Updated: December 2017

Powerblock Dumbbell Reviews:

Weight Training with Powerblock Dumbbells - Weight training should be part of every fitness routine; everyone, regardless of age or ability level, can benefit from weight lifting. You don't have to train to win muscle man competitions; you can get a set of 5- or 10-pound weights to put in the living room and do some bicep curls during commercial breaks. It doesn't have to be all or nothing; you don't have to be a cardio person or a weight person. Dumbbells are among the most versatile and effective pieces of exercise equipment you can invest in, and more versatile still are Powerblock dumbbells. Everyone - whether they want to bulk up or just tone up their muscles - can benefit from a set of these top-quality weights. When you buy a treadmill, you're buying the ability to walk, jog, or run; with Powerblock weights, you're buying the ability to do hundreds of different moves and combinations. No matter what you're fitness goals, these are the perfect tool with which to accomplish them.
powerblock dumbbells

Why weight Train? - Many people, particularly those who want to lose weight, think that cardio is the answer to their fitness questions. Walk another lap, start jogging, bike faster and up more hills...all of this is excellent for your body (depending on the state of your knees!), but you are missing out on the great benefits of weight training. Here are just some of the advantages of adding weight training to your routine:

*Calorie burn. With cardio, you burn calories while you're exercising. When you weight train, you raise your basal metabolism, which means you burn more calories all day.
*Energy boost.
*Strengthen bones and improve muscular endurance. *Decrease your risk of low-back injuries.
*Reduce risks of osteoporosis, high blood pressure, colon cancer, and adult onset diabetes, and improves GI health, good cholesterol, posture, and immune function.
*Mood boost. You'll feel energized, more positive, and ready to take on another set or another problem at work. Working out increases your confidence in other areas of your life.

You could always lift rocks in the yard or big bags of potatoes - anything that weighs anything is a potential exercise tool. But to get the most from your workouts, progress in your fitness, and try as many exercises and combinations as you can, you'll need a good set of dumbbells. You can spend hundreds on gym equipment, but experts universally recommend dumbbells as your first and most important purchase. And there is no one better than Powerblock. This is a top name in weight training equipment, and Powerblock has revolutionized the field of adjustable dumbbells. You can browse the best selling PowerBlock dumbbells here.

Powerblock Dumbbells:

Powerblock weights are widely considered to be the best, and they are recommended by ExerciseEquipmentExperts, PersonalTrainingFitness, Best-Home-Gyms, ConsumerSearch, and consumers from Amazon and Epinions, among others. If you're just starting your home gym or hoping to expand your weight training, try the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells. This set of adjustable dumbbells was chosen by ConsumerSearch as the best high-weight adjustable dumbbells and it gets perfect marks from Amazon reviewers. We'll tell you all the good things about this particular Powerblock set before we spring the price on you. They are adjustable from 5 to 90 pounds in 5-pound increments, which is great for just about every home user and for those households with different levels of ability. These Powerblock weights are easy to adjust; you just move the selector pin to get the right weight so there's no interruption of your workout. One of the best selling points of Powerblock dumbbells is their compact design. If you had 5- to 90-pound weights with regular dumbbells, you'd need to build an addition onto your home. This set, says one Amazon reviewer, takes up as much space as two shoe boxes. The limited 10-year warranty rounds out the package. The price for these weights is also a bit heavy. These retail at Amazon for $687. Expensive, yes. But you also have to factor in all of the dumbbells you're getting for your money (5 to 90 in 5-pound increments is a lot of dumbbells!) and all of the variety you will get. You can really cancel that gym membership and feel good about yourself. If you look at the Elite set, you may find that the weight and the price are too much for you. Powerblock understands that and creates other dumbbell sets that have both a smaller range of weight and budget. Try the PowerBlock SportBlock, which ranges from 3 to 24 pounds and increases in 3-pound increments. While ideal for both men and women, it is especially great for toning exercises that require smaller weights. The selector pin makes adjustments quick and easy, and what is more remarkable, this one set of two dumbbells replaces 16 fixed weight dumbbells with a combined weight of 216 pounds. That is a real space-saver - and if you have to move, it is much, much easier on the back. This set is $184, and it is well-received by Amazon reviewers and top fitness experts alike. In the middle of these two great sets is the Powerblock Personal Trainer set. This is a 2.5-pound to 50-pound dumbbell set that increases in 2.5 increments. It can target big muscle activities and smaller, toning, targeted exercises. Versatility is the other of Powerblock's big selling points. The Personal Trainer dumbbells have a padded handle for maximum wrist protection. Powerblock calls this their "hybrid system" that uses the same weight system as the Personal set and the handles of the Elite set. Like all of Powerblock's weights, these are perfectly balanced and comfortable. Why buy and store 40 individual weights when you can have this one great set? The Personal Trainer lets you say goodbye to the gym for $380. Weight training is one of the best things that you can do for your body's health and appearance, and Powerblock makes the best equipment to help you reach all of your goals. Check out all top rated adjustable dumbbells here.