Updated: November 2017

Air Mover Reviews:

Are you looking for an air mover? Perhaps you've heard them called carpet dryers, paint fume extractors, or even air blowers. No matter their name, they serve many purposes. Both homeowners and professionals can use these powerful air blowing machines. I have used our air mover several times - mostly with drying carpets after they have been cleaned but a few times when I wanted to clear the air in a room after painting it. Pop open a window, turn on the air mover (large fan) and let it do the work of moving the air around and circulating the fresh air. Which brands are the best? Where do you buy them at? How much do they cost? We will cover all those topics in the article below.
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Choosing an Air Machine/Blower/Fan - Much like a regular table fan that you use to cool a room off or keep air circulating, these high powered air movers are good at what they do. Want an air mover for carpet drying? We read countless reviews online and have seen the Ridgid AM2550 in action so we know what to expect and what consumers are looking for. Most come with multiple speeds - often 3 to 5 speed settings. Also, some have oscillating blower heads so they can dry larger areas without you have to keep adjusting them. The pivoting blower will cover a large area of carpet or painted walls and get them to dry faster. I have used the Ridgid to circulate fresh air into a bedroom that was just painted and it worked great. Noise Levels - As with any fan mechanism, people are always complaining about them being too loud, but we found that most owner comments were quite favorable when it came to noise. Top brands include Stanley, Ridgid, Shop-Vac, Lasko, Air King, Grizzly, and Sanitaire. Some are more heavy duty than others so only get what you need. The Ridgid is probably best suited to professional painters or those that cleans carpets or upholstery. Many people who periodically clean the inside of their cars (shampoo them) said that the air blowers helped dry them out quicker. Other uses to these air movers are ventilation, drying drywall mud, dry wet floors, or even airing out water damaged regions of houses. Price - The most expensive are the Ridgid, Grizzly, and Sanitaire at over $200, while the cheaper Stanley and Lasko models are closer to $50 to $75. Air Mover Reviews - What about overall performance? Owner comments and feedback is overwhelmingly positive on almost all models we found. Amazon lists the major brands and offers up customer posted opinions which are a great resource to look at. Read about pros and cons to each model and see how they compare on price and features. Home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe's sell these. You can browse the best selling air movers online here.

Best Air Mover:

RECOMMENDED - If you plan on using your air mover for multiple things (carpet drying, paint fume extractor, etc) then we say consider the high end Ridgid AM2550 1600 CFM Air Mover with Wheels & Handle. The Ridgid air blower works in all environments and features a heavy duty induction motor - 1/2 HP and 5.0 Amps. The 3 speed settings will let you move the air quickly and efficiently. It could be used for commercial purposes or residential - depending on your needs. The only drawback is the price which is over $200. I like the wheels and the handle which make for easy maneuverability and transport from jobsite to jobsite. You can direct the air upward by tilting the air machine to 45 degrees or 90 degrees. How loud is it? I would say it's probably not something you want to sleep next to, but certainly shouldn't be an issue in a room where no one is trying to sleep. We found ours on Amazon.com. See other top rated air movers here. The Ridgid is a great air blower for paint fumes and when talking to local painting companies, they highly recommend it.

Air Mover for Carpet Drying:

BEST - Some people are always cleaning their carpets - anyone with pets will understand that. Dogs and cats are notorious for ruining carpets over time. Whether it's muddy paw prints all over or cat urine, having your carpets or upholstery cleaned is necessary. Besides having to get the carpets cleaned, it takes time for them to dry. You will need an air blower fan to help the air circulate and dry the carpets faster. The Lasko Pro Performance Blower Fan at $60 is a good way to handle the carpet drying. Owner comments include using the fan to extract paint fumes, glue fumes, and general air movement in offices or rooms in houses. The Lasko Pro 4900 and the Stanley High-Velocity BlowerFan are both excellent multi-purpose air fans that can help dry wet carpets. Check them out online at Amazon or go to your local Home Depot.