Updated: November 2017

Chair Mat Reviews:

chair mats Why do we need chair mats? They protect the floors under your work chair and they also allow you to freely move about in your chair. I had to recently buy a few of these chairmats for my home office. My work desk is currently located in a room with hardwood floors so I wanted to protect the wood flooring from getting scratched up and possible dented from my office chair. Also, I have another computer in a room in which there is carpet so I had to find a chair mat for carpets too. I found that they range in price from $40 to $100 and are readily sold in stores like Walmart, Target, Office Depot, and Staples. If you needed to buy more in bulk for an office or small business, other stores like Costco or Amazon might be better.
chair mat review

Choosing the best chair mats - When looking to buy chairmats, consider things like surface, size of workspace, and shape. Do you need an hard wood floor chair mat or a carpet chair mat? Perhaps you have a tile floor or even vinyl. The hardwood floor chairmats rest evenly on the floor and permit easy rolling around if you have a chair with wheels. Perhaps you have a plush carpet or standard pile in which case you could use a chair mat with cleats so that the mat stays put even when you are moving around in the chair. Chair mats for thick carpet will be slightly different than those designed for low pile or even medium pile carpets. The office chair mat I bought for the carpeted room does leave some indentions in the carpet (I notice them when I pick it up to vacuum underneath) but after a while they do go away. Most wood floor chair mats will also do just fine on floors with tile, vinyl, or linoleum. Shape - When it comes to shapes of chair floor mats, there are basically 3 types - lip, L-workstation, and rectangular or utility. The average desk setup can use the lip chair mats or even the rectangular option. Corner computer desks and L-workstations work best when you have the L-shaped workstation chair mat. Size - This is entirely dependent on how much space you need when mulling about your work area or desk. Some people "roll" all over while others stay in a smaller area. I like to roll around, often going back and forth from my computer to a bookshelf behind my desk. Chair mats come in a variety of sizes, so pick one that has the most space possible without intruding on the rest of the room or area surrouding the desk. Chair Mat Reviews - We found several websites with dozens of owner reviews - Epinions, Staples.com, Viewpoints.com, and of course Amazon.com. There's nothing better than reading up on a particular product and then reading what other consumers have to say about it. Find out what works and those products that fail the end user test. RECOMMENDED - We suggest shopping online at Amazon.com since they carry all the leading brands, offer excellent pricing, and post dozens of customer reviews for you to see. You can browse the best selling chair mats here.

Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors:

The one name that consistently showed up in reviews was Lorell. Their mats for hardwood floors were top rated by both experts and consumers. The LLR69167 - Chairmat, Hard Floor, Wide 45x53, Lip 25x12, Clear - is the one I went with and I couldn't be happier with the results. The floor mat features vinyl construction and a straight edge. It has certainly protected my hardwood floors from scuffs and caster damage. At $50, it was about what the other brands wanted and I feel like it was a good investment. Other owners make comments like "bets wood floor computer chairmat" and "durable quality floor protector". If you have hard floors, tile or vinyl, this mat from Lorell should do. Lorell offers a similar rectangular lip floor chair mat for about $45 and it too is clear in color. One last note, we bought our online at Amazon, but an identical product is also available at Office Depot and Staples. The only complaint I have with the chair mat is that it does move around a bit on the hardwoods and I periodically have to adjust it back to the original position. View all top rated chair mats for hard floors here.

Chair Mats for Carpet:

For those with plush carpets, a chair mat will make a huge difference and let you move around your desk or computer. Chair mats for carpets from Walmart are where we would start. Walmart.com carries the Deflect-O, Rubbermaid, ES Robbins, and Floortex brands. The #1 seller on Amazon.com is the PlushMat Chairmat with Cleats which sells for roughly $50 on Amazon. The PlushMat from Lorell is for medium pile carpets and will hide scuffs from chairs or shoes really well. The cleats are rounded on the bottom so you can carry the mat and not poke yourself. Cleated chair mats are a necessity if you have carpets in your house or office. I did find that if you leave the carpet chair mats in the sun they can crack over time and become brittle. Still, they are meant to protect carpets from casters and rolling chairs, so be proactive and get one before you ruin your floors. You can view popular carpet chair mats here.