Updated: December 2017

Garmin Forerunner Sports GPS Watches - Reviews and Buying Guide:

Some people love the feeling of not knowing where they are: they thrive on the excitement and the potential of adventure just around the next bend. But most of us would rather know where we are, how to get to our destination, and how to get back where we started. It provides a feeling of security that is invaluable whether you are biking through mountain trails or driving through unfamiliar streets. You can save the excitement for steep hills, fast rides, or new destinations: getting lost is most often stressful, frightening, and possibly dangerous. That's one adventure you can do without. When you need to know where you are - and just as importantly - where you are going, the most trusted name in the business is undoubtedly Garmin. For athletes, the choice is clear: a Garmin Forerunner is a practical, useful, and essential piece of workout gear. This guide will show you the features of the top Garmin Forerunners so you can see which one will help you meet your goals.
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Garmin: Leaders in Innovation - For almost 20 years, Garmin has been a leader in innovative communication and navigation tools. Their philosophy is simple: help people enrich their lives by offering the most intuitive systems with the most useful features. The difference between Garmin and other companies is that they are in touch with consumer wants and needs and design their products around them. Consumers want portability: no one stands still. We want our devices, whether smartphones, mp3 players, or laptops, to move with us. Garmin does this, allowing us to find those adventures. Garmin makes industry-leading car, marine, aviation, and outdoor systems. Athletes will appreciate the accessibility and portability of the Garmin Forerunner series. These watch GPS systems are designed to make each workout better and improve your performance. The Garmin 205 - This is a great beginner Garmin for runners, cyclists, cross-country skiers, and other athletes who want to monitor their progress and push their bodies. It has a watch-style body, allowing you to take your Garmin anywhere you go. This sensitive GPS unit provides you with reliable signal reception; it is able to supply mapping, waypoint marking, routing, a map of your current location and route, and directions to plotted destinations. Beyond this, it allows you to track your speed, distance, and pace. This can be invaluable to athletes who strive to improve their times by seconds. The Garmin 205 also includes training software. With this, you can download your workout data from the unit to your computer for analysis. This helps you pinpoint areas in which you can improve, routes that would provide a more rigorous workout, or tell you that you need to step it up a bit! You can find the Garmin Forerunner 205 here for about $130. This is an affordable way to improve your performance - and keep track of where you are. Amazon editors raved about its light weight style, comfort, and performance. The bottom line, according to them, was that the Garmin 205 helps you train smarter. You can browse the best selling Garmin Forerunner GPS watches here.

Garmin Forerunner 305 Review:

Haven't you always wanted a GPS personal trainer that was a "data delight"? Well, if you have, you're in luck with the Garmin Forerunner 305. The "data delight" is courtesy of Wired Magazine. Wired also raved about the 305's usability, the online MotionBased service to compare your results with users all over the world, the ability to download routes and compete in virtual races, and the long battery life (more than 11 hours). As with the 205, you can monitor your speed, distance, and pace and use the included training software. The Garmin Forerunner 305 has a heart rate monitor, a step up from the Garmin 205. This can help with heart rate training, as well as tell you if you're working hard enough - or too hard. The connectivity really makes this a useful tool for athletes. The price, though, is just a small step up from the 205. The Forerunner 305 is available for about $160. Wired did note a drawback to the 305 - the buttons are a bit big and they're "ugly." We think they look just fine, though. Those that review the 305 say it's a great companion to have along when windsurfing, doing cross country skiing, or cycling. You get great signal reception and I personally know a few triathletes that live next door and they love their Garmins.

Garmin Forerunner 405:

Ok, if you're not that keen on bulky, the Garmin Forerunner 405 offers the best of both worlds: superior Garmin functioning with a sleek, more compact design. What's not to love? Maybe the price. It lists for a bit under $400, but you can find it for about $350 on Amazon.com. What are you getting for your money? A lot. According to GPS.About.com, the 405 Garmin watch is much more runner-friendly: it is slim and offers a bezel control so you can get rid of those big bulky buttons (we still think the 305 looks fine). The 405 has only two buttons and is exceedingly easy to use. You will find a heart rate monitor, Ant+Sport Wireless Technology for easy data transfers, distance, pace, and calorie trackers, mapping and routing capabilities, easy read screen, and connectivity. This Garmin Forerunner allows you to sync your data and share it with other Garmin users wirelessly. The options are phenomenal - download new routes, share info with training buddies, analyze your workouts and create new, more challenging ones. GPS.About's review praised the slim design and usability of the 405, especially for runners. If you want to become more serious about your training, spending the extra money is well worth it. Plus, you can wear the 405 all day for casual use for even more versatility. The only thing the Garmin Forerunner can't do is work-out for you. Garmin has an astonishing array of products for all types of needs and budgets. It's thrilling to be lost in the moment as you run or bike - you just don't want to really be lost. Garmin takes care of that so you can focus on more important matters. Though there are other brands of GPS units, Garmin has become virtually synonymous with GPS, as well as synonymous with top quality. The newer 405CX is worth looking at as well. Compare features and owner reviews on Amazon.