Updated: December 2017

Your Guide to Getting in Shape with Bodycraft:

Finding the Right Bodycraft Fitness Equipment - Taking pride in your body is not just about vanity: sure, appearances are great and who doesn't love a trim, fit body? But beyond this, our fitness directly relates to our physical and mental health. When we know our bodies can perform, we have the confidence to try new things and become even more active in our own lives. The best ally in your quest to stay fit is your own determination and motivation - but great equipment helps! Bodycraft is one of the leading manufacturers of home gym equipment. Whether your goal is to gain muscle and healthy weight or trim down and tone up, you can be assured that Bodycraft is part of your recipe for success. What can this top fitness equipment company offer you? This guide will show you.

Bodycraft Fitness Equipment: Quality You Can Trust - Getting in shape is important; doing so safely and healthily is even more important. The fitness equipment you choose isn't just a matter of which home gym has the sleekest design or which has the highest price tag. It should be about which will help you meet your goals, keep you motivated, and help you get the results you want. Bodycraft is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get into shape through good old-fashioned work and sweat. You can feel confident in the safety, security, and design of Bodycraft's fitness equipment. Winner of multiple awards from ConsumerGuide, Consumer Digest, ConsumerSearch, Fitness Professor Review, Exercise Equipment Expert, Trainer Secrets and other recognized experts, Bodycraft will help you sculpt the body you want, strengthening and toning muscles for a more confident, attractive, and energetic you. Bodycraft features equipment for cardio and strength, both of which are crucial to overall fitness and to meeting your goals. You can browse the best selling Bodycraft fitness equipment here.

Bodycraft Cardio Equipment:

Bodycraft makes stationary bikes and rowing machines, two very effective forms of cardio exercise that can help build muscle, speed up weight loss, and increase endurance. TrainersSecrets, ExerciseEquipmentExperts, and consumers from Amazon, Buzzillions, and other sites highly recommend the Bodycraft SPX Indoor Cycling Bike. The SPX features a heavy-duty steel frame and durable powder-coated paint. The 46-pound precision flywheel is perimeter weighted for high inertia and optimal performance. Other features include German-made SKF sealed bearings, Hutchinson V-ribbed automotive belt, micro-adjustable stainless-steel seat post, aluminum alloy pedals with toe straps, velo saddle, 300-pound capacity, three-piece, cold-forged-steel cranks, and heat-treated Cro-Moly axle spins. This gym-quality machine will last for years of great use. It is $1100. It is a big purchase, but think: no more gym memberships, no more driving in any weather, getting up early, staying late, no more excuses for not going at all! Fitness Professor Review named the SPX the Head of the Class Award winner for 2010 for its exceptional build and design. The BodyCraft SPL is very similar in design to the bigger gym-quality SPX. The SPL is smaller and designed for residential use with a 31-pound high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel, Hutchinson 5PK automotive drive belt, German-engineered sealed bearings, dual layer electrostatic powder coat, and 3-piece crank with Cro-Moly axle. It costs about $850 and will deliver great durability and results as well. Look here for Bodycraft's other cardio machines.

Bodycraft Strength Equipment:

Bodycraft has a variety of great home gym equipment that will whip you right into shape. Another award-winner from the Bodycraft line is the Xpress Pro Home Gym, which Home Gym Advisors recommend "over any competitor in this price range." The Xpress Pro features bench press station with adjustable starting point, cable station with adjustable arms, adjustable seat and seat back, seated rows, areas for shoulder and chest presses, leg curls, left lifts, lat pulls, and more. The Xpress uses pulleys and cables to provide unrestricted, natural movements that are also correctly done. You can increase your natural range of motion and use your stabilizer and core muscles, which is not possible on other home gym equipment. The Xpress Pro Home Gym is made from 12-gauge steel tubing, flexible, nylon coated aircraft cable, fiberglass nylon pulleys with ball bearings that are sealed, 1-inch tubular steel guide rods plated with chrome, perforated steel weight stack guards that are designed to protect against noise, and 2-inch thick high density foam covered with double-stitched vinyl. This is a tremendously versatile, thorough home gym that will help you get the results you want. As one Amazon consumer says, "This ain't another clothes rack." You can find it for about $2200. The Bodycraft Fitness X2 Family Home Gym, Consumersearch's pick for Best Dual Stack Home Gym, is another great choice, though more expensive at $3500 (see all Bodycraft home gyms here). It's a terrific investment for an active family. A more budget-friendly choice is the Bodycraft Galena Home Gym. This offers the award-winning Bodycraft quality you depend on at a $1500 price. The Galena features fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys with sealed bearings, peck deck that allows for traditional and dumbbell style flys, adjustable seat and seat back, low pulley station for easy access, and a space-saving design. Do chest presses, leg extensions, leg curls, lat pulls, ab crunches, and more; work your entire body and get fit. The Galena has a handful of awards from Epinions, ConsumerSearch, ConsumerGuide, Fitness Professor Review, Home-Gym-Reviews, and other respected sources. Most importantly, though, it is highly touted by people just like you, people who want to get into shape or maintain a fit, trim body. As one reviewer said, "It's a wonderful alternative to a gym membership." Bodycraft makes the fitness equipment that helps you push your body. You never know what you can achieve until you push beyond your comfort zone. Bodycraft helps you do this safely and effectively. From their PowerRack and PFT Functional Trainer to cardio machines to full home gyms, you will have the tools you need to change your body and your life. Forget the gym, forget the fees, forget the excuses. All you need is the will to work and the right Bodycraft equipment.