Updated: December 2017

Reading Glasses Buying Guide:

When is it a Good Idea to Get Reading Glasses? - Reading glasses are necessary when you can no longer read words up close. However, the good news is that the reading glasses of today are a far cry from the "granny glasses" that our ancestors wore. Today, there are a lot of very cool and hip reading glasses on the market. You can even see models on the Home Shopping Network modeling reading glasses as though they were a fashion accessory. In general, there are two styles, full frames and and what is called "half eyes". When you have full frame reading glasses, the whole lens is made with your prescriptions. On the other hand, the half eyes are smaller and ride on the nose. Because you won't be able to see in the distance with the reading glasses, the benefit to the half eyes is you can look over your glasses to see the rest of the room. When you are selecting reading glasses, you can get ones that are pre-fab or you can go to your optometrist and get custom reading glasses. Many people find that the pre-made reading glasses work just fine. Of course, these models are far less expensive than going to the eye doctor and have a special pair of glasses made. However, if you do choose pre-fab reading glasses, be on the lookout for headache and eyestrain. Because they are not customized to your prescription, these problems can occur. If you find you are indeed getting headaches, go to the eye doctor immediately. But it certainly doesn't hurt to try a pair of pre-made eyeglasses. They typically are less than $20 if you buy them on a store like Amazon, so if they don't end up working for you, you can always simply throw them away with no major financial harm done.

The Best Reading Glasses - When you are choosing reading eye glass frames, there are a few factors you can look for. Are the reading eye glass frames made of cheap materials? If so, they are likely to show scratches and paint can chip or flake. Also take a look at the hinges. If they have springs they will typically be able to handle more wear and tear. Reading eye glass frames with springs can also be more comfortable. If you look at the reviews on Amazon.com, you will quickly see that the CliC Adjustable Front Connect Reader Tortoise Frames are among the most popular. They sell for just $24 and have a very unique patented ergonomic design. The CliC adjustable reading glasses click together with a magnet over your nose. When you are not using them, they can simply hang loosely around your neck. These reading glasses come in 4 colors, which include translucent blue, red or clear, and blonde tortoise. They also come in 6 magnification strengths including 1.25 and 1.50 mild strengths, 1.75 and 2.00 strengths and 2.50 or 3.00 which are the highest strengths. Reviewers simply love these glasses. People said that they are very durable, and since you can hang them around your neck they will never get lost. Many reviewers mentioned that they consistently get compliments on their glasses. The magnet device works quite well as people confirm that the CliC Adjustable reading glasses are easy to take on and off. Select-A-Vision Flexi Light Reading Glass with Matching Case are also popular and only $10. For this low price, obviously you can own far more than one pair and leave them in different locations in your house. These reading glasses are made from a lightweight memory material and have a rimless design. Reviewers felt that these reading glasses were a steal for the price. One reviewer remarked that they were the most accurate vision match she had found. As the glasses promise, according to reviewers, they are indeed very lightweight. You can browse the best selling reading glasses online here.

Folding Reading Glasses:

People generally love folding reading glasses for their portability and convenience. Since you don't need to wear reading glasses all the time, you will be taking them on and off a lot. As a result, it is really helpful if you can fold them. The Pocket Eyes Folding Reading Glasses with Case have a unisex design and come in 8 Colors. They sell on Amazon.com for $30. These folding reading glasses are made of metal and very compact. They are designed to fit in a purse or even a pocket. Reviewers mentioned that these reading glasses worked well. One person mentioned that they are so small he can even stick them in the front pocket of jeans. You can view the most popular folding reading glasses here. Other top brands include Select A Vision and Cinzia Designs.

The Benefits of Bifocals:

What are bifocals? Bifocals and trifocals are designed so that people can see at a distance without taking off their glasses. The lenses must have prescriptions for the two different distances for you. So you can focus on something close like a computer screen and also off into the distance. When we get older, we often can't focus on things close up. You can view the bifocals on sale at Amazon here. Of course, you also may want to consider going to the eye doctor to get a prescription for your bifocals. Once you have the prescription, you can buy the glasses cheaply online. You can save a lot of money at an online eyeglasses store like 39dollarglasses.com or a store like Framesdirect.com. Another innovative way to get bifocals is with a product like the OPTX 20/20 Stick-On Bifocals which sell on Amazon for $7 to $30. These are removable bifocals that you can fit onto your glasses. They are also reusable. Reviewers rave about these bifocals because they are such a unique product. You can insert them right onto your glasses with hot water. Reviewers said that this is really a very cool product to use when you are wearing sunglasses and want to be able to read a book. For example, on the beach, the OPTX 20/20 Stick-On Bifocals are ideal so that you don't have to alternate between your sunglasses and a pair of reading glasses.