Updated: December 2017

Bosu Balance Trainer Reviews:

Why the Bosu Balance Trainer is one of the Best Innovations for Exercise When I first saw the The Bosu Balance Trainer Ball, I thought it looked too simple to work. But it is, in fact, its simplicity, that makes the Bosu Ball so effective. The Bosu Balance Trainer (or Bosu Ball) was invented in 1999 by David Weck. One of the first things you notice is that this exercise tool is shaped in an interesting manner. A rubber hemisphere is attached to a rigid platform. One side is a half ball and the other is flat. So what does Bosu stand for? The word originally was an anagram for "Both Sides Up." This phrase was intended to be a description about the fact that you can exercise with both sides of the Bosu Ball. However, later the meaning of the word Bosu was changed to "Both Side Utilized." This new term is intended to encourage a mindful approach towards exercise. Aside from assisting people with exercise, use of the Bosu Ball is also meant to strengthen the mind and cause it to be "fully engaged." The company behind the Bosu Balance Trainer uses principles of environmentally conscious manufacturing. All products are also made in the United States.
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How is the Bosu Balance Trainer Used?

- The Bosu ball is used for balance training, as well as for a wide variety of exercises. You can use it dome side up or down, or put it on its side. This exercise ball is used in health clubs worldwide and by a number of elite athletes. Some of the Bosu Balance Trainer exercises include squats, bicep curls, and shoulder raises. The ball is also intended to increase core strength, namely, the muscles around the abdomen and back. The Best Bosu Ball Exercises - When you buy the Bosu Balance trainer, you also receive a workout DVD, foot pump and exercise manual. The DVD includes Calorie Combustion Workout, which is meant to assist people to get aerobic benefits from their Bosu Ball, Long & Lean Workout including Pilates like movements, and "Absolutely Abs Workout" which is a video exclusively dedicated to the abs. You can see some exercises with the Bosu Balance trainer (see below in the Youtube window). The reviewer in this Youtube video does a variety of her favorite exercises with the trainer. These exercises include standing and jumping on the curved ball side. Another exercise is to do pushups with your knees on the floor, using the balance ball's flat side to balance. This works your abdominal muscles while you are during pushups. You can also lie on your back with the curved side of the dome up then do sit-ups while balancing on the ball. These are just a few of the exercises that can be done with the Bosu Balance Trainer Ball. You can also find a variety of Bosu Balance Trainer videos for sale including Bosu Core Synergy DVD with Candice Copeland Brooks, Bosu Reactive Strength and Power DVD with Gay Gasper. If you are interested in more Bosu Balance Ball videos, can see a great deal of them at the company’s Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/bosufitness. You can browse the top rated Bosu products online here.

Bosu Ballast Ball Reviews:

The Bosu Ballast Ball is made by the same people behind the Bosu Balance Trainer and sells on Amazon for $48. (get it here). You will notice that it is actually less expensive than the Bosu Balance Trainer. For those who don't want to spend the $99 for their own Bosu Balance Trainer Ball, the Ballast Ball may be a great alternative choice. The word Ballast means to add weight or stability to something. The Bosu Ballast is similar to the Bosu Balance Trainer but has the added feature of a stability bag with sand providing extra weight. The Ballast Ball allows for the same exercises as well as additional ones that are impossible to achieve with the original Bosu Ball. In contrast to the original ball, when you put the Ballast Ball down on the floor, it stays in place. That means that not only can you can sit on it without it rolling around, you can also do more kinds of exercises. Many people use their Ballast Ball for lifting exercises, and shaking exercises. Plus, you can also hear the sound of the sandbag within the ball, which will give you audio feedback on your movements. The Ballast Ball also has concentric circles you can see for accuracy of movement. There are also additional add-ons for the Bosu Ball. For example, you can also get the Bosu 3D System Balance Trainer for $110. This product includes balance bar and adjustable resistance tubing and is meant to increase workout flexibility. If you do buy the Bosu 3D System Balance Trainer, please note that with this product, you do have to deal with nuts and bolts to assemble the balance bar. You also need a little more space to use the 3d trainer.

Bosu Balance Trainer Reviews:

About.com comments that the Bosu Ball is a little expensive given its humble appearance, but on the plus side they note it is great for building strength and balance, appropriate for all ages, and adds some plain old "fun" to your workout routine. Reviews on Amazon are mostly very positive (Bosu Balance Trainer owner reviews here). Many people are thrilled about their workouts with the Bosu Ball. One reviewer stated, the Bosu Balance Trainer "makes you feel that you have found brain cells you haven't heard from in a while." As it turned out, many customers who bought this product were already familiar with it through using it at the gym. They were so enthusiastic about it they bought a version for home. A few interesting issues were raised within reviews from past and present customers. For example, reviewers of the Bosu Ball encourage users to make sure everything is used correctly if you are using your Ball at home instead of the gym. For example, The Bosu Balance Ball needs to be inflated to 10 inches when it is first inflated. If you want help with your Ball or suggestions for customized exercises, you can also take a class with a certified Bosu instructor. Also a few people who had bought the Bosu Ball said that the rubber dome separated from the plastic base. It was unclear in the reviews if this was from misuse or if it was due to a defect in manufacturing. Either way, if this happens, you can ship it back to the manufacturer for a replacement. The Bosu Balance Trainer has also been reviewed in Self, Men's Health, Men's Fitness, and Shape Magazine to name just a few. It has received a long list of commendations from sports professionals, gyms and fitness professionals around the world. Also many schools and universities recommend the Bosu Balance Ball. Jeanne F. Nichols, Ph.D. Dept. of Exercise & Nutritional Sciences sent in this comment, which is now posted on the Bosu Ball website, "Field measurements of static and dynamic balance, as well as abdominal strength, showed improvements ranging up to 31% after just a four-week program."