Updated: November 2017

Neatdesk Desktop Scanner Reviews:

Sometimes it seems like paper is old-fashioned: we email instead of write letters; we get e-statements and e-bills instead of ones sent to us in the mail; and even note-passing kids have upgraded to passing texts on their phones. At the same time, though, there seems to be a never-ending barrage of paperwork to deal with. Where does it come from? And where do you put it? NeatDesk has an answer for you. The NeatDesk desktop scanner is designed to help you cut that never-ending clutter and to streamline data processing and data retrieval processes. Let's see what the NeatDesk can do for your business or home.

NeatDesk's Desktop Scanner: Clutter's Worst Nightmare - There aren't enough filing cabinets in the world to keep up with business: even a small business has customer or client files, business card collections, receipts, invoices, warranties, taxes, and much more that they need to keep track of. We have all known people whose organizational system consisted of a single box or drawer into which everything was crammed in. Not so fun when the IRS wants to audit you or you have to prove to your credit card company that you have already paid your bill. What the NeatDesk scanner does for you is transfer all of that paper into digital files. Say you have a file full of tax records. You can put up to 50 pages of this at a time in the NeatDesk, and scan it in seconds while you're working on something else on your computer. NeatDesk will automatically file the documents in the appropriate place, i.e., taxes. You can then go in and refine this as you like. Digital filing cabinets are so much nicer for your decor, and for your organization. Here are some of the NeatDesk document scanner features that you will find useful:

*Patented technology identifies and extracts relevant information and organizes it for you.
*Can handle business cards, receipts, documents, and legal-sized documents.
*Data export to PDF, Excel, Quicken, QuickBooks, TurboTax, and others.
*Includes NeatWorks 4.0 software suite. This scans receipts and business cards and can create tax reports.
*Removable input tray. This allows you to scan both sides of up to 10 documents, 10 business cards, and 10 receipts - at one time. If you take out the document tray, you can scan a 50-page document.
*Creates searchable PDF files.
*Software for both PC and Mac.
*Energy Star qualified so you can have a paperless office and one that is greener.

If you are not totally convinced yet that your office or home could benefit from the NeatDesk, watch it in action below, and imagine that never-ending mountain of paperwork getting smaller and smaller, until you have a neat desk. Never thought that could happen, did you? RECOMMENDED - You can browse the best selling NeatDesk scanners here.

What the Experts Say about the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner:

Reducing paperwork is a dream come true for any busy person, but how does the NeatDesk rank compared to other desktop scanners? Fujitsu's ScanSnap S1500, for instance, is in the same price range, so how do you choose? You have to look at what you want the document scanner to be able to do and how it accomplishes that. For instance, a review in MacObserver raved about the NeatDesk for Mac users, and the feature that put the NeatDesk desktop scanner at the top of the list is its software. According to MacObserver, this is NeatDesk's "best and most distinguishing feature." Neat calls themselves a software company in disguise, and NeatWorks, their proprietary software, is certainly proof of that. NeatWorks uses advanced optical character recognition (OCR) and parsing technology in order to take the relevant data from business cards, documents, and receipts and turn them into highly workable and much more manageable data. NeatWorks reads the data and can pick out key information, such as dates, vendors, purchase amounts, contact information, and much more. This allows all data to be very searchable. Another nice feature of NeatWorks for Macs (not Windows, though) is that it can support third party scanners, including the ScanSnap S300M and S510M. This way, you have the freedom of making your existing scanner an even better scanner with NeatWorks software. NeatWorks images can be saved as JPEGs, PDFs, and more, and they can be sent to Excel, World, Outlook, QUicken, TurboTax, QuickBooks, CSV, HTML, and PLAXO. DocumentSnap, your source for everything paper and document, compared it to the SnapScans and found that the NeatDesk had a few features that the Fujitsu didn't: the paper input tray is ideal for keeping different types of paper separate, the included cleaning cloths help you keep the scanner clean and maintain optimal image quality, and "the tight integration with NeatWorks, which is a great program." Also mentioned was NeatCo's quickstart guide and Community page, which has support options, tutorials, live chat, forums, and more for NeatDesk users. The NeatDesk lists for $499, but you can find it on Amazon for $399. A bit on the pricy side, but the long term cost benefit analysis is great. Think of all the time and money you'll free up when you don't have to do all that filing (or pay someone to do it for you), and when you don't have to spend hours looking for something at the bottom of that one drawer. In addition to the NeatDesk for Mac and PC, NeatCo also makes the NeatReceipt, which has very similar functions as the NeatDesk but is in a very compact and portable package. Businesses can scan receipts, documents, and business cards in order to store and use that data easily. The NeatReceipts lists for $229, but Amazon has it for $184. While the NeatReceipt is not as big as the NeatDesk document scanner, it is a great travel scanner and does the job perfectly for smaller batches of documents. You may never get your office completely paperless (you may want to hang on to some of these old-fashioned relics), but NeatDesk can help you move data from paper to much more manageable and accessible digital files. Easy to convert, easy to file, and easy to use. This is what will make NeatDesk your next employee of the month.