Updated: December 2017

Clearblue Fertility Monitors Review - Clearblue Easy

Clearblue is one of the most trusted companies that women turn to when they are seeking to get pregnant. Clearblue sells a few main products, which include the Clearblue fertility monitor, The Clearblue Easy digital ovulation test, and the Clearblue easy pregnancy test. ClearBlue products are made by Swiss Precision Diagnostics. Proctor and Gamble and IMI founded this Switzerland based company in 2007. ClearBlue is now the leading supplier of home pregnancy and fertility/ovulation tests. Admittedly, in the "old days," getting pregnant was a simpler process. It consisted of 2-steps: sex, then pregnancy. However, today contraptions and machines can help out with the process. There is a whole science to tracking optimum fertility days and figuring out the best days for conception to take place. Clearblue products can be easily found at most drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, Costco and even some grocery stores. It is also available at Amazon.com for a competitive price.
clearblue fertility monitor

How does the Clearblue Fertility Monitor Work?

The Clearblue Fertility monitor has been shown in laboratory testing to be 99% accurate. The fertility monitor tests the surge in LH (Luteinizing hormone) that triggers ovulation. The LH triggers the release of an egg from the ovaries. This release usually occurs about 24-36 hours after the LH surge. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor identifies 6 fertile days along with 2 peak fertile days. The monitor also personalizes itself to track a woman's individual cycle, tracks estrogen hormones, and stores information about her personal hormone patterns. The package also comes with a detailed instruction booklet. Along with the electronic monitor, women use sticks to do simple urine tests easy morning. The sticks reveal if the fertile status will be low, high or peak. The display will show you one bar for low fertility, two for high and 3 for peak fertility. The device also comes with a handy "M Button." Women simply need to press this button to let the device know when a new monthly cycle has begun. The Clearblue Fertility monitor truly seeks to make the whole process easy for women. The less stress involved, the easier it will be to become pregnant.

Reviews of Clearblue Fertility Monitor:

Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor sells for about $145 on Amazon and has about 200 positive reviews. Very few people had negative feedback for the monitor and most people agreed that it helped them with achieving pregnancy. Of course, not everyone was able to get pregnant following the instructions of the monitor. After all, there can often be complicating factors involved that have nothing to do with the monitor. We surveyed the Amazon reviews to see what women who actually used this test had to say. Reviewers definitely all agreed that the test was easy to use and took the guesswork out of fertility. The only recurring complaint was the cost of the monitor. Many women didn't like the fact the device cost over $100 and that they had to spend extra money on the testing sticks, which are available for purchase in boxes of 30. Another important note women pointed out in the reviews is that the test must begin between days 1-5 of a period. This means that women who bought the test mid-cycle often had to wait weeks before using it. For some women who were anxious to get pregnant, this waiting time was a downside of the monitor. We found other reviews listed on Drugstore.com and Epinions.com which were also very positive for Clearblue Fertility products. Compared to other ovulation predictors, Clearblue was the one product we found on pregnancy related websites listed most often.

What is the Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test?

The Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test also helps women determine her most fertile days each month, and like Clearblue's fertility monitor, this is also a digital device. This is a less expensive way to determine fertility than the fertility monitor, but it also has limited functionality. This test comes with a one-month supply of tests. A woman can figure out the 2 best days to conceive through this device. This is another factor that sets it apart from with fertility monitor, which reveals the best 6 days. Like the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, the Clearblue Easy also detects a rise in LH levels. This device is to be used beginning on day 9 of a cycle. The test symbol gives you a smiley face when you have a LH surge. It also flashes to let women know it is working. Once the device is ready to go, results come in just 3 minutes. This test sells for about $30 on Amazon. Although reviewers were generally happy with this product, it received fewer positive reviews on Amazon than the Clearblue Fertility monitor. Of course, this is a far less comprehensive tool. Most users listed "ease of use" as a major reason for using Clearblue. With some other ovulation tests, women must judge fertility by a light or dark line. They say often it is difficult to judge the darkness of the line, so they preferred Clearblue's smiley face symbol.

Why is a fertility monitor necessary? Many couples struggle with infertility and eventually seek medical help to assist with the issue. The Clearblue fertility monitor has often helped couples avoid the costly bills and time involved in going to a fertility specialist. Even though the monitor is pricey, it is certainly far less than thousands of dollars on doctors and fertility treatments. Also the monitor takes the guesswork out of pregnancy. Therefore, in general, it has helped women speed up the process of getting pregnant. Clearblue products, especially the fertility monitor, are well-worth the cost for women who are interested in getting pregnant quickly or for women who have struggled getting pregnant "the old fashioned way."