Updated: December 2017

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews:

The History of Omron and Their Heart Rate Monitors - Omron was establishment in 1933 as Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Co. The company focused on "innovative solutions and advanced technology." Omron makes a wide variety of products including relays, code readers, power supplies, Ultrasonic & Pressure Sensors, encoders, and Operator Interfaces. Out of all this technology comes Omron's subsidiary company called Omron Healthcare. Omron Healthcare seeks to help people accurately monitor their own health at home. In keeping with this theme, Omron healthcare makes blood pressure monitors, body fat monitors, heart rate monitors, pedometers, respiratory devices and thermometers. In this review, we plan to go over the Omron automatic blood pressure monitors. As of 2009, Omron Healthcare reached an important milestone. They sold 100 million units of blood pressure monitors. Obviously, these monitors reach a lot of homes! But are Omron blood pressure monitors recommended? As you will see in this review, they definitely are.
omron blood pressure monitors

Why Use an Omron Blood Pressure Monitor? - As we all know, you can get your blood pressure taken whenever you go to the doctor. So why do you need an at home blood pressure monitor. First of all, often hypertension can only be monitored with these type of at home products. It is important to note the blood pressure in the morning as well as in various parts of the day. Also the blood pressure reading that is taken in a doctor's office or drugstore isn't always accurate. Often the person has been walking around or is feeling stressed and this impacts the true blood pressure reading. The at home automatic blood pressure monitor allows for people to get a reading in the comfort of their own home. Omron makes a variety of blood pressure monitors which range in price from $40-$70. You can find all of Omron's blood pressure monitors here. According to the reviews we saw, one of the great things about the Omron Blood Pressure Monitor is that it is very easy to use and easy to read. This is important because often people who use these devices are older and may have trouble seeing and reading. Omron sells blood pressure monitors that are worn both around the upper arm as well as ones that are just worn around the wrist. Management software is included with some models like the HEM-790IT so you can track your results on the computer. Not surprising, Omron dominates this product category with nearly all Top 10 spots on Amazon.com's best selling blood pressure monitors.

Reviews of Omron Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors:

Omron IntelliSense Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-711AC is a popular blood pressure monitor which is worn around the upper arm. On Amazon.com, this product is about $50 for the standard cuff. If you want the comfit cuff, it is $60. So what is a comfit cuff? This monitor is preformed to be a proper fit for people with medium or large arms. The comfit cuffs allows these larger people to wear their monitors and take them on and off easily without any assistance. If you have a larger sized arm, it is definitely a good idea to spend the extra $10 for the comfit cuff. The Omron IntelliSense Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-711AC has over 400 reviews on Amazon.com with a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. This product has a 60 memory storage with date and time stamp and an extra large digital display. Reviewers love that this device is easy to operate and the display is simple to read. People felt that the instructions were easy to follow. Owners also appreciated that the monitor really stays put once you put it on. Another major advantage to this particular upper arm blood pressure monitor is that it has the patented IntelliSense technology. This technology remembers the ideal level of inflation for the user, and inflates automatically each time to that same level. This means that you don't have to make constant adjustments to your size. If you have hypertension or know that your blood pressure fluctuates a lot, this IntelliSense technology will be very convenient for you. How do you use an upper arm blood pressure monitor? You simply slide your left arm through the cuff. Then position the cuff about half an inch above your elbow. Next, simply press start on the Omron blood pressure monitor and keep still. The cuff will automatically inflate and display your measurements. There is also the Omron HEM-773AC Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Easy-Wrap Cuff and IntelliSense which is available on Amazon for $75. This product is a bit more money, because it also has the easy-wrap cuff. This cuff gives a quick fit for any arm size between nine and 17 inches in circumference. This machine has an allowance for two people and a 21 memory recall. If more than one person if your home will be using the Omron blood pressure monitor, you may want to opt for the Omron HEM-773AC Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor. You can view the most popular arm blood pressure monitors from Omron here.

Reviews of Omron Wrist Cuff Blood Pressure Monitors:

If you want to use Omron's Intellisense technology, but prefer a wrist cuff, you can get the Hem-629 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor With Intellisense(r) for $45. This device also has 60 memory storage with time and date stamp and a 5 year warranty. All the Omron blood pressure monitors, in fact, have this 5 year warranty. The benefit of a wrist cuff blood pressure monitor is that it is very transportable and lightweight. You can easily even pack it in a small bag if you are traveling a lot. Of the reviews we read, owners also loved how easy this product was to use. However, there are a few negative things to note about the wrist cuff. The blood pressure monitor can show 'E' for error if you move your arm during a reading. We found several complaints that people were getting the E error message reading. In fact, it sounded like some of these machines display E so much that they might be defective some of the time. Or, of course, the people writing the reviews may have been moving their arms too much. If you have any trouble with your Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor With Intellisense, you can take advantage of the warranty. A more popular wrist blood pressure monitor is Omron HEM-650 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with APS (Advanced Positioning Sensor). The advantage of the HEM-650 is that it has an advanced position sensor which confirms that the monitor is in the right area for a remarkably accurate reading. It also has a 90 memory recall and a detects irregular heartbeat. Since currently the HEM-650 and HEM-629 are the same price on Amazon, it probably makes sense to opt for the Omron HEM-650 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with APS. If you can spend a bit more money on your blood pressure monitor, there is the HEM-670IT, which is a health management system. Owners have consistently high ratings for this machine. It is very user friendly, transportable and extremely accurate. The Omron HEM-790IT Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Advanced Omron Health Management Software can be found on Amazon.com for $75. This blood pressure monitor comes with PC software that lets you see how your values are doing over a period of time.