Updated: December 2017

Proform Elliptical Reviews:

One of the best ways to get into shape, lose weight, and improve your cardiovascular health is to run or jog. It burns a lot of calories, and we can even experience what they call the "runner's high." It's good for the heart but bad for the knees. If you have an injury, carry excess weight, or just can't take the beating that running puts on your knees, an elliptical machine is an ideal choice. It offers the speed and intensity of running with a low-impact, smooth motion. You get the workout you need and want without the pain that you most certainly do not. Elliptical machines have become the fitness equipment de jeur, and there are countless models and brands from which to choose. How do you know you're getting the right one? How do you know you're getting a machine that will challenge your body but not hurt it? How do you know the elliptical trainer you choose will help you fire through calories and burn fat? Because exercise equipment is a fairly large expense, it is important to get what you want. Will a ProForm elliptical trainer give you what you want?
proform ellipticals

ProForm made home workouts much more convenient with the development of their revolutionary fold-away treadmill design. The ingenuity and innovation the company showed extended their line of popular treadmills into exercise bikes, weight benches, ab machines, fitness accessories, and, of course, elliptical machines. When you're choosing a big ticket item, it is extremely helpful to read product reviews. One review, from AllElliptical.com, reports that Proform prices are reasonable, especially for such high-end machines. They go on to say that many personal trainers recommend this brand of workout machine for those individuals who are looking for a few added extras at a middle-of-the-road price. Who doesn't like to get even more than they pay for? How to Find the Right ProForm Elliptical Machine When searching for the right elliptical trainer for your exercise needs and budget, ProForm recommends that you look for the following characteristics:
Resistance - You need to present your body with a challenge in order to meet your fitness goals. Your elliptical machine should have easy, push-button resistance change. Many models, like the ProForm 850 SpaceSaver, have a ten level Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) system. This allows you to get the workout you need today, and the one you'll need as your fitness increases or when you have days that need to be more or less intense.
Stride - Instead of having a very short stride like on a stair climber, elliptical machines should allow you to take elliptical strides! Make sure your machine has a stride of at least 14 inches. This will ensure that you are getting the range of motion that you need to work your muscles optimally. ProForm machines come with strides of 14 inches up to 22, and many have adjustable stride lengths. You can change the length of your strides to work different muscle groups: why get three or four machines when you can get one elliptical trainer that allows your whole body - even upper body - to get in its best shape?
Incline - We know that treadmills have inclines, but many elliptical machines are starting to incorporate this fantastic feature as well. When you increase the incline, you target different muscles and up the intensity of your workout. The iSeries 785, for instance, has an Intensity Ramp with which you can increase your incline. You target those muscles that are usually left out of your routine.
Ease and usability - The display and interface should be user-friendly. It should help keep you motivated by giving you a readout of calories burned, distanced traveled, time spent, etc.

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ProForm Elliptical Machines for Different Budgets:

ProForm produces top-quality elliptical machines that will challenge your body without straining your wallet. While still a large item, a home elliptical training machine more than pays for itself because you don't have to pay gym fees, drive to the gym, or pay a trainer. And it's worth it because you will look and feel great. Models range from about $300 for basic models to $1000 for fully packed models. Setting a budget is a good first step, and going to Amazon is a good second step. You can find high end machines at huge discounts. The ProForm SpaceSaver 600, for example, retails for $999.99. You can find it on Amazon for $450. You get $1000 worth of machine for less than half of that. For your money, you get four personal trainer workouts, an InterPlay Music Port, heart rate monitor, target heart rate pacer, and resistance handles for great upper body workouts. This is a good mid-level machine, especially at this price.
If your budget is smaller, there is the Razor 400, which, appropriately enough, can be found for under $400 on Amazon. This model has an adjustable stride length of 12 to 16 inches, a SpaceSaver design, four personal trainer workouts, two heart rate workouts, iFit workout card compatibility, and InterPlay Music Port for your mp3 player. If you can afford a higher-end machine, the ProForm 980 CSE is a great choice and will deliver gym-quality workouts. It has an 18-inch stride length, adjustable resistance, digital display, handgrip pulse sensors, twenty preset workouts, four heart-rate workouts, fitness journal, Interplay Music Port, onboard fan, water bottle holder, and weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. You can find it on Amazon for about $1000.

A Word of Caution on Two ProForm Models:

There are two ProForm models that trainers typically discourage you from using. One is the ProForm 320. Experts say that it is not sturdy or stable enough to support users for long, and users say that it is so loud that it is hard to listen to music or watch TV while you work out. Pay another $100 to upgrade to a different model, and you'll be glad you did. The other is the iSeries 785F. This particular model has also been called wobbly and very loud. ProForm is a top-notch company, but these are less than stellar models. Choose another, and you'll get the workout and quality you expect. Making the decision to exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health and happiness. When choosing your machine, set your budget and go to Amazon. You may just pick up a machine for hundreds less or upgrade to a model with more features. Either way, you are investing in your health, and you can't go wrong.