Updated: November 2017

Adirondack Chair Reviews:

Nothing summarizes the relaxing feeling of sitting outside in nature, at the lake, in the mountains, by the seaside, than that feeling of leaning waaaayyyy back and kicking your feet up in a traditional adirondack chair. The classic, comfortable design of the adirondack chair has made them an outdoor favorite for more than a century. The adirondack chair logically enough got its start in the Adirondack mountains and region of Upstate New York. The style of chair was first created by Thomas Lee in the early 1900s. He owned Wesport Mountain Spring and was looking for the perfect lawn chair, and he found it in the low slung body, the large sloping back, and the wide arm rests that characterize even our modern adirondack chair, although the design remains essentially unchanged over the interceding decades.

Below we will check out some classic Adirondack chair designs along with some with a more modern flair, and we will search for the best place to buy adirondack chairs online. Many are still manufactured in the Northeast, and many sell by catalog orders or direct mail. Even the large mass-market chains carry Adirondack chairs in their outdoor furniture lines - the popularity and style of these chairs truly still endures! Choosing an adirondack chair - Most are sold as individual chairs, although you can purchase a set - often with a small table or wood piece that fits between the two chairs. Colors are what these chairs so bright and cheerful on many a deck or porch. We found them in black, white, pink, green, red, and in a natural wood finish. The vast majority (and authentic ones) are made with wood, but we did see a few made with recycled plastics and those aren't cheap either. Reviews for adirondack chairs are plentiful on websites like Amazon.com where owners post their comments and feedback on specific products. The chairs got excellent reviews while those with ottomans attached were less desirable. It seems that the old fashioned adirondack chair with no frills is still the best seller on many outdoor furniture websites. You can browse the best selling adirondack chairs online here.

Best Adirondack Chairs

If you are shopping for an Adirondack chair for your yard, the first place to start looking is at AdirondackChairs.com. The name really says it all, and their website makes it easy to shop, with toll-free phone support for ordering and questions seven days a week. Although originally built of pine or hemlock, now you can buy an Adirondack chair made from a host of different woods: aspen, cedar, pine, cypress, alder, teak, oak, mahogany, even brazilian cherry! You can select unfinished chairs made of cedar which will age gracefully to a silver color. Cedar is a popular choice since it resists rot and most insect problems, making it a great wood for outdoor furniture. Unfinished chairs can also be stained, painted, or sealed. If you prefer, you can select from a lot of popular painted chairs as well - white, green, red, and black are popular colors. A basic chair starts at about $100-$150. We liked the Big Daddy Ultimate Adirondack Chair for $155 - it comes with 2 leaning back positions and an ottoman foot rest, with free shipping thrown in. You can also get a two chair set, complete with retractable foot rests that slide into the chair bottom, for $289. They also carry Adirondack rocking chairs, porch and swing chairs, and two-seated attached combo units. RECOMMENDED - The most highly praised chair we could find online was the Oxford Garden Adirondack Chair - which lists for over $270 but gets near perfect comments from owners. You can also buy an end table or footstool if you want. The product uses Shorea wood (similar to teak), it's very heavy and dense. There are dozens of options online at Amazon - so check them out before buying anything.

Also check out TheBestAdirondackChair.com - these folks have been in the chair business for 50 years, offer a 10 year guarantee, and offer a 10 day return policy - you can't go wrong shopping here. You can buy adirondack chair kits to build your own chairs and benches, or select from their tete-a-tete, childrens chairs, or classic adirondack chairs. Prices are a little higher, starting at about $180 for a good quality chair. This is a foldable chair made of western red cedar. The Royal is their "best adirondack chair" , and it sells for $220 unstained. It has a gently curved back and seat and is wide, capable of holding up to 350 lbs. Their starter chairs begin at around $110 for a basic white model ($60 extra for footrest) to well over $200 for fancier models. We fancied the Hyre's Country Haven 111 for $200, with its handsome curved lines, contoured back, and solid mahogany construction. Unfortunately, it does come unassembled and requires some work, but the final product is well worth the effort. View the top rated adirondack chairs here.