Updated: December 2017

Polar Heart Monitors: The Heart of Your Fitness Routine:

For those who want to increase their levels of fitness and the quality of their health, there are certain tools of the trade. We have sneakers, water bottles, comfortable clothes, maybe our mp3 players for long runs. If you don't already have one, you should strongly consider adding a heart rate monitor to your workout toolbox. They have become a routine component of workouts for athletes, but those of us who exercise to stay fit and healthy and happy can benefit immensely from these great devices. Choosing a heart rate monitor can be overwhelming - there is a wide selection available. Where to start? It's like starting a workout routine: you make the commitment, and then take the first step. This is your first step, learning about heart monitors and what they can do for you. Polar heart rate monitors are among the most popular and effective monitors in the industry and can help you reach for health and fitness goals. The F6 and F4 models are two of their most popular and we will go over a brief buying guide below.
polar heart rate monitor

Why Get a Polar Heart Monitor? - "Polar helps you get under the skin of your training," according to their website. And that really is the difference between Polar and other heart rate monitors. They lead the way with hundreds of patents and cutting-edge innovations so that you can have the best technology on your side - or on your wrist. But why do you really need a heart rate monitor? Can't you just tell that you're working hard enough? Often, our perception of how hard we are working on any given day may be skewed by any number of factors. A heart rate monitor eliminates question and allows you to push or ease up based on what your body is telling you, and Polar heart monitors do that more reliably than anyone. Improving fitness or your performance depends on intensity; a heart monitor is, in a lot of ways, like a personal trainer, telling you when to increase or decrease intensity so you get maximum benefit from each and every workout, whether it is running, strength training, biking, walking, or other exercise. You don't have to be a marathon runner to benefit - but you can be. You can also be someone who wants to start a fitness program, someone who wants to go from a walker to a jogger or a jogger to a runner. But even if your choice is Polar, you are faced with an amazing array. The Polar Fitness Store on Amazon here breaks down each type of monitor and puts them into categories based on your exercise method (running and multisport, fitness, cycling). The heart rate monitors that you wear as a watch are the most popular and the Polar F4 and Polar F6 rate well amongst consumers who want to keep track of their heart while exercising. You can browse the best selling Polar heart rate monitors online here.

Polar Heart Monitors for Serious Athletes:

When you want to push your performance level and take your body to its peak, Polar can help. Their line of elite sport heart monitors is designed for the athlete, whether runner or cyclist. While there are a lot to choose from, the Polar RS800 is one of the most popular. This Polar watch is made for "elite-level training." With it, you can improve each component of your workout, from planning to analyzing. The included ProTrainer 5 software will help you develop a training program that is optimal for you. You can analyze your performance and tweak your routines. You can even monitor your rest time! Rest is essential and the Polar RS800 can help you determine if you are getting sufficient rest or too much. Other features include: sensitive barometric altitude sensor, GPS, IrDA USB adapter, data recording and transferring, distance summaries, odometer, trip logs, target pace and distance, target zone indicator, customization for cyclists and runners, and much, much more. Oh yeah, it also monitors your heart rate. The feature-packed RS800 lists for about $390, but you can easily find it on Amazon for about $319. (get details on the Polar RS800 Heart Rate Monitor Watch). A review from PC Coach summed it up best: "In terms of sheer technological prowess, there is no denying that this model does running like no other. The Polar RS800sd is not for everybody. It is pricey, although not stratospheric...And there are perhaps more beautiful examples of the watchmaker's art. It is, simply put, the best and most sophisticated training tool for runners that exists today." And because they are customizable for cyclists, it is an invaluable tool whether on foot or wheels.

Polar Heart Monitors for Those Increasing Their Fitness:

When you are committed to making exercise an integral part of your life, you likely strive to improve - improve your time, your endurance, climb more hills. Whatever your goals, the popular Polar F55 heart monitor is for you. This is sort of an all-purpose heart rate monitor watch and is ideal if you like to participate in multiple activities and sports. Among its basic features are: automatic age-based target zone, heart rate, and visual and audio target alarms. It is able to transfer data, keep track of your workouts and help you develop new ones, and even give you a fitness test to help you set goals. You can even evaluate your rest time. One of the best features of this heart monitor watch is the Polar F55 Keeps U Fit program. You receive guidance as to how much you need to work out, and how hard, in order to reach your goals. In addition, there are basic watch features, which make this a versatile and practical investment. TopHeartRateMonitors.com writes this of the F55: "From its sheer looks and design, the F55 has that aura of invincibility around it. It was designed and built to last for a long time." And it helps you get into the shape that you have always wanted. You can pick up the F55 on Amazon for as little as $125 for the Ice Aluminum color. The Bronze Rock version is about $180.

The Get Up and Get Moving Polar Heart Monitor:

For those who just enjoy movement and feeling their muscles work, Polar's line of fitness training watches is ideal. The F series can help you do everything from track calories burned to get to the optimal intensity in your workout. Within this line, the FT7 is a great choice because it provides training guidance; it's like having a personal trainer on your wrist. You will be able to determine and hit your target heart rate zone, transfer data, record heart rate, track your calories burned, and determine if your workout increased performance or burned fat. Your goals are different from the next person, and the Polar FT7 allows you to meet them with personal guidance. Pick one up on Amazon for about $100. Whether your goal is to improve your 10K time or lose weight, you can do it with a Polar. Let the technology work for you, and you'll see and feel the difference in your level of performance and health.