Updated: November 2017

Anti-Vibration Pad Reviews:

We are going to discuss the benefits of having anti vibration pads or mats for washing machines and dryers. The vibration dampening mounts or pads can also be used quite effectively with air compressors and generators. The concept behind them is to lessen the vibrations created by the machinery. I know from past experience that my top loading washing machine can get very noisy during things like the spin cycle and it will actually "walk" itself around the laundry room. It's not good for the machine or your floors. For those with washing machines on the 2nd floor of their homes or condos, the vibrations can be even more annoying. There are quite a few of these vibration isolation pads on the market and most cost about $30 for a set of 4 pads. Home Depot and Lowe's offer anti vibrations pads for washers and dryers. You can also find them at Target, Walmart and Sears. We found ours online at Amazon.com.
anti vibration pads

Choosing Anti-Vibration Pads

- The pads are shaped like miniature hockey pucks. Some have felt padding while others are made with solid rubber that holds the dryer or washing machine in place. We found that many people purchase 2 sets - one for the washer and the other for the clothes dryer. For the most part, front load washers and top loading machines are the problem as they tend to bounce and hop around when they are the spin cycle with loads of towels or heavier items. Sometimes the loads will bet unbalanced and as they spin the machine gets pushed around and will "walk". This "walking" sensation is caused by the vibrations of the machine and having the pads in place will greatly decrease the effect of this. There are anti-vibration mats for washing machines but it appears that the pads do a better job of eliminating the problem. They are easy to install and you will find instant improvement. We have included 2 videos down below which show the actual product and how they work. Anti vibration pads for a front load washer are the most popular and Vibration Solution is the company to go with. The vibration isolation pads just slight under the feet of your washer and hold the machine in place during the spin cycle. Unbalanced loads with rugs or towels will remain quiet and keep the machine close to the floor. The anti-walk pads stop up to 94% of vibration and noise. You can browse the best selling anti vibration pads for washing machines here.

Best Anti Vibration Pads for Washing Machines:

RECOMMENDED - Ok, the #1 seller on Amazon are the Anti-walk Silent Feet - Anti-vibration Pads for Washing Machines and Dryers. For less than $40 you get a product that actually works. They will greatly reduce the amount of movement and unwanted "walking" that your washing machine does during it's cycle. Work equally well with front loading washers or top loading. I have a top loader and it's done wonders. I will be replacing the top loader washer with a front loader soon and expect the same results. Reviews online say vibrations are stopped by up to 90% and they are easy to install. A few people had issues getting the back feet secured with the pads, but you can always tip the washer forward and then slide the anti-vibration pads under the back fee with a stick or broom handle. Once in place, you should never have to worry about them again. I never had terrible vibrations, but others mention "window rattling" and "plate shaking" with their washers so the results for them were "amazing" as they put it.

Washing Machine Vibration Isolation Pads:

You will see two types of products - anti walk and silent feet. Both are sold in combo packs for those that want them for their washers and dryers. The Anti-walk Silent Feet (Twin Pack) sells for $75 and recently received the 2009 Golden Mousetrap Best Product Award. These 2nd generation pads have a dual vibration isolation system and even better is that they are made in the USA. They will reduce machine walking without using any adhesives. Whirlpool and Isolate also offer similar products, but both don't get as much praise as the Vibration Solution ones. We will agree that paying almost $80 for 2 sets of these pads seems a bit high, the consumer reviews we read didn't mention price being an isuse at all. They were more than happy to pay the $$$ and solve their vibration and excess noise issues.