Updated: July 16, 2017

Air Multiplier Reviews:

Perhaps you've seen the new bladeless fans that Dyson and a few other companies are offering. They are technically called air multipliers and are shaped like a ring, oval or rectangle on top of a stand. You can see the image we have supplied to the right and the video down below further demonstates how the Dyson air multiplier works. The bladeless fans are definitely quieter than your traditional table fans and they tend to be more energy efficient. We've seen these Dyson bladeless fans in modern homes where design and looks are more important than pure function. Yes, the fan looks interesting and futuristic, but does it outperform a regular tower fan that is much cheaper? Let's talk first about the technology behind the bladeless fans. There is no choppy air or blades. The annular aperture draws in the surrounding air and in return it gives out a powerful airflow. You can turn on the oscillation mode or even put the fan into tilt mode to create a different angle of airflow. The aesthetically pleasing design is certainly a conversation piece in any house. People often walk up to my new air multiplier and wonder what it does. After turning it on, they instantly see that it's essentially a fan that runs quiet and blows air into the room with a smooth, consistent rate. What's the catch on all these modern fans from Dyson? The price is what deters many from buying them. The Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan sells for over $200 and the Dyson Air Multiplier AM08 Pedestal Fan goes for over $350. Some consumers hate the sound of fans running in the background on a hot night, so there's no doubt this bladeless fan does the trick. Quiet is what you'll get.

Choosing an Air Multiplier - There are table fans, pedestal fans, and tower fans - which ones are the best? Dyson dominates the marketplace with their offerings, although you will pay a huge premium for their products. The Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan gets near perfect reviews from owners. Things to look for in these air multipliers are remote controls, easy cleaning, energy efficiency, quiet operation, and consistent room cooling. The remote control on many of these units are designed to feature 10 airflow settings, give you an oscillation mode, and even a sleep timer. The reduced noise is probably the first thing I noticed when using my air multiplier. It ran so quiet you could hardly notice anything was on. The good news is that you still get quality airflow throughout the room it's in. Unlike bladed fans that can run choppy, these fans are smooth. I will say the design is sleek, but the fan has a plastic feel to it. For the price you would expect something like stainless steel and a heavier base. The Samergy bladeless fans get less than stellar reviews from owners - mostly because they are louder than advertised. As for the Aura Bladeless Fan, at just over $100 reviews are positive. One person described the fan as 'strange looking' but also metions that the fan is 'very effective at cooling the room'. Our biggest complaint is the price. I would almost rather buy a portable air conditioner for a room that gets too hot. The problem being is that air conditioners tend to run loud. So if noise is an issue for you, then instead of a room AC unit, consider one of these bladeless fans. They will cool the air temperature a bit and remain quiet doing so. Browse the best selling air multipliers on the market here.

Best Air Multiplier:

RECOMMENDED - The one bladeless fan that gets superior reviews from owners and experts is the Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan. It's offered in 3 colors, features a 2 year warranty on parts & labor, and is very energy efficient. The high velocity cooling airflow without all the noise the main reason for customers buying this from Dyson. At over $300 you'll have to ask yourself if the investment is worth it. We like that the fan can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals. Say you are going to bed at night and it's a little warm in your bedroom, turn the fan on for the initial hour or so and then have it shut off. By then you'll be fast asleep. The remonte control on the Dyson bladeless fans is designed with ease of use in mind. It's actually curved and magnetized so it stores efficiently on the fan itself. With 10 settings for airflow, everyone will be happy. Cleaning is simple - just use a cloth and wipe the surface. I know that cleaning blades that get dusty on traditional fans can be a hassle. Overall a great product, but not sure the price will ever make this a common item in everyday households.

Bladeless Fan:

RECOMMENDED - Want a reasonably priced alternative to the Dyson above, then consider the Aura Bladeless Oscillating Fan. Not quite as sleek as the Dyson, but still bladeless. These even feature a decorative LED light. The oscillating fan helps spread the cool airflow throughout a room or office. Again, if noise is an issue, then ditch the AC unit and purchase a fan that features no blades. There aren't a lot of bladeless fans on the market, so perhaps that is why Dyson can fetch a big premium for their air multipliers. We would like to see a few more competitors enter this category and get the price point down further. Even at $100+, the Aura is expensive. Does it perform as expected? Per reviews from owners, it does a good job. We will agree that the fans are easy to clean, efficient, and quiet.