Updated: December 2017

Clif Bars - Most Popular Energy Bars:

I grew up with Power Bars and they definitely did not taste good. The only way I could get through one was to leave it in the hot sun and wait for it to become something that resembled tangy taffy. Even then, they were so dense and hard to swallow you always needed plenty of fluids to help get it down. Many of my tennis friends were sponsored by Power Bar so there was always plenty around, but we got sick of them in a hurry. Of course this was in the early 1990's and this was about the time that the energy bar market was about to explode. I stopped eating energy and nutrition bars and when I asked friends about them a few years ago they recommended the Clif Bars. They were described as being "way better" than the Power Bars and the flavors were tasty. When I first tried a Clif Bar I instantly realized how much the energy bar field had come in a decade. They were moist, tender, and not much different than a regular chewy granola bar. I was hooked on the crunch peanut butter and chocolate chip flavors.
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Why Clif Bars are among the Most Popular Energy Bars

The Clif Bar Company was launched on a bike ride - the founder of the company was starving after riding for a while and tried to eat whatever energy bar he had with him and he just couldn't eat it. Hence he went home to try and create a better tasting energy bar that anyone could eat. When you take a look at the Clif Bar Company, one of the first things you realize is the company prides itself on innovative marketing and being of benefit to the environment. In fact, the website makes a big deal out of the company's 5 aspirations which include "sustaining our brands," "sustaining our community" and "sustaining our planet." In keeping with this promise, Clif Bar offers a variety of environmental programs and activities. For example, they instituted a Clife Bar 2 Mill Challenge with the goal of getting people to bike to locations which are less than 2 miles away. They also have a "CLIF GreenNotes Protect The Places We Play" benefit album. 100% of proceeds from album sales are donated towards environmental organizations. Clif bar products also have a degree of dedication to the environment in that they are mostly organic which means that the bars have less ingredients that involve chemicals and pesticides. Products by Clif Bar Company - Clif Bar has a few different lines of products, all which fall under the banner of nutrition bars, snacks and related edibles. The "flagship product" is the natural energy bar called Clif Bar. The Clif Bar Company also makes the Luna Bar nutrition for women, sweet and salty bars called Clif Mojo, Clif C and the Clif Builder's bar. There is also Clif quench sportsdrink and Clif Kid's bars and snacks for kids. Browse the most popular Clif Bars online here.

Clif Natural Energy bars

Clif Natural Energy bars were originally designed for sustained energy for athletes. But they are also good for any occasion. The bars include 70% organic ingredients, 23 vitamins and minerals and 20 grams of protein. Each bar is approximately 250 calories. Among the ingredients is the customized Soy Rice Crisp ingredient called ClifPro and ClifCrunch which is made of Organic Oat Fiber, Inulin Organic Milled Flaxseed, Organic Oat Bran, and Psyllium. These energy bars have quite a few advantages over the average energy bar product. First of all, they have no trans fat and mostly organic ingredients. Clif Bar also offers a wide variety of flavors including apricot, banana nut bread, maple nut as well as more exotic flavors like oatmeal raisin walnut, iced gingerbread and white chocolate macadamia. The bars also have omega 3, from organic flaxseeds and walnuts, which help inflammation and heart health. The bars are designed to make the blood sugar slowly rise and then slowly fall. The idea is that Clif Natural Energy bars will help people avoid the sugar rushes and subsequent crashes often associated with other bars.

Reviews of Clif Natural Energy Bars:

We found some interesting reviews of Clif Energy Bars at Amazon.com. Some of the products are extremely highly rated. For example, Clif Bar Energy Bars, 2.4-Ounce Bars (Pack of 24) is a variety pack which sells for $26.59 (see the top selling Clif Bars here). Reviewers really liked the variety pack option because they felt it was less likely to make them get tired of just one flavor. Currently, the variety pack comes with 8 Crunchy peanut butter bars, 8 chocolate chip peanut butter Clif Bars, and 8 chocolate chip Clif Bars. From the reviews, it is clear that people eat these Clif energy bars for purposes beyond just during exercise. A few reviewers mention that they eat a Clif bar for breakfast each morning with some tea or water. So what is the best flavor Clif Bar? In general, people seem to prefer the chocolate flavors as well as the Black Cherry Almond. The least popular flavor seems to be the Banana Bread Clif Bar which unfortunately a few people said tastes like rotten bananas. The website Gear Junkie reviewed Clif Bars and stated that they thought the top flavors are Spiced Pumpkin Pie, Pear Apple Strudel, Blueberry Crisp, Cool Mint Chocolate and Oatmeal Raisin Walnut. Of course, everyone's tastebuds are different. Our recommendation is to buy the bars in single servings until you have narrowed down the flavors you prefer. You can easily find a wide variety of flavors of Clif bars at most grocery stores. At that point, you can buy a 12 pack on a site like Amazon.com and save money on a bulk rate. If you are going to be eating a lot of Clif Energy Bars, the savings can really ad up. Most people seem to be able to find at least one or two Clif Bar flavors that they love. In fact, we didn't read a lot of negative feedback about this product. Be aware that some people said that the bars left them thirsty and you need to drink a lot of water with them. Of course, this could be inconvenient on a long hike or bike ride so make sure you plan ahead and have water to accompany your Clif Bar..

Clif Bars for Women- Luna Bars:

Another very popular Clif Bar product is the Luna Bar. These nutrition bars are designed with women in mind. They are high In Calcium, Folic acid and vitamin D. The Luna Bar recipe also comes with a custom Clif bar ingredient called LunaPro which is made of Soy Rice Crisp. Luna bars have 180 calories, 8-9 grams of protein and 3 grams fiber. Flavors are extensive and include Berry Almond, Caramel Nut Brownie, Smores, Dulce de leche and others. So can men eat Luna Bars? Men can eat them and children can eat them when they are older. These bars are also good for diabetics because there is a balance of total carbohydrate, fat, and protein - 1.5-2 carbohydrates, 1 lean protein, and 1 fat. Luna Bars, 1.69-Ounce Bars, Box of 15 1.69-ounce all-natural nutrition bars are sold on Amazon.com for $20. (view the best selling Luna Bars here). Right now this product on Amazon has 224 reviews almost all positive, 4.5 stars. Reviewers mostly had great things to say about the Luna Bars. They loved the nutritional breakdown and also felt some of the bars were as good as dessert. Among the flavors that people mention as their favorite are Chocolate Pecan Pie, White Choc Macadamia bars, The Dulce flavor and Nutz/Pecan. Some reviewers advise that you should be sure to not eat TOO many. After all the calories will begin to add up.

Clif Bar Builder's Bar - Some of the best rated bars are the Clif Builder's Bar, Protein Bar, 2.4-Ounce Bars which sell for $17 for 12 bars. Reviewers say this is one of the best tasting protein bars they have ever had. Also people really like the fact that these bars are large enough to be a meal replacement. Yet, it is important to note that even though these bars may be filling enough to be a meal replacement, they are only recommended as snacks. As far as taste goes, most reviewers like the Chocolate Mint and Peanut Butter the best. People also like the fact that these bars aren't super sweet. Again, this is a product people are very excited about. Of the 157 reviews so far on Amazon.com, 119 people gave Clif Bar Builders Bar 5 stars and 19 people gave the product 4 stars. The Clif Builders bars are less organic than some of the Clif Bar Company's other products as they are only 33% organic. However, on the other hand, they are high in protein, have 23 vitamins and 20 grams of soy and nut proteins. Like other Clif Bar Company's products, there are no transfats and no hydrogenated oils in Clif Bar Builder's Bars.

Clif Bar Coupons:

One of the most searched for terms associated with Clif Bar is "coupons". We decided to look online for some Clif Bar coupons and see if we could point our visitors to instant savings and discounts on their products. You can sign up at http://www.clifbar.com/play/pace_registration/ and get periodic free samples or coupons sent to you via the mail. We scoured other coupon sites but found nothing in terms of coupons you can print out and use in stores. Most people talk about getting coupons in the newspaper or for stores like Safeway or REI where they have specials on Clif Bars. You can sometimes find them for $1 each instead of the regular $1.50 or $2 a piece. Sometimes buying in bulk can save money as well. We say check with Amazon since they tend to have the lowest prices online.