Updated: December 2017

Weslo Treadmill and Elliptical Reviews:

Making the commitment to exercise is one of the best decisions you can make in your life: not only does it push your body into better shape, help you lose weight, and improve your heart health, it just makes you feel good. Increased energy, more confidence, and greater mental and physical strength: there is no end to the benefits of exercise. But there is also no end to the excuses we can create to talk ourselves out of exercising: we don't have time; we don't have the money for a gym membership; it's winter and we don't want to get out in the cold; it's raining and we don't want to get wet; it's hot and we don't want to sweat. Investing in a good piece of equipment, whether a treadmill or an elliptical trainer will take those excuses away, and once you start, you'll realize that you don't want to skip your workout. Weslo treadmills and elliptical trainers are budget pieces of exercise equipment that make sense for those that want a good home workout.

What Can Weslo Treadmills and Ellipticals Offer You? You know you want to create a mini-gym in the privacy of your own home. You know you'd like a treadmill or elliptical. Now what? A good first step is to set your budget. Do you have $1000 to spend? More? Less? Decide on a price and stick with it. Top quality treadmills can cost as much as $4000. High-end ellipticals can go for over $3000. Even if you really want to get into shape, this can be too much. This is where Weslo comes in. If you are looking for a budget elliptical or treadmill, Weslo may be the answer to your fitness questions. Weslo is a division of fitness industry giant, ICON. ICON is the manufacturer of high-end brands like the NordicTrack, iFit, Reebok, and Gold's Gym. Weslo is its budget division, offering "fitness for real people," and real budgets. If you are a competitive runner, Weslo products are not likely to be well-suited for your needs. These entry-level treadmills and elliptical trainers are, however, ideal for beginners, those who enjoy walking and occasional jogging, and those who are rehabilitating after an injury. Weslo may not have all the bells and whistles of models that have four-figure price tags, but they will help you get into shape, build muscle, burn fat, and look and feel better. All of this for a low price - what could be better? You can find Weslo elliptical and treadmill reviews all over the Internet and some are listed in fitness magazines. We found some excellent feedback on Trainersecrets.com and at Allellipticals.com with direct comparisons between the various brands. You can browse the top selling Weslo elliptical trainers here and the best selling treadmills are here.

Weslo Treadmills

A review on TreadmillTips.com had this to say about Weslo treadmills: "Weslo treadmills' main attraction is its price. If you're the price-conscious type of person who would rather save money than buy high quality treadmills, then this brand is perfect for you. These are probably some of the most inexpensive treadmills you would find in the market today." Wow. Not exactly the most glowing review a product could receive, but really, it is right on target. If you had a few thousand dollars of disposable income to spend on a treadmill, chances are that you would not choose a Weslo. But if you are like many people, you don't. You have a few hundred, maybe, that you want to spend getting your body into shape. You want to spend less than you would for a gym membership. If this is you, then Weslo is a great choice. Their products are functional and very reasonably priced. No matter what piece of fitness equipment you are going to buy, you want it to do the same thing: to get your body into better shape, improve your health, and help you lose weight. A Weslo treadmill that costs less than $400 can do this as well as one that costs four times as much. The key: getting on and using it! And if $200 or $400 will get you up and moving, the Weslo has done its job. What Features Can You Find on a Weslo Treadmill? The Weslo website offers two options: the Cardio Stride Plus for $199 and the Cadence 55 for $399. The Cardio Stride allows you to change your incline from 13-20 percent so you can get a more intense workout, work different muscle groups, and burn more calories. It has a Step-by-Step feedback console, extra-large LCD screen, and features a SpaceSaver design for maximum convenience. It lacks some features found on pricier models but if you want to get into shape, you will. The Cadence 55's deck is supported by an innovative cushion to protect your joints (ComfortCell reduces the impact on your joints by up to 15 percent over running on a road) and has a clear LCD screen for time, speed, distance, and calories burned, different incline positions, and a SpaceSaver design. You can find other models on Amazon, such as the Cadence C44. The C44, which weighs in at under $340, has digital speed control from 0 to 10mph, 9 percent inclines, EKG heart rate monitor, large LCD display, and the ComfortCell cushioning. The similarly priced Cadence GTX Treadmill features the ComfortCell deck, digital speed control up to 10mph, and 4 preset workout routines. These treadmills may not have iPod ports or iFit compatibility, but they most certainly will help you achieve your fitness goals. What's more important, having some flashy features or working up a good sweat?.

Weslo Ellipticals

Welso elliptical trainers are comfortably priced at around $250-$350 on Amazon. The Weslo Momentum 220X is an "entry-level" elliptical trainer and features Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR), 4 programmed workouts with automatically adjusting resistance levels, Dual-Grip Easy Pulse heart rate monitor, and LCD display for time, distance, and speed. A generous 18-inch stride length allows you to build long, lean muscle and burn more calories. All of this for $300. Other models include the Momentum 630, 725, 710, and CT 5.8. Each offer similar features and is in a similar price range. You don't need outrageously expensive workout equipment in order to get healthier and stronger. You need the commitment and the motivation - and just a few hundred dollars! With this combination, you can be well on your way to fitness with Weslo..