Updated: November 2017

Desk Chair Reviews and Buying Guide:

There is a condition from which everyone with an office job suffers: numb butt. Numb butt is sometimes accompanied by sore back and tense neck, and it strikes anyone whose labor involves sitting in front of a computer, grading papers, writing, drawing, reading, studying.... A century ago, 80 percent of people had physical jobs. They were farmers, masons, construction workers, maids, housewives (who did manual washing, childrearing, cooking, lugging of water, etc). Only 20 percent had "cerebral" jobs. Today, those figures are reversed, and most of us sit down for work. Uncomfortable chairs result in the aforementioned numb butt and back ache, but also in decreased productivity. It only makes sense: if you have an uncomfortable chair, it is virtually guaranteed that you take more frequent trips to bathroom, to the copier, to the vending machine, and anywhere else you can go to escape your chair. Invest in a good desk chair and get back to work.

Choosing the Right Desk Chair - How do you use your desk? Well, you sit at it and work. But everyone works a bit differently. Do you lean forward while writing or reading? Do you lean back? The chair's design can help make you much more comfortable for your preferred position. Here are some other things to consider:

*Good circulation. A seat with a rounded front edge helps keep the blood in your legs moving. If the chair stops just before your knees, it can cut off circulation, so make sure the height is right for you as well.

*Material. Leather is nice! Leather is also expensive. If your budget is lower, try vinyl, upholstery, plastic, mesh, or wooden desk chairs. It's really up to your preference, your comfort, and your price range. One other consideration, though: vinyl and leather tend to trap heat, while fabric is breathable. This is certainly a factor if the AC goes in the summer.

*Pneumatic seat height adjustment. It is important to make sure your feet are on the floor firmly. A lever under the seat allows you to adjust it quickly and easily. This is also a great feature if the chair is going to be shared by several people.

*Customizable comfort. Ergonomic desk chairs often have a variety of adjustable features, including back height, arm height, and adjustable tilt tension.

*Strong, sturdy base. Aluminum is strong and lightweight, and steel is another excellent base material.

*Features. Arms, no arms, casters, colors, etc.

*Warranty and return policies. You want to be able to test out a chair for a period of a week or two to make sure it fits you. You also want to ensure that the product is backed up by a manufacturer's warranty so you can replace it if it is faulty or if it breaks.

*Price. Do you want to spend under $100? Under $1000? There is an incredibly broad range of prices, and as is true in general, the more expensive are usually the most luxurious and comfortable. But, if you know where to look, you can find an affordable model that will suit you.

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Best Desk Chairs:

Way back in 1994, the Herman Miller Aeron desk chair revolutionized the industry and became the gold standard for executive desk chairs. While many think that the old Aeron should move over and let other, younger chairs shine, other experts maintain that it remains the best. Slate and ConsumerSearch say its still a great addition to any office. The Aeron Desk Chair features a stay-cool mesh seat, but by far its best attribute is that it comes in three sizes. Most of the chair is adjustable, and getting the right fit is crucial for maximum comfort and support. The Aeron helps maintain healthy posture with its PostureFit back support system. Also included is a 12-year Herman Miller warranty. You can find the Aeron at Amazon for about $870. Make sure you get the right size! The Aeron was a stark contrast to more sumptuous leather chairs with its "skeletal" contours, and it still retains a techno type of look that fits some offices perfectly. If the Aeron is a little too "executive" for your budget, consider the lower-priced mesh Office Star Air Grid Deluxe Task Chair. Task chairs are ideal for those who tend to lean forward. Like the Aeron, the Office Star has a modern mesh design that is breathable and comfortable. Named ConsumerSearch's Best Budget Mesh Desk Chair, the Office Star features an Air Grid back, built-in lumbar support, thickly padded contour seat, black mesh upholstery, one-touch pneumatic height adjustment, adjustable tilt tension, tilt lock, height-adjustable angled arms with polyurethane pads, 360 degree swivel, five wheel caster base, and limited lifetime warranty. This is an affordable solution for those who spend a lot of time at their desks. The Office Star is a bright $168. More affordable still is the Boss Leather Plus Posture Task Chair. According to ConsumerSearch, experts don't bother reviewing inexpensive desk chairs (under $200 seems to be the definition of "cheap"!), but this Boss desk chair reviews very well with consumers. It features a five-star nylon base with hooded casters, generously padded seat, built-in lumbar support, waterfall shape on seat front to reduce stress to legs, adjustable seat back height and depth, pneumatic lever for customized height, and a sleek black LeatherPlus upholstery. This is leather infused with polyurethane for excellent durability and comfort. This is a solid, comfortable task chair that will support you while you toil away the day. Best of all, it costs $60. One more style to consider. Ergonomic kneeling office chairs can be great for those who need back support. With many typical office chairs, the back and shoulders aren't supported sufficiently. A kneeling chair forces your back into an upward position, which supports your back and neck. When you slouch, your muscles get tight and that leads to pain. A kneeling chair can eliminate this by forcing your body into a proper position. One to try is the Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Office Chair from Everlast Furniture. It's about $74 and features adjustable height and casters. It's a bit different, but it may be just what your back needs. The right desk chair can make a tremendous difference in your comfort level and productivity. Look here for a great selection of desk chairs. Aches and pains don't have to be part of your workday; with the right chair, you can get back to work.