Updated: November 2017

Trade Show Display Reviews:

Finding the Most Effective Trade Show Displays - Trade shows are an important facet of a good business plan; these shows are geared towards consumers and other professionals with whom you share an interest. They can be excellent ways to build your brand, promote new products, generate leads and make contacts, and build sales. How important is this? Look at one of the biggest trade shows in the world, the eagerly awaited yearly CES (Consumer Electronics Show). The CES is where the public gets a sneak peak into the next big thing in electronics and new fads, like smartphones of yesterday to the tablets of today, are hyped. No matter what your field, you can generate excitement and interest in your product with a well-designed trade show display. Which trade show display is right for your company? Which will help you convey your image as well as build interest? Let's take a look.

Trade Show Displays: More Sophisticated Than Ever - Trade show displays have evolved from simple tabletop displays into high-tech, eye-catching, and very effective shows. The displays are much more interactive, more visually appealing, and hopefully, they encourage people to open up their checkbooks a little wider. There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to the structure of the display. Here are some common types:

*Podium, hanging, and tabletop displays, as well as banner stands.
*Pop-up displays featuring graphics with fabric panels and 3D construction.
*In-line modular displays. These can have workspaces, counters, LCD monitors, and much more accompanied by graphics. A great, 3D trade show design.
*Fabric tension systems. This is an effective, big impact display with graphics.
*Retractable banner stands. These are panels of various sizes, shapes, and configurations that hold a graphic banner.
*Custom displays. The sky is the limit here. If you can dream it up, you can probably get a company to design the display.

No matter which type of trade show exhibits or booths you choose, it must contain elements of an effective display. What are these elements? That depends a bit on your field and company image. You want a display that catches the eye, whether because of bright colors, innovative design, unique or unusual appearance, or relevant accessories. The first step is to draw people to you. After that, you've got to keep them with the quality of your display, your information, and your presentation. A business might use a great banner stand as an enticement of sorts to interested parties; after the banner draws them, the business can hold their interest by using effective lighting, having sample or demo products, using sound or image projection, and even smells (if appropriate for your business and for the trade show). Above all, you want every element, from graphics to text to materials, to be clear, concise, and interesting. View trade show displays here.

Best Trade Show Displays:

Why focus on trade shows when you could do targeted or pay-per-click advertising campaigns or expand your website instead? The Center for Exhibition Industry Research found that businesses often focus valuable assets on trade shows. Behind advertising and promotion, trade shows are the third major expense. It is exactly because the online world is so pervasive that businesses need to prioritize face-to-face contact. Now how to do this? Many businesses opt for banner stands because they are visually appealing and easily portable. A standout brand in retractable banner stands is Expo, whose stands are among the easiest and most convenient on the market. They are widely used in malls, stores, theaters, airports, conventions, and, of course, trade shows. A benefit to these stands is that the banner retracts into the stand when not in use. It quickly sets up like a window shade, attaches to the top support pole, and you're all set. It is equally easy to take down. The Expo stand has a swing out foot for stability, adjustable feet, snap-lock rails to attach graphics to both headrail and roller so you don't need adhesive, easy to change, lever lock telescopic pole, and a padded carrying bag. The Expo stand offers the quality of stands twice the price and can display graphics with visual areas of 33.4 x 63 x 84 inches. An exceptional value for about $85. You can also opt to have a banner made at additional cost. A 13-ounce economy banner with the stand will cost about $191. You can get these at retailers like BannerStandPros, EverythingDisplays, DisplayZone, and more. A lower cost version is the 33" Retractable Banner Stand by SignWorld. For just over $30, the stand is adjustable and easy to set up and take down. One Amazon reviewer noted that it didn't look as nice as other, more expensive ones, but it seemed to do the job. Another popular choice is a tension fabric display. These are more expensive than the retractable banner stands, but they can also be very effective in creating a big, noticeable impact. Let's look at an 8 x 10 foot from Hop Up. It has a fully recyclable frame, recyclable polyester fabric, and water-based ink for the graphics. The fabric slides over the frame, and it does take a bit more time to set up than a retractable banner but the visual impact is also greater. The 8 x 10 foot display is $1400, which is quite a reasonable price. You can find comparable models for well over $2000. If you are afforded table space, a tabletop trade show display can be a great use of space. These have progressed beyond a simple tri-fold display, though you can still get those. There are pop-up designs, 3D designs, and those that incorporate lighting. An interesting choice is a modular/hybrid tabletop design. The model offered by EverythingDisplays allows center graphics to be attached magnetically to the frame. The wing and header graphics slide into place. The display is lightweight, sturdy, and portable. Included are 2 50-watt lamps, so you can enhance your display further with lighting. This costs about $1500. The cost of these trade show displays can be quite high, but the exposure they provide for your company is exceptional. You can browse the best selling displays for trade shows here.