Updated: November 2017

Adjustable Bed Frame Reviews:

If you have a bed mattress and box spring it's always a good idea to place them on top of a quality bed frame. The bed frame will add stability and hopefully a longer life to your mattresses. A heavy duty bed frame can last through two mattresses in most cases. In a recent move we ended up having to buy 2 new adjustable bed frames for our queen and kind size mattresses and box springs. The good news is that a new bed frame doesn't cost all that much and you can buy them in almost any furniture or mattress store. We typically shop at Mattress World or Sleep Country up here in the Portland, Oregon area. There are bed frames at Walmart or even Target.
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Choosing a Bed Frame - Most bed frames are made from solid steel and their main purpose is to provide a foundation for the mattress/box spring. Many are adjustable and can be changed to fit your bed size - queen, full, king, etc. You will also find some that are called platform bed frames and folding bed frames. Not all adjust as several are designed to fit a particular size box spring and that is it. The platform bed frames are often made with wood and do not have casters to move it around - they are stationery. You want the corner casters to be heavy duty and strong enough to take a little punishment. Adjustable bed frames should be easy to adjust - I have bought several in the past where the adjustment screws and fittings simply broke and the frame was useless. A queen bed frame will run from $40 to $100 and some king size bed frames are slightly more expensive. The platform bed frame is a nice alternative to the old fashioned metal bed frames and boxsprings. It eliminates the need for both and stands as a solid foundation. Pragma makes the folding bed frames ($160) which makes sense for when guests are staying with you and you only need a temporary setup. Just setup the folding bed frame, place down your mattress and your all set. It can be quadruple folded in about 15 seconds and owner reviews are very positive for this product. Store it in a closet when not in use. Bed Frame Reviews - There is no place that offers as many consumer reviews as Amazon.com. You can find adjustable bed frames for headboards and footboards. They list all the top brands, have photos and descriptions, and let you compare prices and features from model to model. Browse the best selling bed frames here.

Best Adjustable Bed Frame:

RECOMMENDED - The Heavy Duty 7-Leg Adjustable Metal Queen & Full Bed Frame with Center Support is perfect at less than $50. Steel metal frame provides the support you need for both the mattress and/or headboard. Constructed with wheels so it will roll along hardwood floors or on carpets. Adjust the center support as necessary. 2K Designs offer other sizes - full, king, etc. We have found that some bed frames have rather sharp edges and they can be dangerous or easily scratch up walls and baseboards. One reviewer mentioned that the center bar support was "sharp" on th edges, so be careful when placing the frame. We found comparable bed frames at Walmart, Target, Ikea, and Sears.

Adjustable Bed Frames for Headboards:

BEST - The #1 rated product per customer reviews is the Structures Adjustable Metal Bed Frame with double center support and rug rollers. It can adjust to fit king, queen, full XL, full, Twin XL, twin and Cal king mattresses. At $60 it's affordable and versatile. The four 2 1/2" extra wide locking rug rollers make for quick and smooth movement when positioning it around a room. Comes with headboard brackets if needed. Assembly takes less than 10 minutes. We suggest you view all the most popular adjustable bed frames here. Many owners say how easy it is to adjust the frame from full to queen or queen to twin.