Updated: December 2017

Reebok Heart Rate Monitor Watch Reviews:

Why Choose Reebok's Heart Rate Monitors? - Reebok got its start originally in the UK in the 1890s, when Joseph William Foster designed running shoes with spikes on the bottom especially for athletes. His two grandsons founded Reebok in 1958 to carry on the company's history of dedication to athletic performance. Today, Reebok sells a variety of products including footwear, apparel, and accessories for both men and women. They even sell cardio equipment like treadmills and elliptical trainers. One of Reebok's most popular products aside from their shoes is their line of heart rate monitors. Heart rate monitors are used to determine if your heart rate is in the target zone when you are exercising. Although professional atheletes use these monitors, people who are trying to exercise to lose weight and get in shape also use them.

Fat burning occurs when you are in the zone of 55%-65% of your maximum heart rate. Therefore, it is important for those who are seeking to get in shape to refer to a heart rate monitor to make sure that they are in the target zone and getting the maximum benefit from their workout. Aside from Reebok, other companies that make heart rate monitors are Nike, Timex, Instapulse, Polar and Echo to name just a few. You can browse the top rated Reebok heart rate monitors online here.
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Reebok Fitwatch Heart Rate Monitor Watch for Women - One of the great things about Reebok heart rate monitors is that there are a line of monitors that are simply worn as a watch during the workout. This is very convenient for people who exercise, but don't want to use a chest strap and/or bulky sports belt to monitor their heart. One popular option for a Reebok Heart Rate Monitor watch is the Reebok Fitwatch 10S Strapless Watch. This heart rate monitor is $40 and has been reviewed by about 150 people on Amazon.com. We also looked at reviews on Drugstore.com where people also had mostly positive things to say about this product. This particular heart rate monitor was designed to be worn by women, as it is more lightweight and slender than some of the other heart rate monitor designs. The Reebok Fitwatch uses patented "pulse technology" to measure the heart rate. Instead of having the measurement work through your chest, you touch it with a finger. This watch also has some other bells and whistles such as a programmable heart rate zone with audible and visual alarms. Another feature to this Reebok watch is that when you touch the watch it also tells you how many calories you have burned so far during your workout.

Reebok Heart Rate Monitor Watch Reviews:

If you are looking for something good for men, there is the Reebok Strapless Quick Touch Heart Rate Monitor Watch, which sells for about $80. People generally like this product as much as the Reebok Fitwatch for Women. Reviewers praised the level of comfort in wearing a watch instead of a chest strap. Most people felt that the Reebok Heart Rate Monitor worked quickly and effectively. There were a few complaints that should be noted by those thinking of buying this product. While a chest strap can monitor your heart rate continuously during a workout, with the Reebok heart rate monitor, you need to stop and push down two silver buttons to get your heart rate reading. Some people didn't like the fact that they had to stop their workout before getting their heart rate. Of course, it can simply take some getting used to. On the other hand, if you need for your pulse to be taken continuously during your workout, this product won't work for you. There is also the Reebok Fitwatch Plus and the Reebok Slimline 10 Heart Rate Monitor Watch for $45. Another important thing to note about these Reebok heart rate monitors is that the watches are "water resistant." This doesn't necessarily mean waterproof. Some people wore their Reebok Heart Rate monitor watches in the pool, and found that they didn't work. Water resistant items are not intended to be submerged in water.

The Best Reebok Heart Rate Monitors with Chest Straps:

About.com released their opinion of the ten best heart rate monitors and chose the Reebok fitness trainer heart rate monitor as one of the top ten. They liked the "triple row display showing your average heart rate, highest and lowest heart rate and exercise time." Trails.com recently wrote about the Reekbok Heart Rate monitor and recommended it too. However, they added the caveat that it Reebok is not recommended for serious athletes because of their rigorous requirements. Trails.com added "A marathon runner who is looking for some help in planning and monitoring her training regimen will find even the best Reebok heart rate monitor only provides the raw data and that they still need to do a good bit of work." If you don't mind a heart rate monitor with a chest strap, one recommended item is Reebok Precision Trainer XT Heart-Rate Monitor with Chest Strap which is about $69. The chest belt will give you the continuous heart rate measurement that the watch cannot provide. It also can synch up with your treadmill or elliptical trainer automatically so that you can see your heart rate on the machine display. The Reebok Precision Trainer XT Heart-Rate Monitor also calculates how much calories and fat you have burner. You can see a video that covers this heart rate monitor and its benefits (down below). Reviewers really liked this item and felt that the price point was great when compared to other heart rate monitors. Owners thought, in general, that the chest strap was comfortable. In fact, a few people mentioned it was more comfortable than they would have expected. Some pointed out, the heart rate measurement is not perfectly accurate. Still, it offers a good gage to performance. This may not be the ideal heart rate monitor for professional athletes, but it should do the trip for those that are more casual users. A few other points to note about this Reebok Heart Rate monitor, if you use it while jogging, the chest strap can lose contact with your body. This means that you will not get your heart rate. If you are going to be doing a lot of heavy running, you may do better with the Reebok Heart Rate monitor watch.