Updated: December 2017

What is Proactiv?

Whatever common problems people suffer from, there is always someone else out there offering them a treatment or solution, for a price.. Overweight? Hey, try this! Bags under your eyes, wrinkles? Try this! Skin problems or acne? Try this! Unfortunately, a lot of people prey on the fears, anxieties, and weaknesses of others, and they won't think twice about making a few bucks doing it. Of course, some products actually are proven and tested to help or cure the condition they are marketed towards. Proactiv has made a big name for themselves by enlisting celebrity spokespersons, like Vanessa Williams, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, Brooke Shields, and Elle MacPherson. These beautiful faces appear on your TV screen informercials, telling you that Proactiv has made them blemish free.

Does Proactiv really work that well? Will dig into the story behind Proactiv and see what independent people are saying about.

Proactiv Acne Treatment

The official Proactiv website is Proactiv.com. They have an informational section about what causes acne, types of acne, and how Proactiv treats and prevents acne. As they admit on their site, there is no cure for acne since acne is caused by naturally occuring skin conditions - there is no magic pill you can take that will suddenly make your skin different. The Proactiv system is built around preventing pimples before they occur, while also treating existing blemishes. Proactiv is a 3 part system. The first component is a renewing cleanser that exfoliates your skin with tiny smooth grains, unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells. It also uses the known acne fighting medicine, benzoyl peroxide to stop the bacteria that cause skin problems. The second part of the system is a revitalizing toner which gently further unclogs pores and prepares skin for the final part of the treatment, the repairing lotion.

The repairing lotion also contains finely milled benzoyl peroxide for deep skin penetration and healing. An additional product is the sulfur-based Refining Mask which is used to help heal existing acne. You need to apply all these products twice a day, and it does take some significant time and commitment to adhere to this schedule - you have to really make it part of your daily hygiene routine. By using all these product together, they claim Proactiv will help clean and prevent acne on your face or other body trouble spots. The only problem is, as they say, this isn't a cure. It is an ongoing treatment, meaning you have to keep buying their product month and month, year after year -- talk about a great product to manufacture, when your customers are literally forced to keep buying from you forever! They do offer a 60 day money back guarantee - you can even return empty bottle for a refund. But direct marketers know that less than 5% of customers will go through the hassle of packing things up for shipments, following up to check on a refund, etc.

Where can I buy Proactiv Acne Medication?

You can order Proactiv in a variety of ways. Of course, you can call the number you see on the informercials. You can also buy the products direct now at many malls where they have product kiosks. The easiest way to buy Proactiv is from their website. They offer a couple of different packages, ranging from $39 to $59. The base package is the 3 piece system for $39 - you get 2 tiny 4 oz. bottles and one even tinier 2 oz bottle, which is meant to last you for about 60 days of facial skin care. You'd think that if you can get 25oz. bottles of shampoo and conditioner for $6 that lasts for a few months, they could be a little more generous with the amount of product they sell you - but I guess that is not the top priority. When you order, you are automatically signed up to receive ongoing shipments of the same products every 60 days, and your credit card will be automatically charged. Hey, you never even have to remember (or want) to order it in the future - the money is sent to them automatically -- again something I am not real comfortable with as a business practice. No other consumer products you buy are sold like that or treat you like that. Our advice - if you want to try Proactiv, try it for 60 days and take advantage of their money back guarantee if you don't see significant improvements in your skin.

Does Proactiv work?

Everyone has different skin, but most people looking for acne remedies ask this simple question - does it work? One site that has pretty thorough reviews and comments of Proactive is Acne.org. In fact, they have compiled over 2000 user comments, praises, and complaints, and you can read through them. Overall, Proactiv got 3 stars out of 5 when rated for how well it works. Not actually glowing praise, but that means 60% of customers responding there were happy with it. On an affordability scale, it was given only 2.5 out of 5 stars, indicating people in general thought it was pretty expensive. Personally, we've only known a few people who have used Proactiv - and today, none of them continue to use it. So in our experience, it doesn't seem to work any better or worse than acne medication you will find in a drug store -- basically benzoyl peroxide based products. For some people, that does the trick - for others, it just doesn't seem to make any difference.