Updated: November 2017

Apple Corer Reviews:

Anytime I can get my kids to eat fruit I consider that a huge bonus when it comes to their diets. The other day my son came home from preschool and was interested in buying an apple peeler. They had use the old fashioned machine at school and suddenly it peaked his interest in apples. They eventually made apple sauce, but the process is what he liked. Apple peelers, apple slicers, and apple corers are all useful kitchen tools to have around - but do you need them all? Not everyone likes their apples peeled when they eat them, so that may not be at the top of your list. If you do make things like apple pies, then having all of these gadgets makes sense. You can often find an apple corer and slicer in one piece. The Amco Dial-A-Slice Adjustable Apple Corer and Slicer is a top rated product on Amazon. The Pinzon Apple Peeler is a fun product to have in your kitchen - let the kids use it so they get involved.
apple corer

Buying Guide - To take the core out of an apple takes a little strength and skill. Using something like the Calphalon Apple Corer with Plunger is the perfect instrument to take the core out. Then use an Oxo slicer or apple divider. Peeling an apple is easy to do with a knife, but use one of the classic apple peelers so the children can do something. They are easy to setup and within a minute or so you get an apple without the skin on it. Top brands for these tools are Oxo, Calphalon, Pinzon, Amco, RSVP, Cuisinart, Cuisipro, J.A. Henckels, MIU, WMF, and KitchenAid. Pricing varies from under $10 for a corer and over $25 for a heavy duty peeler. Kitchen departments in stores like Target and Walmart carry these products and you can find them in Sur La Table or Bed Bath and Beyond. Apple corer reviews - The best source is definitely Amazon.com since they have hundreds of owner reviews to look at. Cooking.com also features some in depth reviews of apple corers and slicers. I couldn't find anything from Consumer Reports on any of these kitchen gadgets. You can browse the best selling apple slicers, corers, and peelers here.

Best Apple Corer:

The top selling apple corers are from Oxo and Calphalon. They sell for less than $10 and receive very positive feedback from consumers. The Oxo Good Grips Corer features a comfortable, nonslip handle. Coring fruit has never been so easy and cleaning the device is simple as it goes in the dishwasher. We looked in baking forums and found the Oxo apple corer getting recommended all the time from hard core bakers that use apples and peaches. The Calphalon Apple Corer with Plunger is another top seller and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Apple Peeler and Slicer:

Want a peeler and a slicer that works - go with the Starfrit Pro-Apple Peeler which gets nearly perfect reviews from owners. The Starfit 93013 will peel apples effortlessly and handles apples of all shapes and sizes. The core ejector and corer slicer and added features. See all the most popular apple peelers here. The peelers look strong and durable, but the biggest complaint we read amongst these products was over broken parts and pieces. Do your research and go with quality or price.