Updated: November 2017

AeroGardens Review:

Your Guide to Indoor Gardening with AeroGardens - As the prices of fresh foods increase, and the quality seems to decrease, more and more people are turning to their very own gardens for their daily servings of veggies. Gardens also yield herbs and flowers that are both more vibrant and more fragrant than forced hothouse varieties. Gardening is a tremendously practical and enjoyable pursuit - but what if you live in an apartment in the middle of a concrete and steel city? What if you want to garden in the winter? What if you have a very short growing season? All of the what-ifs don't have to stop you from making your dream of fresh produce a reality, but they do change how you garden. The AeroGarden is an innovative, in-home garden that will help you nurture a garden no matter when and no matter where. Is this indoor garden for you?
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What is an Aerogarden? - While you can create an indoor garden with pots and soil and grow lights, it is time, space, and energy consuming. The AeroGarden offers a more efficient, and effective, method for growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Using space age aeroponic (hydroponics and oxygen) technology, Aerogrow promises that everyone can grow a healthy garden, and your success is "100 percent guaranteed." Good news for those of us not blessed with green thumbs. The problem with traditional indoor gardens is that often your seedlings don't get enough light or enough nutrients to survive and thrive; Aerogarden solves this problem by being extremely easy to use. You simply add water, drop in the seeded pods, add the nutrient tablets, and wait for the greenery to sprout. The AeroGarden reminds you when to water your garden and when to add nutrients. The grow light turns off and on to simulate natural sunlight. You'd have to try to kill this garden. Besides providing you with fresh ingredients for delicious meals, an AeroGarden is an excellent way to add color to your home, start seeds in the early spring, bring clippings from outdoor plants in during the fall, and freshen the air in your home or office. And don't discount the soothing, fresh feel that plants bring into homes. Browse the best selling Aerogarden indoor gardens here.

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Which Aerogarden is Right for You? - AeroGarden's website has a handy little tool to help you decide which garden would be right for your space needs, as well as the type of plants you would like to grow. You simply answer the questions: who is the garden for (for yourself or as a gift?); what do you want to grow?; and where do you want to grow it? Let's say you want an AeroGarden for yourself for growing vegetables in your apartment. The tool generates a list of the most appropriate choices for you. In this case, they are the SpaceSaver 6 Elite with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit and the Pro200 with Master Gardener Kit and Gourmet Herbs. This is a great place to start. You can then go on a site like Amazon and do some comparison shopping to ensure you're getting the best price. Let's take a look at some of Aerogrow's most popular AeroGardens.

The Classic AeroGarden - When you see reviews for AeroGarden, they will likely be on the original. This indoor garden is very popular with Amazon users, and as AeroGrow claims, there are over 400,000 satisfied customers. The AeroGarden comes with everything you'll need to start your own garden, including nutrients, seed kit, and two grow bulbs. The aeroponic garden grows plants twice as fast as they grow in dirt, meaning you can start enjoying the fruits of your labors very quickly. The Classic AeroGarden can be used for fresh flowers, vegetables, and herbs. It measures 21 inches high x 18.5 inches wide x 10 inches deep. Compact enough to sit on your countertop! You can choose from white ($100), silver ($109), or black ($129); the version on Amazon comes with a Gourmet Herb Seed Kit so you can immediately begin growing fresh Italian Basil, Purple Basil, Chives, Dill, Mint, Parsley, and Thyme. Aromatic and a great addition to your food dishes! You can also find the AeroGarden Classic on Aerogrow's website with your choice of Gourmet Herb, Salad Greens, or Cherry Tomato Seed Kits.

AeroGarden 6 Elite + - A review in About.Houseplants praised the AeroGarden 6 Elite+, saying that 10 weeks after planting, the reviewer was able to harvest cherry tomatoes. After that, they added the ripe tomatoes to all kinds of dishes for fresh, bursting flavor. He said that the AeroGarden was a hit, especially with his 4-year-old child, who was able to watch plants grow and get excited about harvesting them - a great way to train a little gardener! The Aerogarden 6 Elite+ is dirt- and mess-free, low-maintenance, compact, energy efficient, trellis-ready for growing heavier, full-sized vegetables, and includes 6 growing pods, LCD screen to remind you want to water and add nutrients, automatic lights, 2 grow lights, a Gourmet Herb Seed Kit, and a 1 year warranty. It measures 14 inches x 10 inches x 21 inches. You can find it for $130. The About.Houseplant review noted one common complaint with the AeroGarden: great idea but high price. The initial unit is $130, and the reviewer also had to buy the trellis to support the vines of his larger tomatoes. It works, but if you're on a tight budget, it can be difficult to maintain. Seed kits are another expense, typically from $15 to $35, depending on the type of seed pods (view Aerogarden seed kits here). You can always use your own plant clippings, and you have to factor in the cost of the food you don't have to buy at the store. It can be an expense, but healthy, fresh produce just may be worth it to you. The About.Houseplant reviewer suggests checking back with AeroGrow's website to check for deals and sales on their gardens so you can get a lower price.

AeroGarden 3 - If you have a smaller budget and/or a smaller space, the AeroGarden 3 is an ideal choice. It is a bit smaller at 11 inches x 9.5 inches x 20 inches, and a bit less expensive at under $64. The AeroGarden reviews well with Amazon and Buzzillions users, one of whom said it provides "instant gratification." The AeroGarden 3 uses the same advanced NASA technology as its bigger brothers and offers the same ease of use and successful growing conditions. You will also get the LCD display, prompting you to water or add nutrients, and the automatic grow lights. The convenience is in the AeroGarden 3's size: it is about the size of a larger coffee maker, so it is perfect for any room, even your office at work. A review in Kitchen-Gardens.Suite101 suggested that another great use for the smaller Aerogarden is as a secondary planter. If, for instance, you have vegetables in a larger AeroGarden, you can then add a little herb garden as well. Either way, it is a great buy. Despite the expense, an AeroGarden is a wonderful way to bring gardening indoors. Look here for a great selection of AeroGrow products.