Updated: November 2017

Atlas Pasta Machine - Atlas Pasta Maker

Buying the best pasta maker -- see why Atlas pasta machines continually rank at the top..
Do you love the art of cooking? It is surprising just how many products we buy today, when we could make them ourselves. Time is certainly an issue for most people, but wouldn't it be great to be able to cook up your own products from time to time? You would know what the ingredients were, you could cook the meal to your exact specifications, and of course there is the pride of knowing you did the whole thing yourself. Pasta is one of the most popular dishes for aspiring cooks to start out with. It offers limitless opportunities as far as noodles, sauce, and combinations of the two. Making pasta at home means having a pasta machine, which is usually a pretty simple hand-cranked device where you feed your dough in one end and out comes noodles from the other end. Imperia and Atlas are probably the 2 best known makers of pasta machines. In this guide, we'll take a look specifically at the Atlas pasta makers. But which Atlas pasta machine is best for you? How much do Atlas pasta machines cost? Where can you find Atlas pasta machines? Are there any attachments for Atlas pasta machines which can be purchased with the unit? We'll cover all that as we go..

You can see how one of these manual pasta makers works in this YouTube video clip (even though it is an Imperia model, the method is the same):

Marcato Atlas 150 Manual Pasta Maker

There is no doubt that Atlas makes the best pasta making machine on the market. Review after review describes the products as excellent, durable, and easy to use. Kitchen Gadgets Source contains at least a dozen reviews from customers who have used a wide variety of pasta machines, and the Atlas pasta machine comes out on top in almost every category. It is easy to clean, easy to use, and best of all can be used to make any number of different pastas. A solid mounting structure means that the Atlas pasta machine can attach easily to any flat surface, and sit there quite stable while you crank out those delicious noodles. Users on Epinions.com praised the solid Italian manufacturing found in these Atlas pasta makers. ChefDepot.net calls the Atlas 'the best pasta machine made'. The basic model of the Atlas pasta machine is the Marcato Atlas 150 pasta maker (sells for around $75). The basic Marcato Atlas 150 pasta maker means that users have to operate a hand crank as they feed the sheets of dough in to the machine in order to make the pasta. Various molds are used between the blades to cut the pasta into its final shape, which is rolled out on the other side. For the traditionalist, this model works best. However, as noted in the kitchen section of About.com, sometimes this can pose a bit of a problem for someone working at making the pasta all by themselves. It gets very hard to work the hand crank as you try to keep the pasta straight on the other side! Moreover, that hand crank does fall off from time to time and has to be put back together.

Motorized Atlas Pasta Machines

Atlas offers the solution to these hand-crank problems with the Marcato Atlas 150 pasta machine in two different ways. First, you can purchase the Atlas 150 pasta machine in automatic style in addition to manual. You can either buy the motor yourself and attach it, or elect to buy an Atlas pasta machine with a motor included. On its own, the motor attachment will cost around $120. Attaching it is not super easy, although recent improvements mean this is a slightly easier job. To buy the machine with the motor already in place is about $190, so in truth you aren't saving much by purchasing the motor separately (motorized version available here). If neither of these options are appealing, you can also get an Atlas model which is a bit easier to operate on the finishing end of things. The Atlas Manual Pasta Extruder Regina feeds noodles out in a bit more organized fashion, making it easier to gather them and decreasing the likelihood of the noodles getting mashed together.

Atlas Pasta Machine Attachments

Remember we mentioned that pasta is a great dish for beginner cooks because of all the options? Well, the Atlas company knows that too. They are based in Italy, after all, so they know a bit about the wide range of noodles found there. And guess what? There are attachments for the Atlas pasta machine which can help you make any kind of pasta noodle there is, entirely by hand; this includes more complex noodles such as ravioli and lasagna. The attachments slide easily into the machine and out again, ready to clean. Like the Atlas 150 pasta machine itself as well as the V202 Regina Atlas pasta extruder, these attachments can come in stainless steel or heavy duty plastic models.

Overall, the Atlas pasta machine seems to be the best one around when one considers all factors. It is durable and looks great too. The number of attachments available mean that you can make virtually any kind of pasta you want, and the Atlas 150 pasta maker can be used either manually or with the help of a motor. Adjustable rollers mean you can make the pasta noodles any width you want; it's the perfect purchase for the aspiring cook and the experienced cook alike.