Updated: December 2017

Wrist Splint Reviews:

wrist splints It starts with numbness, discomfort, or pain in the wrists, forearms, or palms. It wakes you up at night; you have trouble gripping things like the steering wheel or door knobs. It hurts. This is the reality of carpal tunnel syndrome, which 2 percent of men and three percent of women will deal with at some point in their lives. It is a condition that can keep you from doing the work you need to and the playing you want to. Older people are at a higher risk; women are at a higher risk; people who are overweight are at risk; women who are going through menopause or who have just given birth are at risk; cashiers, truckers, those who work with computers, and those who must perform repetitive motions are at risk. You are at risk. Wrist splints can mean the difference between living with pain and being able to do the things you want, or need, to do. Will wrist splints benefit you? How do you choose the best ones? Will they work to help relieve discomfort and keep your pain from flaring up? This guide will look at all of these questions so you can make the best choice.

What Do Wrist Splints Do? - Wrist splints work by immobilizing your forearm, wrist, and hand. They are often used for those who have just had a break or surgery and who need to keep this area from moving and becoming reinjured. They can also work wonders for those with carpal tunnel. But let's not get ahead of ourselves: if you do not have carpal tunnel but are at risk, good wrist splints can prevent the condition from developing by keeping your forearms and hands from stressing the carpal tunnel tissues and median nerve in your hand. As those with carpal tunnel will probably tell you (or shout at you), prevention is much, much easier than dealing with the issue after it has become a source of pain in your life. Wrist splints can alleviate numbness, discomfort, pain, and tingling in the forearm, palm, and hand. If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, it is best to find splints that are designed specifically for this disorder. So what should you be looking for, besides a label that says, "wrist splints for carpal tunnel"?

*Look for a splint that is sturdy and keeps your wrist even and well-positioned.
*Make sure your thumb is not immobilized. Your thumb needs to be mobile so the muscles can work properly. If not, your thumb and hand weaken.
*Look for a flexible, light material. While you want the support and rigidity to keep your hand immobile, you also want to be able to wear the splint comfortably.
*Adjustable wrist straps and finger loops. Many splints are universally sized, so make sure you can customize it to fit your hand.
*Righty or lefty. This is a detail that you don't want to forget about while you're shopping because you'll have to return it if you get the wrong hand. Like a glove, these really should be worn on the intended hand!
*Price. Using your hands without pain is priceless. Fortunately, quality wrist splints don't have to cost a fortune. You should be able to find a good splint for under $30.

Wrist pain can be an inconvenience that becomes a serious condition. Stop it before it impacts the quality of your life. Before we talk top models, let's talk about whether these splints actually work to relieve wrist pain. Research shows that when people use splints at night, they greatly reduce the pain and discomfort they experience during the day. Braces and splints are most effective when you use them within the first three months that you experience symptoms. Again, prevention is easier than cures, and relieving minor pain is much easier than dealing with severe pain. Getting the right wrist splints for carpal tunnel now is crucial. You can browse the best selling wrist splints here.

Best Wrist Splint for Carpal Tunnel:

The Mueller Wrist Brace W/ Splint is a popular choice among consumers, one of whom said that she began using the brace when she experienced numbness in her hands. She wore it at night for two to three weeks and felt no further symptoms. A great advertisement for early treatment! The Mueller features a removable splint which fixes the wrist in a natural position to relieve discomfort and prevent injury. It has adjustable wrist tabs and a wraparound strap so you can get the best fit for your hand. The lightweight materials are comfortable, and the fit provides compression to the wrist. While it is one-size-fits-all, the Mueller may be a little on the snug side if you have very large hands or wrists. Other than that, the brace/splint reviews very well, and for less than $12, it is a superb value. Since women are more prone to carpal tunnel syndrome, it only makes sense that there be a product specifically designed for women. The Wellgate for Women Slimfit Wrist Support is very popular with reviewers, one of whom said it was much better than unisex braces. The Wellgate for Women features contouring memory foam and very soft, breathable fabrics for incredible comfort. It has a slim design that fits easily under clothing and is less bulky than many other splints. It is also easy to use for everyday tasks. Again, size is sometimes a problem. Many say this brace is ideal for those with small wrists, but not so comfortable for those with larger wrists. If you are in the former group, the Wellgate will set you back just over $18. IMAK is one of the leading names in the wrist splint business, and you'll see their products pop up again and again. One of the most effective for those who suffer from carpal tunnel is the Smart Glove PM, which features a soft, breathable foam and cotton construction for maximum comfort. It is made for use on either hand and works by gently immobilizing your wrist, hand, and fingers while allowing you to sleep. Sleep is when you recover, so it is crucial that any splint not interfere with that. The Smart Glove PM was rated as the Best Nighttime Splint for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Other features include an easy slip-on application, Velcro strap, right or left hand wear, 2 rigid splints to immobilize hand gently and effectively, latex free, washable, D ring closure for great fit, soft cotton lining, breathable foam, soft poly flannel, built-in palm pillow, and IMAK ergoBeads. The ergoBeads are smooth plastic beads that rest against your skin. They provide a massage affect and help increase circulation. The IMAK is $27. Carpal tunnel can be painful, but it doesn't have to keep you from doing the things you need and love to do. Stop symptoms in their tracks with a great wrist splint. There is a great chance that you can stave off a full blown case of carpal tunnel; if not, then you can at least greatly reduce symptoms and return to a fuller, more active life.