Updated: December 2017

Massage Table Reviews:

If you are a massage therapist a major piece of your business (besides your hands) is a quality massage table. We read many expert opinions on massage tables and found that firstly, the massage practitioner needs to find a table that is ergonomically correct for their body. They will have to purchase a table that is the right height, width, material, and above all it needs to be stable. If you have never had a massage before then you may not know the power and strength that goes into the various techniques used by massage therapists. The massage table should be wide enough so it can fit your clients comfortably but not so wide that you can't reach across and give a proper massage. Most massage tables come standard at 29 or 30 inches wide and have adjustable heights that range from 24 to 34 inches. The type of practice you have plus the amount of clients you have can also play a big part in determing which massage table you buy.

For those massage therapists that travel too and from their clients homes, a sturdy, portable massage table would benefit you most for convenience. If you have a heavy client load and see many patients each day, make sure the table you buy is top rated for durability and stability to handle your work schedule. Some massage table are built just for shiatsu or deep tissue massage techniques. Other features like foam or upholstery can ensure that your clients remain comfortable during their massage. The main types of massage tables are portable, ultralight, stationary, and electric. Electric tables cost way above $1000 and the cheaper portable tables will run you $150-$500. The Earthlite and Oakworks portable massage tables are the best on the market. The highest quality massage tables are the stationary type and they feature tilting tops, electronic height control, and salon tops. A stationary massage table like the Astra-Lite Mercury can be put flat on the floor for shiatsu massages which make it very versatile and easy to store when done with clients. Another choice you will have with your massage table is wooden or metal frames. Most wooden frame massage tables are heavier than the metal ones and they can support at least 450 lbs. Although the wooden frames are more popular, the lighter framed metal tables like the Pisces Productions New Wave II can hold up to 500 lbs and the table itself weighs a little less than 21 pounds. Do you go with an adjustable face rest that attaches to the table or a face hole that is actually cut into the massage table? A face rest will give you more options since they are adjustable and can be maneuvered to your clients desired position while the face hole is set and can leave clients with longer legs dangling their feet off your table. Massage tables are durable and should last for many years and they can usually be cleaned with a simple antibacterial cleaner after every use. We found several sites online that list the best selling massage tables including Herestherub.net, Massage-table-direct.com, and Topmassagetables.com. The leading brand names are Oakworks, Stronglite, Earthlite, Master, LifeGear, InStep, and Astra-Lite. We read consumer reviews on Amazon and Epinions to understand just what qualities make the perfect massage table for both client and masseuse. You can browse the most popular massage tables online here.

Best Massage Tables:

The Earthlite Harmony III Massage Table ($229) is an award winning masseurs table that weighs less than 30 lbs, is 29" wide, and an adjustable height range of 23" to 34". An optional package includes optional headrest and carrying case for $299. The table is well built with handcrafted hardwood maple framing and Russian birch decking. The Mid-Brace Cradle lock cabling system supplies all the stability you need. It can handle up to 550 lbs of weight. The polyurethane vinyl is both soft and durable and the 2 1/2" deluxe cushioning will keep your clients happy. The Earthlite Harmony III has been referred to as the "most economical full price massage table". This is a portable massage table that functions beautifully in or out of your office. Owners say it's a great investment for massage professionals, massage students, or for salons/spas. RECOMMENDED - Another excellent massage table from Earthlite is the Earthlite Harmony DX which sells for about $300 and features a full length 30 x 73" frame, multi-layer cushioning system for comfort, and has a recommended work weight of 600 lb (max). Another well-regarded manufacturer is CustomCraftworks.com. Their portable tables start around $450, while their most popular model, the Athena, starts at $659. One innovative feature they offer is breast recesses -- basically removable plugs in the table surface that allow a female patient to lie comfortably on the massage table. Custom Craftworks also offers several bamboo masssage table options (starting around $1000). With more than 20 years experience in the business, all their tables are sturdy and well-built, and they offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

Top Portable Massage Table:

RECOMMENDED - The Master Massage Fitmaster Montana Salon Size Portable Massage Table, 30 Inch ($190) is the top selling portable massage table on several sites and owner reviews were very positive on this model. Master massage tables are just as recognized as the Earthlite or Oakworks models, but we choose the Master product for the incredible feedback listed on massage forums about the table. The portable massage table from Master sets ups and breaksdown easily with the Bridge-Lock leg design. The durable frame construction provides stability and strength and the telescoping legs give you preferred heights between 24" to 34". Owners say that the Montana is ideal for personal or commercial use with its 800 pound capacity. The table comes with an external face cradle and face pillow that your customers will thank you for. There is a 28-inch wide Montana table available for $180. We read reviews from people who use it for personal use as well as from professional massage parlors and they all agreed it's the best portable massage table on the market for the price. Check out the entire line of Master Massage tables here.

Electric Lift Massage Table:

The Earthlite Everest ($2000) is a high end electric life massage table that is strong and has an excellent open design giving the massage professional all the room they need to get in close for shoulder and back deep tissue rubs. One pedal will control the height adjustments (12-inch range) and the 3-inch thick foam system will keep your clients totally comfortable during the massage. This stationary massage table is heavy (235 lbs) and rather expensive. we found that many massage parlors and professionals prefer the less expensive non-electric stationary models.

Stationary Massage Table:

The Callaway Stationary Massage Table ($530) is a sturdy piece of massage equipment that features a full length cabinet and fully adjustable tilt-top. In terms of comfort, your clients will be in heaven with the 3 1/2 inch multi-layer foam and luxury vinyl. The Callaway massage table has rounded corners, dual headrest outlets, and deluxe face cradle. The built-in cabinet is great for keeping your supplies and the full-size (30 x 73 inches) stationary table with weight capacity of 500 lbs will fit all your clients. The hardwood construction makes this stationary massage table stable and durable, the lifetime warranty guarantees that. RECOMMENDED - Go online and see the top rated stationary massage tables.