Updated: December 2017

Wheelchair Reviews:

Wheelchairs are something we all hope we never actually have to use, but at some point in our lives, we will probably need a wheel chair to get around. Senior citizens often rely on wheelchairs to get them around throughout the day and so having a durable, reliable, and comfortable wheel chair is very important to the user. The two types are manual and electric. Manual wheelchairs have no motor and are powered by the user. The high end electric wheel chairs are often battery powered and let the rider choose direction and speed with a simple remote usually located on the arm of the chair. Invacare, a manufacturer of power and motorized wheelchairs, provides electric wheelchairs from $4500-$9000. You can see their entire inventory at Invacare.com. For the most part, you can buy a transport (manual) wheelchair from $100 to $200.

Mobility scooters are the latest name in wheelchairs and you may have seen commercials for these from Pride and other manufacturers. Sometimes called power chairs, ones like the Rascal give the user excellent balance with 2 wheels in the back and 1 in the front, similar to a scooter (that's where the name comes from). They work indoors or outdoors, have superior maneuverability over the typical wheelchair, plus the swivel seats and padded armrests make for a comfortable ride. With 250 watt motors that carry up to 450 lbs, the Rascal power chairs make the perfect purchase for a senior citizen looking to get around town. When looking to buy a wheelchair look for ones that are lightweight, durable, and have extra padding. The lightweight wheelchairs are easier to push around and if you need to carry them over things like stairs it won't be a problem. Some even collapse down and fold up to store in compact areas. In terms of durability, we found that most wheelchairs have lifetime warranties on the frames themselves. Comfort is perhaps the #1 concern for those confined to using wheelchairs to get around. Swivel seats are great, padded armrests are nice, and comfortable seats will keep your rear end from getting sore. The wheel chair should have some sort of braking system - manual ones often have rear brakes to keep them in place while the mobility scooters have hand brakes when needed. Motorized wheelchairs are convenient and take the hassle out of having to push a manual chair around malls and supermarkets. I checked with our neighbors (the husband is a medical equipment salesperson and the wife is a nurse) to find out which wheelchair brands are the best. They mentioned top manufacturers are companies like Invacare, Quickie, Pride, Drive Medical, Medline, and NOVA. We also looked for wheelchair reviews on the Internet. Finding websites like Usatechguide.com, Spinlife.com, Edmond-wheelchairs.com, and Amazon.com. You can browse the top selling wheelchairs online here.

Best Wheelchair:

RECOMMENDED - Invacare has perhaps the best reputation in the industry so it's only fitting that their Tracer EX2 is the top rated manual wheelchair. Invacare Tracer is perfect for those that want the independence to push themselves or have others roll them along. The armrests are removable and the legrests are swingaway. The urethane rear tires are mounted on 24" composite wheels. The weight capacity is slightly less than comparable wheelchairs at just 250 lbs, but it should manage for most adults or children. At just over $150 the Invacare wheelchair is a solid purchase that offers a lifetime warranty on the frame. See all the top rated manual wheelchairs here.

Transport Wheelchair:

If you only need to transport someone around a house or perhaps to and from a car, a simpler transport wheelchair is all that is needed. They typically cost about $100 to $150 and are often lightweight so you can push them all day if you had at places like the zoo. Medline makes some of the top sellers we could find online and there Lightweight Transport Wheelchair/Wheel Chair 12 is the most popular with 12 1/2" oversized rear wheels so rolling it is easy. The chair is just 23 1/2 pounds so it's lightweight and the powder-coated aluminum frame is quite sturdy. When you are done with the chair for the day, simple fold down the back and the frame and it will store in seconds. The swing away footrests allow you get up out of the chair without risk of falling and there is even a seatbelt included. Holds up to 300lbs and the brakes are located on the hand grips so the rider can set them without the help of others. Check out all the transport and manual wheelchairs here.

Electric Wheel Chair:

Mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs can be the one opportunity for those that need them to get back out in public and life as normal a life as possible. . Pride Mobility offers the best line of wheelchairs we could find. Their extensive wheelchair products include the Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair ($1450), Jet 10 Standard Power Wheelchair, Jet 2 and Jet 2 Heavy Duty Standard Power Wheelchair, Jet 3 Ultra Standard Power Wheelchair, Jet 7 Transportable Power Wheelchair ($3862), Jazzy 600 Standard Power Wheelchair, Jazzy 1121 and 1121 Heavy Duty Standard Power Wheelchair, Jazzy 1133 Transportable Power Wheelchair, Jazzy 1122 Standard Power Wheelchair, Jazzy 1103 Mini Ultra Standard Power Wheelchair, Jazzy 1107 Transportable Power WheelchairJazzy 1113 ATS Transportable Power Wheelchair, Jazzy 1143 Ultra Standard Power Wheelchair, and the Jazzy 1170XL and XL Plus Standard Power Wheelchair. Go to the Pride homepage at Pridemobility.com to see product descriptions, pictures and owners reviews and feedback. You can view the most popular electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters online here.