Updated: November 2017

Folding Chairs Reviews and Buying Guide:

Folding chairs are a nice thing to own when it comes to having parties or get togethers where extra chairs are needed. We often have guests over for dinner and our 6 person dining room table set just doesn't work out when there are 10 people or more. We recently invested in a set of 6 wooden folding chairs that should help us accommodate the extra people to our dinner parties. Folding chairs also come in handy for outdoor parties or even when tailgating. You can find folding chairs in stores like Walmart, Costco, or Target. More often than not you will have to buy them in pairs, sets of 4, or possible 6. They make a good investment since they can used at birthday parties, backyard BBQ's, or any time you need a few extra seats.
folding chairs

Choosing Folding Chairs - First, decide on how many you might need. Always add 2 to that # just in case. Four is a good number, although 6 (if you have a place to store them) is ideal. You never know when you might host a bridal shower, anniversary party, etc. Next, what type of material will work best. Metal, plastic, vinyl, wood. Metal folding chairs are easy to stack and simple to clean. They can be a bit heavy as compared to the cheaper plastic chairs you find at outdoor events. We bought wooden folding chairs since we figured they'd be used indoors almost all the time. Wood may not hold up so well if left to the elements outside. I recently had my 40th Birthday and hosted a huge street party with somewhere around 75 people. The rental company I went with for chairs and tables had the basic metal framed chairs with plastic seats and backings. They were lightweight, easy to setup, and did just fine for the few hours that we needed them. We found several folding chairs at Walmart that have the padded seats which are really nice, especially when you are going to sit down to a nice dinner (say at a wedding). Target had a nice set of 6 wooden chairs so that is where we bought ours. Storage - Consider that most of the time the chairs will not be used and therefore you need a dry space to store them in. Perhaps a closet or garage. Ours sit in our tall cabinets in our garage and are easily accessible when we need them. Price - Expect to spend at least $15/chair and upwards of $70 to $100 for ones like the Lifetime 32804 Folding Chair with Molded Seat and Back. Sometimes you can find specials in stores like Staples or Office Depot on stacking chairs. Folding Chair Reviews - Want to read what others are saying about top sellers. We found owner reviews on Buzzillions.com, Target.com, Staples.com, and Amazon. RECOMMENDED - We suggest shopping online at Amazon.com for their huge selection, great customer service, and low prices. You can browse the best selling folding chairs online here.

Best Folding Chairs:

BEST - One of the top rated chairs we found were the Hercules Folding Chair on Amazon for $125 (set of 4). They are triple braced and double hinged with a 2 1/2" thick seat. Great for home or office. They are considered commercial grade and the foam padded seat makes your guests comfortable. No doubt they will hold up over years of use as owner comments say things like "durable" and "sturdy". Another excellent option is the Lifetime 42804 Folding Chair with Molded Seat and Back, White Granite, Set of 4 which goes for $120. Lifetime has a solid reputation for tables and chairs and the superior strength in these chairs is what you are paying for. The wide seat and tall back along with the steel frame and all weather finish make this a chair to consider. They are stain resistant and easy to clean, so when Uncle Joe spills his food, you no longer have to worry about getting the chair professional cleaned. Browse the selection on Amazon and make an informed buying decision by reading reviews and learning which chairs really are the best.

Wooden Folding Chairs:

Wood would normally not be my first choice in a fold up chair, but for our needs they made the most sense. I like the padded seats (such as the one above) and feel like sitting on hard wood isn't the best feeling. However, we knew the chairs we bought would be used for dinner parties and such, so people wouldn't be on them for more than a few hours. The Walnut Folding Chairs carried by Target are the ones we went with. You get 4 for $100 and we were able to buy 2 extras to complete our set of six. The seat is slightly padded, there is no assembly required, and they store easily all stacked up on one another. I think they make a decent addition to our dark dinner table and chairs that we currently have and they are better than the traditional metal fold up variety you find everywhere else. Linon is another brand that sells more elegant wooden folding chairs that cost a bit more. Winsome offers a set of 4 Beechwood folding chairs that are great for kitchens or dining rooms.