exercises can you do with resistance bands? There actually are a great variety of choices possible. Because of the variety, resistance bands are perfect for the beginner as well as the advanced level exerciser. One popular resistance band exercise is to stand on the band and pull the handle towards you to work the arm muscles. You can easily do bicep curls in this position. You can also pull the band over your head for overhead presses. Many people also incorporate simple objects into their resistance band exercises. For example, you can attach the band to a door or pole and then do exercises like chest presses, shoulder rotations, or tricep pushdowns. Additionally, resistance bands help your coordination. You are constantly stabilizing your body and balancing yourself, and this is not the case with regular free-weights. Check out a video of how to work out with resistance bands below:

Resistance Band Reviews

We looked at a variety of sources including Bestcovery and found that another highly recommended resistance band is the TNT Special Triple Resistance Cables by Lifeline USA which sell for about $30. With the TNT resistance band, a single band provides you with multiple resistance levels. You can just make a slight adjustment and increase the band strength. Customers also comment that the handles are very comfortable. The TNT Special Triple Resistance Cables also work very well for athletes. They can handle very powerful loads. Other resistance bands that were recommended by Bestcovery include the Ripcords Power Tension 6 Pack. In addition to online stores like Amazon.com, resistance bands can be purchased in sporting good stores, and even Best Buy has them for sale. You can browse the best selling resistance bands online here.

Best Resistance Bands:

Resistance bands are very inexpensive and because you can get them for between $10-$20, there really is no good reason not to invest in a set of them. One popular choice that you can get for just $10 is SPRI ES502R Xertube Resistance Band with Door Attachment and Exercise Charts. The SPRI Xertubes are made of rubber and have plastic handles. The Xertubes are color coated by how heavy they are. The green Xertubes are light, the red Xertubes are Medium, the blue Xertubes heavy and the purple Xertubes are very heavy. When you buy SPRI Xertubes, you also receive a strap that allows you to attach the resistance bands to a door. This purchase also comes with a chart of exercises that explain how to do bicep curls, shoulder presses, and back extensions. Users who have reviewed this product on Amazon rave about how versatile resistance bands are and what a good deal they are for the price. People also advise to google 'resistance band exercises' so you can get a wide variety of ideas and corresponding images. Another great option is the Basic Resistance Bands Workout Set, which costs about $40. This resistance band set, comes with a variety of accessories including four bands in different strengths, soft handles, ankle straps and an attachment for the door. Customers who bought this resistance band workout set were very pleased. People were especially thrilled to find out that you can do over 100 exercises targeting muscles throughout the body with the resistance bands. View the top rated resistance cords and exercise bands here.

Resistance Bands for Legs:

Many of the workouts you see with resistance cords are for the upper body. Many readers asked us about the lower body, or exercise bands for legs. It's not easy finding a specific product that does just that. We heard from those in the military, those working out with P90X, and people just wanting firmer leg muscles. Ripcords and Bodylastics are your best bets when looking for resistance bands for legs. Bodylastics get excellent customer feedback on their products, especially the Terrell Owens system with user book and DVD. You can easily see how TO works out all muscle groups and results are great say owners. Ripcords is another brand that gets top billing in this category. Check them out online and find a set that works best for you.