Updated: November 2017

Footrest Reviews and Buying Guide:

Almost all of us sit behind a desk each day to work. The long term health issues can add up if you spend 6+ hours a day sitting at a desk - bad back, poor circulation in legs, sore neck, etc. One simle fix is to buy a footrest that goes under your desk or workstation and allows you to rest your feet on it. I have worked at home for 16 years now and as I get into my early 40's some parts of my body are beginning to show the wear and tear of sitting for long periods of time. Some people complain about lower back pain associated with slouching in chairs and I am one of them. Before I bought a footrest I would slowly sink into the chair and allow my feet to slide along the floor and get into a terrible position in terms of posture. Now that the footrest is in place, I can rest my feet and sit up much straighter. I wish I had one of those new desk/treadmill machines, but for now I will be happy with my footrest. I have noticed that my leg circulation is better and I am less 'stiff' when I get up out of the chair. My overall alignment is better and I rarely get a sore neck even after hours of working at the desk. You may ask, how can a basic footrest solve all these things? Well, body alignment is huge and if you can eliminate your feet from starting your body from slouching down, then the rest of the body follows and sits much straighter.

Choosing a Footrest - We've all heard of ergonomics and office and workstation equipment is designed with those key words in mind. From keyboards to monitors to chairs, office workers are constantly being introduced to new and improved products that are here to help us work longer and stay comfortable. I for one could take working less hours and perhaps now I can if I remain more productive during the hours that I do work. A desk footrest that can help eliminate fatigue on your legs and back will keep you feeling better long after you have left work. Which brand or style is best for you? The idea behind them is that your feet rest at a slight angle under the desk and the height is based on your leg length and overall chair position and posture. The key is to get a height adjustable footrest so that it can adjust to your needs. Most we found offer this feature and they all have slip resistant platforms. The biggest problem is finding the right size footrest if you are too tall or too short. In several reviews we read online, those at the extremes of heights may be out of luck. If you are short, the best solution is to get a custom desk that is shorter so that you can sit lower and still reach the footrest and the opposite is true for those that are extra tall (get a taller desk). I like the feeling of 'lifting' my body back up when my feet are on the rest. I no longer have that feeling of my body running off the chair and down to the floor. With the added support of the footrest I sit up straighter and feel like my neck and eyes are positioned much better for viewing my monitor. When I get up from my chair I no longer hear the creaking and cracking that I used to hear. My body is happy. Footrest Reviews - We found dozens listed on Amazon.com - probably your best source for online reviews and consumer feedback. View the best selling footrests here.

Best Footrest:

RECOMMENDED - The Kensington Solemate Comfort Footrest sells for about $45 and reviews are very positive for this model. The Kensington footrest features memory foam, adjustable foot pedal control, angle adjustable, and a Smartfit System. Owners say the memory foam is nice when you are not wearing shoes. The non-skid foot surface is another great feature. No slipping on floors, it stays solidly in place. Fellowes offers up some popular models, one even gives you a heated platform. Reviews for the Fellowes are good (considering several of their footrests are $20 and under). Whether you are paying for the footrest or your company is covering the cost, go with a top quality brand since we are talking about your overall health. Check with other office workers to see what they are using, often you'll hear that one particular brand or model is clearly the best.

Adjustable Footrest:

RECOMMENDED - When it comes to adjustable footrests, the 3M Adjustable Foot Rest, 22 Inch Wide Slip-resistant Platform (FR530CB) is a solid buy. Yes, it's a bit pricey ($68), but customer reviews say it's worth it. The extra wide platform is a plus as well. Lots of owners say they went looking for a wide footrest and that is what this one offers. The footrest is both height and tilt adjustable so you can customize the settings. The slip resistant surface will keep your feet in place. It's made with heavy duty steel (a few people say the exposed metal can cut you so be careful). Durability is not questions, but overall design could perhaps be a bit better. The Safco 5124 Ergonomic Industrial footrest with adjustable height is even more expensive than the 3M and owners give it excellent feedback. The textured platform is the only thing that could be changed as it's a little rough on shoes and feet.