Updated: December 2017

Tanita Scale Reviews:

It is amazing how much power an inanimate object has over our days: a simple trip to the scale can set us up for a day of triumph and confidence. Or a day of second-guessing and doubt...and possibly some chocolate in there, too. Most of us have love/hate relationships with scales, but they can be very useful tools for your weight goals if used properly. You can stop weight gains before they really have a chance to snowball into 10 or 15 more pounds, and you can see how your diet and exercise routine is working for you. When used properly, a scale encourages healthy weight loss. Most of us just want to see that number go down, but it is also important that your scale be accurate, even down to a quarter of a pound, so you can track your progress, make modifications in your weight loss programs, or congratulate yourself on a job well done. There is no better way to do that than with Tanita scales. These are among the very best in the business. This guide will take a look at how Tanita can help you with your goals.
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Why Tanita Scale?

If you are looking for a very accurate and reliable scale, you can look at your doctor's office or you can check out Tanita scales. These consistently earn rave reviews from experts and consumers alike for their precision, as well as for the range of features you can find. Digital scales in general are more precise than analog scales. With analog scales, the spring mechanism can wear and result in inaccurate weights; a digital scale, on the other hand, recalibrates itself each time you use it, so you get an accurate measurement. Tanita digital scales are more precise still and offer handy tools to help you meet your weight loss goals.

No Frills Tanita Scale

- The Tanita Solar Digital Scale HS 301 scale was named by ConsumerSearch as the best bathroom scale overall. It was also recommended by Good Housekeeping and ConsumerReports and well reviewed by Amazon consumers. The scale measures weight from 4 to 200 pounds in 1/2 pound increments, and weight from 200 to 300 in 1-pound increments. It has an easy-to-read 1-inch LCD screen and toe-tap reset (this recalibrates it to 0 before you use the scale to ensure accuracy). No batteries are required, which is certainly convenient. This is a good, basic scale. You won't get any bells and whistles, like body fat monitoring, but you do get an accurate number, which is all many of us want. You can find the Tanita Solar Digital Scale for $60.

Tanita Scales and Body Fat Monitors:

Many people today are interested not only in losing weight but also increasing the level of muscle they have. It doesn't seem fair, but you may actually gain weight when you start an exercise program because you are adding muscle (healthy, lean muscle that is much, much, much better for your body than fat). While you may know that in your head, it can be hard when the scale is saying, "Ha ha. You gained weight!" A good body fat monitor allows you to say, "Ha ha. Not really!" The problem with body fat monitors, though, is that the ones available to the public are generally very inconsistent, according to ConsumerSearch. A notable exception, according to this top consumer site, is the Tanita Body Fat/Body Water Monitor BF 680W. This Tanita body fat monitor scale displays weight and body fat percentage. A safe, low-level electrical pulse determines measurements by 0.1 percent body fat graduations and 0.2-pound graduations. This is important because if you weigh in daily, you can see those minute changes that you've worked so hard for. The body water monitor is handy because most of us don't drink enough water. Feeling thirsty is a sign of mild dehydration. This Tanita can be found for about $60 on Amazon. A terrific deal for all the features you will get. Another good one to try is the Tanita BF680 Duo Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor with Athletic Mode. This scale features a 2.25-inch display for body fat percentage and weight. Again, a low level electrical impulse is sent through the body painlessly to determine your measurements. It measures to within 0.1 percent body fat graduations and 0.2 pound graduations for extremely accurate results. Users say it is precise, easy-to-use, and a great value. So what's the athletic mode? Athletes' body mass index may be thrown off because of their high levels of muscle; when you use this scale, you can select the athletic mode to accommodate for that and get a more accurate measurement. Up to two users can store weight and body fat info on the Tanita Duo Scale. You can find it for $60.

Tanita Scales with Advanced Features:

Bluetooth allows you to connect various devices wirelessly for greater versatility and convenience, and Tanita brings Bluetooth into your bathroom with the HD-351 Bluetooth Wireless Digital Weight Scale. This sleek, low-profile scale has an oversized platform and can take accurate measurements for users up to 400 pounds. The Tanita digital scale features a 1.7-inch, 2-line extra large LCD display and can display current and past weights for up to four users. Best of all, you can wirelessly transmit the data to your PC to record your weight trends over time. This can be tremendously useful in helping you determine which weight loss techniques are working and which need to be revamped. This scale, which is far pricier than the previous models we've mentioned, is available through the Tanita website for about $210. The only thing that Tanita scales can't do for you is lose weight! That's up to you, but Tanita will be there the whole time, helping you measure your progress with their complete line of top quality digital scales.