Updated: December 2017

Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet Review:

When they think of health, most people think about their body, their heart, their weight, their eyes or ears. We don't generally think of dental health - that's almost a separate entity for us. But it shouldn't be: good dental health correlates directly to the health of the rest of the body. Healthy white teeth are not just cosmetic, they are essential for the health of the entire body. As the doctors at the Mayo Clinic say, just as the eyes are the window to the soul, the teeth are the window to the body. Your teeth feel wonderful after a thorough dental cleaning, and you can have that same fresh feeling more than twice a year with the Waterpik Ultra. This revolutionary product not only improves the appearance of your teeth, it improves the health that will keep them strong and beautiful for life.

What is the Waterpik Ultra? - Waterpik, the innovative company behind the very first dental water jet oral irrigator, makes a wide line of hygiene products, and one of their most popular is the Dental Water Jet. With this, you can achieve that fresh-from-the-dentist feeling - without the copay. One of the main goals of the Waterpik Company is to improve the health of their customers, and this is exactly what the Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet is designed to do. Dental irrigators clean teeth with the power of water that is pressurized optimally so debris, plaque, and other enemies of your pearly whites are eliminated. The Waterpik Ultra features:

*State-of-the-art jet technology
*Pressure control system with 10 settings from 5 to 90 PSI
*Compact design
*Very quiet operation
*600mL (20.3-ounce) reservoir capacity
*It works with your favorite mouthwash
*Reservoir lid with compartment for your tips
*6 different tips, including a great orthodontic Waterpik tip for those with braces

Let's talk a little bit more about the tips, which is really one of the best features of the Waterpik Ultra. There are two standard jet tips for cleaning deep between the teeth and even below the gum line. Definitely a dentist-fresh feeling with this one. You also get a tongue cleaner, perfect because many people neglect to brush their tongues, and bacteria there can cause bad breath; the Pik Pocket is a therapeutic tip designed to rinse the gum pockets; the Waterpik Toothbrush tip allows you to brush and irrigate at the same time; and finally, the Orthodontic Tip is ideal for those with braces because it cleans under and around your braces. In fact, this tip is three times more effective than using floss. With this range of tips, you can maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. And have fun brushing your teeth. The same old brush and toothpaste can get boring - and it can be very tempting to skip a night here and there. With the Waterpik Ultra, you'll enjoy brushing your teeth and trying out the different tips.

What Will the Waterpik Ultra Do for Your Teeth?:

The goal of the Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet is not to be fun, though that is a common side effect users experience. It is designed to help you maintain the health and appearance of your teeth. The Waterpik Ultra removes bacteria, not only on the surface, but below the gum line and in between teeth to prevent cavities. It stimulates your gums to prevent gum disease, and it is an incredible 93 percent more effective at improving gum health than floss. A Buzzillion reviewer said that flossing was almost unnecessary. A reviewer from Associated Content said her mouth felt fresher immediately after her first use. But a fresh feeling doesn't mean your teeth are fundamentally healthy, so does the Waterpik Ultra do more than just shine them up and make them feel good? A study in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry found that bleeding was reduced 93 percent with the use of the Ultra over flossing and it was 52 percent better at reducing gingivitis. The study concluded that the Ultra offered an alternative for those who could not/would not floss. How does the Waterpik Ultra stand up to its competitors? A study published in the journal J Int Acad Periodontol found that the Waterpik "provided significantly better reductions in plaque than the Sonicare Elite, Oral B Complete, and manual toothbrushes". One Buzzillion user remarked how much "stuff" came out (debris from in between the teeth) when she used the Waterpik Ultra - even after she'd brushed and flossed. Need more? A study in the same journal found that when teenage orthodontic patients used a Waterpik water jet in conjunction with a manual toothbrush, they were much more likely to improve their oral health than those who only brushed or those who brushed and flossed. Waterpik was also shown to reduce periodontal disease in people with diabetes. That is a powerful ally in your fight against decay and disease.

How Do You Use the Waterpik Ultra?:

The ease of use is another of the Waterpik Ultra's best features. You simply fill the reservoir, and depending on your model, plug the unit in. You then hold the Ultra at a 90-degree angle to your teeth and go. The pressure and pulsation cleans your teeth, and you can adjust your pressure settings to get the best clean possible. You can see the Ultra in action with this YouTube video.

What Do Waterpik Ultra Users Say?:

The experts have spoken with study after study that affirms the Waterpik Ultra's claims, but what do customers think? You can see endless reviews on Amazon, Buzzillion, epinions, Walmart, Zimbio, Viewpoints, and other consumer sites. Users typically praise the comfort, convenience, and affordability. As one Amazon reviewer said, the Ultra restored her teeth and gums, "and you can't put a price on that." But if you do want to put a price on that, you can. You can pick up the Waterpik Ultra WP100W Ultra Dental Water Jet for about $50. You can get the Cordless Ultra for less than $50 as well. It is great to have some extra tips, which you can find inexpensively on Amazon. One of the best moves you can make for your overall health is to take good care of your teeth. This shouldn't be an afterthought because the health of your gums and teeth directly affects the rest of the body. Give yours the best possible treatment with the Waterpik Ultra.