Updated: December 2017

Verilux HappyLite Reviews:

How The HappyLite Can Help People Become Happy - Ah... Chicago, Minnesota, Ohio, Seattle. These cities, among quite a few others, can get very dark and depressing during the winter months. Its not just the cold that gets to people, the lack of sunlight actually has been proven to make certain people clinically depressed. The Verilux HappyLite is designed to provide beneficial Light Therapy to people who have what is called "Seasonal Affective Disorder." Seasonal Affective Disorder is classified as a mood problem that impacts some people during the winter. The HappyLite was created and is manufactured by a company called Verilux Inc, located in Waitsfield, Vermont. The graphic artist Howard Scott founded Verilux in 1956. Scott developed what was called the Trucolite.

Six different colored tubes replicated natural light when combined. In fact, Trucolite is at the basis of the design for the Natural Spectrum - Verilux Sad Light. Aside from its popular line of Light Therapy lamps, Verilux also sells products that fit into the categories of "Vision" and "Sanitizing." For example, the company also sells tools for sanitizing with light, floor and desk lamps, replacement bulbs, and Verilux ClearWave Skin Care System, which helps wrinkles by eliminating bacteria on the face. However, Verilux's flagship product is the Verilux Seasonal Affective Disorder lamp.
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What is The Verilux HappyLite?

- An estimated 10% of the population suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (often abbreviated as SAD.) "Winter Blues" is a milder form of SAD, but it can also benefit from Light Therapy. Light therapy has been clinically proven to sharpen concentration, improve energy and make you happier. In fact, doctors routinely recommend Light Therapy to their patients with depression. The Verilux HappyLite is meant to give people supplemental lighting during winter months when they have reduced light exposure. Not only can lack of sun exposure during winter lead to SAD, it can also cause a variety of other ailments including fatigue, appetite problems and sex drive issues. The basic theory behind the advent of Light Therapy is that the sun regulates our body's functioning. Our circadian rhythm gets disrupted when we do not get enough access to the sun during the darkened winter months. Verilux Seasonal Affective Disorder products deliver measured light to help the body get back in normal rhythms. The company sells a variety of light therapy lamps including HappyLight Deluxe Sunshine Supplement Light System, HappyLight 4500 Sunshine Supplement Light System, HappyLight 6000 Sunshine Supplement Light System. There is also the Rise and Shine Natural Sleep System, which is a sleep and wakeup program that dims and or brightens the lights and sounds. This product has also been shown to improve the moods of people with depression. Where can you buy the Verilux SAD Light? It sells on Amazon, and if you want to shop for it in person, you can find the Light Therapy lamps in retail stores like Walmart. You can browse the best selling Verilux light therapy products here.

Best Verilux Sad Lights:

The Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator is perhaps Verilux's most popular light therapy lamp and sells for $190 on Amazon.com. This product offers 10,000 Lux Daylight Balanced light. It is 12 inches high and portable. We read a variety of reviews to see how people liked this product and found that reviewers love the lamp. There were many people on Amazon who said that they had been suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder for years, and that the Verilux HappyLite Sunshine Simulator had really helped them. Sure enough, many of these reviewers were from areas that do not get a lot of sun during the winter, like Minnesota, Chicago, Portland and Seattle. A few reviewers pointed out that the light therapy lamp might take a week or two to work. Therefore, if you try light therapy and it doesn't work immediately, you may simply need to give it more time. Of course, it is important to note that not everyone with SAD is helped by light therapy. An estimated 20% of people with Seasonal Affective Disorder will not be aided by Light Therapy. So if you decide to try a Verilux HappyLite and it does not work for you, we recommend trying some different alternatives to Light Therapy, such as supplements like St. Johns Wort, exercise, and perhaps even prescription anti-depressants if need be. If you can't afford the Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator, you can also opt for the Verilux Natural Spectrum HappyLite Mini Ultra, which sells for $75 on Amazon.com. This is also a very popular product. This machine is just 3 lbs and 12 inches tall, whereas the other light is 19 inches high and 6,8 pounds. But even though the Verilux Natural Spectrum HappyLite Mini Ultra is smaller, people who have reviewed this product say it emits a glow for an entire room. As with the other Verilux HappyLites, this product has a 3yr. warranty, and come with a guarantee that it is Flicker free and does not generate EMFs, Verilux also offers a 90 day money back guarantee, so you can return the product if it is not making you happier!

How to Use the HappyLite Deluxe:

To operate the Verilux HappyLite, you just plug it in and use the on/off switch to turn it on. The bulbs will achieve full illumination in minutes. Then simply face the light with your eyes open. You should not stare at the light, but instead it is important to relax and do other activities in front of the light therapy lamp while keeping your eyes open. The typical recommended exposure is 30 minutes per day, preferably in the morning. One reviewer advised that the Verilux HappyLite works best if you start using it a month before you really need it. So, for example, if you know you start to get depressed in February, you could start using the Light Therapy lamp in January. Also it is crucial to commit to using the lamp 1/2 an hour each day.