Updated: November 2017

Best Fellowes Paper Shredders - Fellowes PowerShred Shredder Review:

A paper shredder has become a business necessity: any business which deals in confidential material, which is just about any business, must ensure their information is kept private. Shredding old documents is essential for keeping personal, business, and financial information secure. But it is not just businesses which benefit: private citizens also should shred sensitive documents. In 2008, almost 10 million people were victims of identity theft. Putting your credit card statement in the trash or recycling box opens you up to this possibility. In addition, no one wants their private information taken or read by others. Shredders are vital for destroying medical information, bank account statements, credit card statements, and much more. Shredding is a simple, yet very effective, way to keep your personal information personal. If you need a paper shredder, there are none better on the market than Fellowes. The company was founded in 1917 by Harry Fellowes; their first product was the Bankers Box for records. Today, Fellowes has kept up with technology and has created a host of tools for businesses and individuals, including media labeling, laminating machines, binding equipment, mobile technology accessories, and their world renowned paper shredders. The company has won various awards and recognitions, including the honor of being one of the best places to work in the Midwest. Their most highly lauded products, though, are their shredders, which have won numerous design awards.

Fellowes Paper Shredders: Get the Level of Quality You Need - Because of the importance of properly shredding documents, it is essential that you have the best quality paper shredder available. This is undoubtedly Fellowes. Review after review and customer research site after customer research site have consistently singled out Fellowes as the best. What makes a shredder good? Don't they all just shred paper? Isn't a paper shredder a paper shredder? Those who have ever tried to shred a stack of documents, especially at the end of the day when all you want to do is go home, know that, no, a shredder is not a shredder. The poorly made ones jam. They can't take more than one sheet at a time. They stall. They don't shred the documents adequately. They're loud. They make a mess. You might as well put your documents in a pile on the floor and let your kids rip them up. Fellowes is different. They have 100 percent jam-free machines, easy empty waste bins, extended session capabilities, and other features that put them light years ahead of other companies. If you are looking for a shredder for home or business use, your first stop should be the Fellowes website. They have a convenient tool that helps you select the right shredder based on several factors including the number of sheets you want to shred at one time, the level of security you desire, and what materials you want to be shredded, such as paper clips, staples, and even DVDs and CDs. For example, if you wanted a paper shredder for home use that can shred 6 to 8 pages at a time, has good security, shreds paper clips and staples, has SafeSense Technology (so curious fingers do not get shredded along with the documents), has a jam-proof system, and an easy empty bin, the tool would show you your options. In this case, there are two models that will be ideal, the PS-67Cs and the PS-79Ci, which won the Silver Excellence in Design Award from Appliance Design Magazine. You will see the specifications so you can make your decision. This is an invaluable tool - and a quick one. Consumer Reports did a report on identity theft and they recommended using cross cut paper shredders if you want "maximum security". Fellowes was featured in 3 of the top 4 selections by CR. You can browse the best selling Fellowes paper shredders online here.

Most Popular Fellowes Paper Shredders:

While any shredder in the Fellowes line will do a great job for your shredding needs, there are a few that stand out. The two models mentioned above are frequently cited as being of superior quality, as are the MS-450Cs and the DS-1 shredders. Here is a brief look at each, as well as what makes them so effective.

*Fellowes Powershred PS-67Cs. This shredder is designed for home use and is ideal for anyone needing to shred personal and financial documents to decrease the threat of identity theft. It shreds 8 sheets per pass in 5/32-inch x 2-inch cross-cut particles for a high level of security. The six gallon bin is convenient and keeps the shredded paper neat.

*Fellowes 3227901 Intellishred PS-79Ci Shredder. This award-winner has a jam proof system that shreds 13 sheets of paper per pass into slightly smaller pieces: 5/32-inch x 1 1/2-inch cross-cut particles. SafeSense keeps hands safe, and the SilentShred system offers super quiet operation. This paper shredder has a sleek, compact design and is great for home use. The PS-79Ci can also shred credit cards, making it even more valuable for your security.

*MS-450Cs Safe Sense. Another award winner. Fellowes must get sick of this. The MS-450Cs is designed for individual use and has a higher security level than the two previous models. It shreds paper 10 times smaller than other shredders into 5/64-inch x 5/16-inch micro cut particles. It can handle paper, paper clips, staples, credit cards, and DVDs and CDs. The innovative 4.5-gallon bill holds 80 percent more paper per gallon than shredders that do cross-cuts. This model has been singled out by PaperShredderReviews.com as having excellent quality and being ultra-quiet and aesthetically pleasing.

*DS-1 Shredder. This model won the Commendation Award for Product Innovation for Consumer Safety from the Home Safety Council for its innovative safety features. It shreds 11 sheets into 5/32-inch x 1 3/8-inch cross-cut particles. It has SafeSense Technology and a 4.75-gallon mesh bin. The DS-1 can handle paper clips, staples, and credit cards.

Fellowes also makes shredders for business use, as well as shredders that have government-level security features. When you want to ensure that your documents are securely shredded, Fellowes is the only company that can provide complete peace of mind. Check out the most popular Fellowes shredders online here.