Updated: November 2017

Dry Erase Board Reviews and Buying Guide:

Dry erase boards are a relatively new product, but the idea has been around for centuries. School children used to write on slates with chalk, and we all remember the dusty green or black chalkboards from school. White dry erase boards (or whiteboards) capitalize on the best features of a chalkboard, while adding a few modern touches that students and teachers both will find relevant and engaging. As convenient and versatile as dry erase boards are, not the least of their appeal is that they're enjoyable to use. There has been an explosion in the use of dry erase boards in recent years in schools, businesses, and homes, and so there is a tremendous variety from which to choose. Here is your guide to choosing the best for your purposes, whether you're a teacher, student, or busy mom trying to keep track of her schedule.
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The Versatility of Dry Erase Boards - Perhaps the biggest fans of white dry erase boards are teachers. When students are the ones wielding the dry erase markers, these are great tools that can help teachers raise student participation, provide instant feedback, and increase retention levels. Dry erase boards are ideal for classroom use because they provide a good, clean canvas for your lessons: the variety of marker colors allows you to differentiate between points, make charts, or highlight important messages in bold color that chalk just can't deliver. They're easy to clean, as well as very clean to use (no more chalk dust on your clothes or hands!). Besides this, they are lightweight and portable. You can opt for a wall-mounted white board or one on wheels that you can easily move. You can opt for a big one for the front of the classroom or small student boards for instant and accurate feedback. You can use dry erase boards with lines to help younger students learn to write or magnetic ones to add some extra visuals or convenience. In addition to writing on the white board, they make an excellent backdrop for a projector so you can show videos or graphics easily and seamlessly as part of your lessons. Restaurants write their specials on white boards; you could write your bills or important dates on a dry erase calendar board; you could use it for your children to jot down phone numbers. There is no end to the uses you'll find for dry erase boards. Choosing the Best Dry Erase Boards for You - The right dry erase board will depend on what you plan to use it for; they come in any number of sizes and styles. Besides paying attention to your budget, you want to look at what the surface of the dry erase board is made of. While they tend to all look the same, dry erase boards are made from different materials, which will have an effect on how long they last. The choices are EverWhite (expensive, very easy to clean and non-staining); porcelain (expensive, porous, may develop "ghosting"); and melamine (inexpensive but will probably have to be replaced after a year or two of home use). RECOMMENDED - We suggest shopping online at Amazon.com since they carry all the leading brands and usually offer the lowest prices on the web. You can browse the best selling dry erase boards here.

Best Dry Erase Boards:

In this guide, we'll take a look at some of the bigger boards to give you an idea of the quality and features you can expect. You can, of course, always get smaller or larger ones for your needs. If you want a dry erase board that will last through a lot of use, whether in a classroom or business, EverWhite is the answer. These white dry erase boards stay white. Some erase boards tend to "ghost." That is, when you erase, a faint image or stain is left behind. Overtime, it can be difficult to read from the board. EverWhite doesn't go grey or stain, and they also carry a lifetime warranty. You can clean them with regular water or glass cleaner, so maintenance is a breeze. These are on the expensive side, however. For instance, if you choose an EverWhite 4-foot x 3-foot oak-framed white board, you will pay a bit over $255. On the upside, you won't have to replace it, and you'll have a sparkling white surface on which to write every time. You can also opt for a magnetic dry erase board for added convenience. EverWhite also does resurfacing so you can cover over stained white boards or chalkboards. This costs less and also carries EverWhite's lifetime guarantee. You can also customize a white board to fit your exact specifications. These do cost much more than a melamine dry erase board, but they will last through a lot of heavy school or business use. If you can get a good quality Porcelain dry erase board, this can be a great, and less expensive, option. The Quartet Premium Magnetic DuraMax Porcelain Total Erase Dry-Erase Board, for instance, reviews well with Amazon consumers, who say it is easy to clean and very functional. The Quartet dry erase marker board features a hard, durable porcelain surface that is scratch- and dent-resistant, non-ghosting, magnetic surface, and easy installation. This 3-foot by 2-foot board is just over $100. And what about melamine? Should you avoid this at all costs? Not really; it can be an excellent choice if you are on a tighter budget, are using the board for home use, or you will be giving them to students to use during lessons. One of Staples' top choices is another Quartet, the Prestige Total Erase Dry Erase Board. A 4-foot by 3-foot board has a Total Erase surface which "resists" staining or ghosting. It won't eliminate it, but it will give you a good, long functional life. It has a subtle grid pattern so your writing is aligned, an aluminum frame, magnetic surfaces and Quick Clips, marker tray, EnduraGlide dry erase marker, and easy installation. It is recommended that you clean this occasionally with a special white board cleaner. The cost for this is about $120 at Staples or $95 on Amazom, which may be far more comfortable for your budget than an EverWhite dry erase board. No matter what type of dry erase board you get, make sure to take care of it so it lasts as long as possible and continues to perform at its best. Look here for a good selection of dry erase boards, follow your budget, and get the best quality you can afford.