Updated: November 2017

Office Chair Reviews:

office chair Are you in the market for a new office or desk chair? They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days, but ultimately you want something that fits you comfortably and isn't going to break your bank account. How often will you be using the chair - daily, 8 hours a day, etc? What kind of features do you really need? Tilt angle, tension tightness, height adjustments, cushioned seat. Since most of us spend at least 8 hours a day at the office, having a chair that fits us ergonomically will save our backs and keep our spines in good shape for other activities outside of work. The #1 feature that people look for is back support in an office chair so make sure you give any chair a thorough test run to see how it feels. The most recognized executive office chair are those designed by Herman Miller such as the Aeron chair which gets great reviews in consumer magazines and in owner postings online. It's rather expensive so you can probably get better value with other brands.

Some general guidelines when choosing an office chair are: you want your feet to rest comfortably on the floor while your thighs are supported and square to the floor, your back should be completely supported and the angle formed by your torso and upper legs needs to be somewhere between 90 and 105 degrees, you want to be able to tilt back, but not too easily, buy a chair that will adjust with your periodic posture changes. We scouted out the best office chairs by reading online reviews and researching articles from Slate Magazine and one from a few years back in the Wall Street Journal. The Herman Miller Aeron office chair was repeatedly mentioned in all these reviews, but it has lately been put to the test by up and comers like the Humanscale Liberty and the Leap by Steelcase. The one problem that we realized after doing this article is that there are very few chairs in the mid-price range for office chairs. Too many of the high end chairs are $800-$1000 with a sudden drop-off in availability until you get down to about $200 or less. Don't feel inclined to spend $1000 on a desk chair unless you already have back problems and need excellent support. We found that many reviewers rate the $250 office chairs as offering many of the same features as do the $800 chairs. You can browse all the top selling and most popular office chairs online here.

Best Office Chair:

All reviews point to the Liberty Chair by Humanscale ($900) as the best overall office chair on the market. The office chair has won many awards and is top rated in several magazines and online review websites for business supplies. The form sensing mesh gives you perfect lumbar support. Niels Diffrient is the designer of this luxury chair and no details were left out. The seat-back is pure mesh with no support beams and offers breathability, durability, sustainability, and an elegant look. The gel seat gives added comfort to your backside and several experts say this chair will take over where the Aeron (see below) left off. The price continues to be one drawback on these expensive office chairs as they remain just below the $1000 cost. If you are buying on sheer comfort rankings, then the Liberty office chair is well worth the extra price. The Humanscale Freedom is another option from the same manufacturer that offers a slightly cheaper pricetag. RECOMMENDED - We suggest you take a look at all the Liberty office chairs online here.

Ergonomic Office Chair:

The Aeron Chair - Herman Miller ($900) desk chair has set the industry standards for years and the high quality design makes for an ergonomic fit. The Aeron office chair is made of Pellicle mesh and owners say the chair conforms to your body instantly. Some people say the Herman Miller office chair is outdated after over a decade of use and needs some updating. Others argue that although it's still a very comfortable and durable office chair, they are not sure it's worth the money. We like the fact the chair is adjustable for lumbar depth, lumbar height, seat-pan angle, tilt tension, armrest angle, armrest height, and seat height. The Aeron chair comes in 3 sizes making it suitable for all types (small, medium, large). Certainly we don't expect home office workers to splurge on this type of chair, but if your company is buying, go with it and enjoy the comfort level. Browse the top rated ergonomic office chairs here.

High End Office Chair:

Looking for a nice, upholstered office chair, then consider the Steelcase Leap ($950). The Wall Street Journal listed this model as the "best overall seating" available for office chairs although several other reviews we found beg to differ. The newer Leap model has improved upon the seat angle adjustments and armrests. Also the latest Leap chair offers smooth, tightly woven upholstery and some new colors to choose from. One user says the Steelcase Leap reclines very smoothly and the wheels stay even with the floor when you are almost at a full recline. Stability is a plus, but Slate Magazine writer Seth Stevenson notes that the chair "releases a noise similar to that of a whoopie cushion when you sit down on it" as the air gets compressed from the seat. Many of the other reviews we read were very positive and those searching for a top executive office chair should be happy. Many consumer opinions we read mentioned that they bought the chair online and we highly recommend that you go and actually sit in the chair in an office supply store to see how it feels to you.

Budget Office Chair:

I have personally owned a Royale Leather Executive Office Chair ($120) and must say it does the job. Working from home I had to fork out the money myself and decided to go with the less expensive home office chair as compared to the more expensive brands listed above. I bought the chair from Amazon after reading countless reviews on executive office chairs that were cheap. The high back executive style chair has lumbar support and offers 360 degree swivel rotation. The pneumatic gas lift lets you easily lower or raise the chair by pulling on a lever. The chair maneuvers around really easily with the "5 star" set of rolling casters and heavy-duty wheels. I like to tilt back in the chair but you can also set the tilt lock to keep it in an upright position at all times. Much like the reviews we read online, the chair was simple to assemble and is certainly worth the price.