Updated: December 2017

White Noise Machine Reviews:

All of us have trouble sleeping at some point or another and many of us turn to sound machines, often called white noise machines. Sound therapy is nothing new as insomnia has been around for centuries. The real question is - What can I listen to so that I can go to sleep? My wife is the type of person who constantly uses the television as background noise in order to go to bed at night. I have always felt like that is a bad habit to get into and have tried to get her to try other methods lately. I would normally be against buying something like a sound conditioner but I want her to start falling asleep without the TV set being on. A lot of people who travel for a living have a hard time sleeping in hotel rooms and I find that sleeping in other peoples houses can be difficult as well. The most popular white noise machine is the Marpac SleepMate 980A Electro-Mechanical Sound Conditioner which retails for under $50 on websites like Amazon.com. The key is to be able to let your mind and body relax just long enough so that you can go to sleep - and then hopefully stay asleep all night. Sleep disorders can be crippling since you are constantly tired and in need of solid rest.
white noise machine

Do white noise machines really work? We get 100's of people asking that question every month and after reading up on the products below most leave with a newfound enthusiasm that they can get to sleep normally and quickly. There are white noise CDs, but from what we could find in researching this topic, the CDs or tapes are less effective than the actual sound therapy systems. The machines are better at producing non-repetitive sounds compared to the CD that plays the same songs over and over again. Sounds from the ocean or forest are much more varied and owners swear by these sound machines. The top brands are Conair, Sleep Mate, HoMedics, Marpac, Marsona, and Sound Oasis. Don't just think these white noise machines are for adults, many a parent has broken down and purchased one of these for their babies. All the kids in our house were able to sleep with lots of noise going on around them but we read reports from some couples who live in too quiet a household and their newborn just won't fall asleep. After purchasing the Marpac 980A, their infant was getting lots of "shut eye". I used to see these types of machines in stores like Sharper Image and never thought much about them but now that we have one for my wife I realized what a lifesaver they can be. You can find other reviews for sound machines on websites like Epinions, Soundmachinereview.com, and in parenting forums. There are millions of Americans who suffer from sleep disorders and having a sound machine in your bedroom can really help. You can browse the most popular sound machines online here.

Best White Noise Machine:

RECOMMENDED - The #1 seller on Amazon is the Marpac SleepMate 980A Electro-Mechanical Sound Conditioner which sells for less than $50 and reviews are very favorable on this popular white noise machine. Sometimes you have a clock on the wall that ticks too loud or a gutter that drips when it rains and it's hard to get your mind off of it and fall asleep. That's where the sound machine comes into play. You get rid of the unwanted noise by playing a constant, soothing sound over that. Sound machines are perfect for restless sleepers or babies that just can't unwind for bedtime. The Marpac 980A lets you adjust the tone and volume of sound and it features a dual speed mechanism. The SleepMate helps with those that live in apartments where walls are thin and noises between neighbors are unavoidable. Just turn it on and let your mind go to a "sleepy place". Owner reviews are very positive on this sound conditioner and almost all said they would buy it again. Comments include "sleeping like babies" and "it saved my sanity". Don't let another sleepless night bog you down, check out all the top rated white noise machines online here

Homedics Sound Machine:

We found lots of reviews for the HoMedics SS-2000 Sound Spa Relaxation Sound Machine that were average at best. We can understand wanting to purchase this "white noise" machine since it's so cheap - less than $25. However, we are talking about a good night sleep, which many of you haven't had in years. Don't assume that since it's the #2 seller in this category that the HoMedics sound machine will do what you want. Even the Conair SU1W comes highly regarded, although it too doesn't compare to the Marpac sound machines. The Conair is $90 and the SleepMate sells for $50, so do the math and buy the one with the superior performance and reputation.

Travel Sound Therapy System:

RECOMMENDED - Many of us can sleep just fine in our own homes where we are used to the little nuances of sounds or creaks. It's when we are staying in hotels or visiting friends that make us unable to sleep at night. Noises, creaks, rattles in pipes, etc. can put a damper on a good nights sleep and that is why the travel sound systems sell quite well. The most popular is the Sound Oasis Travel Sound Therapy System which retails for less than $90 and offers 18 built in sounds. The noises range from ocean surf to white noise to stream to rain forest. Features a backlit alarm clock and calendar. What I like about the Sound Oasis is that you can set a timer (4 position) so that the sound volume slowly gets lower and lower. Set it for 60 minutes, enough time to fall asleep, and the machine will slowly shut off at the end of the hour. Runs off batteries or you can simply plug it in using the worldwide AC adapter. The Marsona TSCi-330 White Noise Travel Sound Conditioner is another favorite on Amazon with lots of positive feedback from customers. You can see all the travel sound machines here.