Updated: December 2017

Earthlite Massage Table Reviews:

There are few things more relaxing than massage: whether you want to soothe away the stresses of the day or care for an injury, massage helps the body and soul mend from the cares of the world. Massage has been practiced for centuries by cultures throughout the world, and it remains a valued tool for relaxation, pain relief, and health. It can reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, and relieve anxiety. A powerful health remedy indeed. And massage therapy is also a powerful career choice. As more of those in Western societies realize the immense benefit of massage, this career path is blossoming. Quality massage tables are a necessity so you can practice this art in optimal conditions. This is your guide to Earthlite massage tables. Find the versatility, quality, and innovation you need in Earthlite.
earthlite massage table

Why Choose an Earthlite Massage Table? - Earthlite is the leading source of massage supplies in the world. They are committed to providing the very best quality products that refresh and revive the mind and body. Earthlite is concerned with not only caring for the backs and wellbeing of those being massaged, but also using environmentally friendly materials. No rainforest hardwoods are used in the production of their tables; they use high quality Canadian hard maple for the legs and braces, and Baltic birch plywood for the tops. These are farmed and sustainable wood sources. Every detail, from the water-based lacquer to the eco-friendly foam and vinyl, is designed to reduce our impact on the environment. The quality is outstanding, certainly not suffering for also being eco-friendly. Earthlite offers a lifetime warranty on many of their products, and you will find that an Earthlite massage table will last a lifetime. You won't see an Earthlite table in a landfill! And every detail is designed to ensure your friends, clients, and others have the best, most relaxing and serene experience possible. Which Earthlite Massage Table is Right for You? - You may choose from top quality stationary or portable massage tables. Portable models are great for massage therapists who travel from site to site or even for private homes that want to incorporate more massage and relaxation. For the best, look no further than the Earthlite Harmony series. This is a top-of-the-line, though very affordable, series of massage tables, and its premiere model is the Harmony III. This beautiful portable massage table is one of Bestcovery.com's picks for Best Massage Table (Bestcovery reviews thousands of products in various categories and creates a short list of the best to help consumers make informed decisions). The Harmony III won the Yahoo! Store Top Service Award and has a host of features designed to put you at ease. It is lightweight at only 30 pounds, but it can handle clients up to 550 pounds. This is important so you can provide services to so many more people without worry. It has a mid-brace cradle lock system, 29-inch width, adjustable height of 23 to 34 inches to accommodate your needs, soft extra-thick polyurethane cushioning, sustainable wood construction, easy set-up, and two-year structural warranty. For all its features, the Harmony III is an incredibly affordable option, priced at $299. You can browse the best selling Earthlite products online here.

Earthlite Massage Table:

The Harmony DX is an equally high quality choice at the same price on Amazon. The Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package has the great features of the Harmony III massage table but offers a full length (30 inches x 73 inches) frame, soft, luxurious multilayer cushioning, comfortable arm slip, water-based lacquer and glue, 100 percent PU vinyl and CFC-free foam. It upgrades the warranty to a lifetime warranty and is perfectly suited to professional use. Colors available are black, teal, burgundy, and agate blue. The Earthlite massage table passes the 2400 lb. static load test, a 450 lb. dynamic load drop and has a working weight of 600 pounds. Owner reviews are very positive for this model. Those that use it as home say it's comfortable (with the face rest) and portable enough to move around. Great for at home rehabilitation or massage therapists that need to take it on the road for house calls or in office visits.

Portable Massage Table - Earthlite Avalon:

Earthlite makes a variety of portable massage tables, which offer the most versatility and convenience for massage therapists and practitioners. Among their other popular options are the Avalon massage tables and the Spirit massage tables. The Earthlite Avalon massage table was praised by Amazon reviewers as being exceedingly comfortable, durable, and economically priced. You can't ask for anything better than that! The Avalon massage table has thick top quality 2.75-inch multilayer cushioning, half and half Reiki/standard end panels for versatility, Flex-Rest face cradle, stable traction pads, and padded and reinforced arm sling. The Avalon is made of high quality maple hardwood with Russian birch decking and uses water-based lacquers and glues, 100 percent PU vinyl, and CFC-free foam. It is tested at 3000 pounds of static load and 500-pound dynamic load drop test. The working weight it will accommodate is about 700 pounds. The Avalon is also reasonably priced at $369. One Amazon reviewer sums it up best, saying her clients rave about the comfort of the table while she raves about the price. A perfect fit for all. The Earthlite Spirit Massage Table has the same great quality as the Harmony and Avalon massage tables but offers a few more features. You will find a beautiful maple frame, comfortable Natursoft vinyl, stitched-fit upholstering, a super-strong 10-layer laminate frame, hardwood ribs, full length hinge, and a lifetime warranty. In addition, you will find newly designed endplates and outlet covers, Shiatsu release cables, and a free Reiki endplate option. The Spirit is a bit more expensive at $399. But well worth the price for the versatility and the "strong, sturdy, safe, soft, soothing and serene" table, as one Epinion reviewer says.

Earthlite Massage Chairs and Accesories:

Earthlite also makes a wide variety of other massage supplies, including stationary tables, spa tables, massage chairs, and home massage supplies that will make you feel like you're at the spa. Massage chairs are especially wonderful because therapists and practitioners can bring these chairs to any site they wish and set up easily while providing the utmost in client comfort. It is a great way to bring your services to office buildings, malls, and other places where people are in dire need of a relaxing massage. MassageChairReview.net chose two Earthlite massage chairs as their top picks. Let's see why. The Earthlite Avila II massage chair is a top pick because of its strong, durable patented carbon fiber frame, three quick release levers to accommodate children to 350-pound people, aromatherapy well, valuables pouch, carry case with wheels and telescoping handle for ease of transport, sternum pad, instructional DVD, and Earthlite's lifetime warranty. The price doesn't hurt either. It just under $400. The other top model is the Earthlite Vortex massage chair, which offers lightweight, yet durable construction (it weighs only 15 pounds), expert design and engineering, great upholstery, ergonomically designed fit, soft foam padding, easy transport, NaturaSoft vinyl, sternum pad, and carry case. This beautiful, versatile massage chair costs $300. Whether you work in a spa, have your own location, or travel to meet the needs of your clients, Earthlite is your most valuable business partner. The quality of their tables, as well as their commitment to Earth-friendly practices, is unparalleled. Versatility, economy, and comfort combine to make these exquisite tables. Check out the most popular Earthlite massage tables and chairs here.