Updated: November 2017

Best Executive Desk Reviews:

You'll often hear that executive desks ought to reflect your position within your company; but they do so much more than that. They reflect the company itself, whether it is your own or a multinational corporation. They reflect the pride you take in your work. Appearances aren't everything; ideally, your bosses, your clients, and your coworkers will value your work for its merits. But upon walking into your office, they should feel as if you are possessed of self-confidence, assurance, and solidity. Whether you choose a classic wooden executive office desk or a sleek contemporary desk, executive desks can help you build this image, which your work will support and bolster. Finding the right executive desk can be difficult: you want lasting style in a functional, durable desk. We'll show you how to get it no matter what your budget or what your position.

What is an Executive Desk? - The goal that has traditionally been behind the executive desk is to impress: when clients or coworkers walk in, the desk is the largest symbol of your status. It is like parking your Lexus in the reserved spot. You have arrived, and your big, expansive desk creates a physical and metaphorical distance from the lower echelons. Sounds a bit elitist. But this may be essential in some areas. For instance, if clients walk into a financial manager's office, they want to see that this person has expertise, can handle money (as long as he didn't use yours to pay for the desk), and has the knowledge and skill to deserve a big office and a big desk. But some executives prefer a more low-key, contemporary desk instead of a mahogany behemoth. Whatever your personal style and job situation, you can find the desk that will help you relay your message to clients, coworkers, and bosses. The materials and size of the desk matter as well. An executive, no matter if he is low key or a power player, needs to relay the impression of success, stability, and solidity. A flimsy faux wood desk is not the way to do this. You can find less expensive executive desks, certainly, but that doesn't mean they have to be "cheap." A final consideration is the workspace the desk affords you. Some executive desks can be as large as 10 feet long and 40 inches deep. As well as creating a psychological advantage, this allows those busy execs to do more work! They have ample room for storage, computers, locking drawers, a side credenza, and more. Traditional estimates say that you'll spend $2000 at the least; you could spend well over $10,000. Do you need to? Today's executive also needs to convey financial responsibility. We'll show you some executive desks that are both impressive and relatively inexpensive so you can show your clients your status - and your fiscal restraint. RECOMMENDED - We suggest shopping online at Amazon.com - they have a nice selection and offer some of the lowest prices on the web. You can browse the best selling executive desks online here.

Executive Desks for Home:

Depending on your business, you may want to convey a message of youth, vitality, and contemporary style. And you may be doing it on a start-up budget. If that's the case, the Z-Line Gen-X Collection Executive Desk is a great choice. It has a beautiful black satin finish and chrome accents for a thoroughly modern look, as well as a large glass desktop on raised chromed cylinders for depth and interesting angles. You will also find roomy drawers, a pullout keyboard shelf with room for a mouse, a file drawer, pencil drawer, and glass-fronted storage cabinets. It is ideal for modern offices, as well as those that are smaller because it is sleek but not overwhelming. The Gen-X is a sleek computer desk and executive desk in one. The Gen-X executive desk reviews very well with consumers; a Buzillions user said everyone loves the desk, and another said it looks far more expensive than its price tag would lead you to believe. You can find this at Staples for about $330. Z-Line also makes a stunning array of computer desks and other office furniture that will look stylish and properly executive at the same time. Bush is another top name in executive desks that will allow you to get the look you want at a comfortable price. The Birmingham Executive Credenza is a nice choice, more traditional in styling than the Gen-X office desk. The Birmingham is well-equipped for your work day with a center pullout keyboard shelf, easy cord access, 2 box drawers for your supplies, adjustable shelves, and pedestal cabinets to store necessities and even vertical CPUs. Everything is elegantly concealed. The Birmingham is also well-equipped to bring professionalism and class to your office. It has a beautiful harvest cherry finish, a perfect touch for traditional offices. The desk also meets ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association) quality standards and is appropriate and durable enough for commercial office use. This is a desk that will look great and stand up to the busiest schedule. You can find it for a budget-friendly $313. Bush Furniture customers have called it "beautiful," "amazing," and "a great product for the price." The Birmingham is compatible with Bush's lateral hutch and credenza if you would like to expand your look. View the most popular home office desks here.

Best Executive Desks:

If your budget is larger, you have a wide selection of excellent choices from which to choose. Prime Office Furniture is a quality manufacturer that still produces executive desks in the relatively reasonable range. Office-Chairs-Reviews says that Prime Office Furniture has a distinctly European flare and design that is not easy to find online or in stores. Luckily, it is easy to find Prime Office. One of their most impressive pieces is the Walnut Executive Office Desk. This beautiful piece offers modern European design that manages to be both contemporary and classic, an 8-foot 1-inch length, 3-foot 3-inch width, and 2-foot 5-inch height. It features mobile lateral file cabinets to add versatility and space to your desk. This executive desk takes a pentagon shape and has a real walnut veneer with rich cherry finish and complementing black lines. It is durable and can withstand commercial grade use. It is large enough for use with computers, equipment, supplies, and more so you can work comfortably and stay organized. An Amazon reviewer said this was a once in a lifetime deal. You can find this great Prime Office desk on Amazon for only $2000. You can also find gorgeous, high-end executive desks at JazzyExpo.com. They feature the finest woods and designs and offer them at "factory prices." They are still somewhat expensive, but you are getting great quality and superior looks. The California Top Executive Desk, for instance, is made of Sapele Pommele wood from Africa and features an ergonomically designed, contoured top for easy reach and right or left credenza for added versatility and room. You can opt for a computer connector panel as well. The legs have a nice contrasting metallic silver cast for a touch of the modern. The dark cherry finish is rich and deep, the lines simple and elegant. This desk is $4650, and another $600 for the connector panel. If this is within your price range, it is certainly a great choice. A step up from that is Parnian, maker of the world's most expensive wood desks. The Scottsdale, Arizona company creates custom desks with exotic wood, interesting and innovative designs, and the "signature Parnian finish." They have a desk, for instance, that took 5 months to build, uses 6 different types of exotic wood, and a custom-cut piece of glass. It is perfectly suited for the customer's space, and hopefully for their budget as well. This work of art retails for $200,000. If you're looking for a status symbol and a leg up during negotiations, Parnian is definitely it. You don't have to spend thousands, though, to have a great, functional, and suitably powerful desk for your executive office. You can find a wide range of styles and prices. You need to choose the desk that suits you and your business style, and if that means opting for a less expensive desk to stay in budget, that is a great choice. You can find what you need for only a few hundred dollars. Or you could custom order and pay $6,000 at the least. When you need a desk that reflects your position, choose what is right for your office, business, and style. BEST - One of our favorites is the Bordeaux Cherry Shaped 72 Inch Executive Desk from DMI furniture. The utility and center drawers are felt lined and the file drawers are fully extendable. The accents on this desk are beautiful and it ships fully assembled taking any hassle out of the process. It's solid, sturdy, and looks great in any office environment.