Updated: November 2017

Label Maker Reviews:

The Usefulness of a Label Maker - Why would you need a label maker you may ask? After all, you may have made it this far without having one. The fact of the matter is that labeling is one of those things that many people start doing and then wonder why they haven't been doing it for years. Label makers allow you to label your stuff so that you can organize it better. You just input a short name or description, print it out, and then stick it right on your belonging. Labels can be great for naming boxes, items in storage, things in the kitchen, etc. Once you have a label maker, you will likely start seeing the different applications for it. For example, you can use it for kids, accounting, school or labeling craft supplies. When you choose your label maker, you can find add-ons like cutters, different sized tapes and font options for the labels. Some of the most popular label maker companies are Brother and Dymo. Browse the best selling label makers online here.

The Best Label Maker

So what are the best label makers? To find out the answer to this question, we looked at a variety of sources including Lifehacker, Euroffice, Amazon reviews, Tibesti and Associated Content. When choosing a label maker, you want to consider how much money you will be spending, how much printing you will be doing, and whether or not you will be labeling at your computer. Readers at Lifehacker recommended Brother P-Touch Home and Hobby and Dymo LetraTag 11944 Electronic Labelmaker, which sells on Amazon for $28. Euroffice says the Dymo is the overall best label maker. We found that the eight out of the top 10 label makers on Amazon are from Brother. They literally dominate this category and therefore we will focus more of our reviews on their products.

Brother P-Touch Label Maker Reviews

Brother P-Touch label makers have a great reputation. Vicki Norris "organization expert" at Tibesti recommended a few models by Brother including the Brother P-Touch PT-2700, the Brother P-Touch PT 2100 PC Connectable which sells on Amazon for $54 and the Brother P-Touch PT-1950. In an article we read at Associated Content, the reviewer also recommends the Brother PT-1950 P-Touch PC Ready Labeler and loves the price point as well as the fact it is USB ready. Martha Stewart has recommended the Brother P Touch on her shows many times. Martha Stewart's site mentions that the Brother P-Touch is "ideal for keeping track of almost anything. The P-Touch PT-1090 prints two-sided labels for cable wires and includes a handy time-date stamp for pantry items. Choose from decorative patterns and colors to match your belongings." On Amazon.com, one of the most popular label makers is the Brother PT-80 P-touch Electronic Labeling System, which sells for $28. Reviewers on Amazon.com like the low price of the Brother PT-80 and this particular label maker machine gives you the ability to select from 71 symbols to make your labels creative. You can also choose different tape colors and styles. On the negative side, reviewers complain that this label maker machine sucks up batteries. In order to get the machine to work properly you need to constantly put in fresh batteries. If you opt for a handheld Brother P-Touch label maker, it is a good idea to buy a battery recharger. Replacement cartridges can also add up in price since they are $10 apiece. These are some things to consider from an economic point of view, but overall there were few complaints with the Brother PT-80. You can view the top rated label makers here.

Label Maker Machines with Software:

The Brother PT 2100 PC Connectable is another highly recommended label maker. It sells for about $55 on Amazon. One of the reasons that this label maker is popular is that it has an ac adapter. This means that you can skip using batteries. This label maker also has a USB connection that allows you to add custom graphics, logos and pictures from your computer. You can also print from Word, Excel or Outlook. Again, as reviewers on Amazon pointed out, you will need to spend money on tape. However, reviewers praise this Brother label maker. It has a easy to read LED window that even lets you check for typos. The Brother PT-2100 is a very user friendly machine that offers more functionality than some of the other Brother P-Touch label machines.

Dymo Label Maker:

Dymo is a brand that consistently makes highly recommended label maker machines. Keep in mind they tend to be more expensive than the Brother label makers, but they also offer a great deal more in the way of functionality. In fact, Tibesti recommends the Dymo LabelWriter 400 which is $250 and the Dymo LM350 Desktop which runs for about $130. Dymo LabelWriter 400 Label Printer uses direct thermal printing as opposed to the laminated label tape that Brother uses. This means that you will not need to buy toner nor will you need ink. The Dymo LabelWriter also comes with software, which will allow you to make custom designs for your labels. It also includes other special features like address fixer software. If you are a professional looking for labels for your office, Dymo will likely fit your needs over Brother's products. You can create labels for envelopes, packets etc. The Dymo LabelWriter 400 Label Printer also has a sleek design and fits well within the space confines of a desk. As reviewers point out, another main advantage of a Dymo label maker machine is it is much faster than the other label makers out there. You can print up to 40 labels per minute at 300 dpi resolution. Check out all the DYMO label makers here.